Friday, May 25, 2012

Yep, I STILL want something from Tod's

I've made it no secret that I want a Tod's D Bag. But as I said on my blog post here, the too simple design is making me hesitate. I mean, don't you want something more spectacular for 70,000 pesoses!

So Tod's came out with these goodies for their Spring/Summer 2012 collection!
This D Bag comes in snakeskin, which will look really good with...
... these matching Gommino driving shoes!

Or if you're not the matchy-matchy type (I'm not),
try these driving shoes in bright colors.

I love the color orange and this D Bag in bright citrus
and rough textured leather is love!
The perfect shoe with that orange bag? This heeled lovely in
smooth buttery leather!

But since I'm a mommy now and I run after a toddler, these penny loafers
are better for me. Except that I am so not the loafers type! 
So if I must go with practical flats, then I should go wild with the bags!
Just look at these luscious colors and skins!

So there. After all this time, I'm still lusting after anything Tod's. Well, a Tod's D Bag more than anything else since I don't drive so I don't need their iconic driving shoe nor am I the loafer-type (but Tod's does have adorable ballerina flats!).

Anyway, Vince keeps telling me to just end my misery and go buy a bag already (and if I remember right, every year, the Italian brands at Greenbelt 4 go on a mega sale). But I keep feeling guilty over that price tag. I think I need more blogging raket and eBay sales to finance my Tod's obsession!

*photos courtesy of Visions & Expressions


  1. Hi Frances
    I just want to say that I love my Tod's. I got it in orange, you might want to check it out-->
    I hope you can own a Tod's too!

  2. How sweet is your Vince!!! Dont feel guilty, you deserve it Frances. : )

  3. The blush-colored bag (first photo) is soooo yummy. Clean and classy. But the emerald green in the last photo is gorgeous too!

  4. you are really a blessed wife! npk-supportive ng hubby mo! ^_^


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