Monday, March 18, 2013

We had a date at Heima Brixton

Design store Heima (say it like you're saying hello to your mommy) just opened its third branch in what is touted to be the next coolest neighborhood—Pioneer-Kapitolyo. At its launch last week, Vince and I dropped by for a look even though we don't really need furniture anymore. So I'll just tell you what we saw and what we loved.

I loved the huge door. I actually loved the store front. Sorry, no photo! You'll have to drop by to know what I mean. Anyway, totally loved the front door and the grassy threshold. Or welcoming mat. Or rug. I really have no idea what that is!

I love that this is how they define their business. Heima just doesn't sell furniture, they customize, too. So if you live in a tiny condo and want cute and stylish furniture that will fit, give them a call! Here's a sample of what they make:

Heima also makes these pretty frames of inspiration. I like them. Maybe when I have my own office one day! There's also note cards, at about P500 a set. The posters and stationery are all designed and printed by local artists.

Heima also sells stuff they didn't actually make but are still cute nevertheless, like this phone:

We loved these typewriters. Unlike you kids, Tito Vince and Tita Frances actually worked with typewriters in our youth. Pampalakas siya ng fingers. I think I was still using a typewriter when I was a freshman at U.P. Diliman. I obviously want the pink one. It's 12K. Ang mahal na pala ng typewriter ngayon!
We didn't type the "vito" by the way.

This was what Vince wanted. We still have some old records on a high shelf in our little study. Yep, we actually came from that generation which still played records. We had the records of Milli Vanilli! Pinag-ipunan yung mga plaka nila tapos fake pala yung dalawang yun!!! So for you kiddies, these may be cool and hipster but for your Tito Vince and Tita Frances, these things are real. My goodness, I am doing a great job making us old.

Heima also sells books. I was very interested in Fifi Lapin. This started out as a blog, then she was asked to do design collaborations. And now she has a book! That is totally my game plan with my blogging!!!

I started by buying these. These are expensive books, by the way. P1,100 each. My friend, WAHM extraordinaire Martine de Luna said these are just P795 at Fully Booked. I bought the ones from Heima anyway since Fully Booked is out of stock.

And here's your Tito V and Tita F. In fairness, we do not look old. The secret is what the pillow says. And tons of moisturizer!

Heima Brixton is at Unit 103, Three Brixton Bldg. #3 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig. It's open Mondays to Saturdays from 10am to 7pm. Check their website too:


  1. It was my Vito that wrote the "vito" on the pink typewriter. We were there March 13. And I'll be back!

  2. i also blogged about their Heima brixton branch.


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