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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Top 10 Favorite Things (a.k.a. Buy this month's Real Living!)

I'm in this month's Real Living. Like, as me and not as a contributing writer. Like, my face and not as a byline haha.

I talk about my favorite things at my home. The font is tiny so you can't click on the photo and try to read. You'll have to get a copy! I promise you it's a good read—I have a story for each piece. Yep, that's why the font is so small. The artist was forced to do that to make all my words fit!

It's also a great issue filled with beautiful, airy, sun-filled homes. One day, Vince and I will build a house with huge windows to let sun and fresh air in. And it will have a large garden for the kids to run around in and where Vince can plant a garden and where I can nap under the trees. Sigh! I'm so inspired to work for our dream house now. That's what I love about shelter magazines!

Thanks, Real Living! Thanks to the editor-in-chief, my friend Rachelle! And thanks so very much to the writer Kaye for being patient with me!

Monday, March 18, 2013

We had a date at Heima Brixton

Design store Heima (say it like you're saying hello to your mommy) just opened its third branch in what is touted to be the next coolest neighborhood—Pioneer-Kapitolyo. At its launch last week, Vince and I dropped by for a look even though we don't really need furniture anymore. So I'll just tell you what we saw and what we loved.

I loved the huge door. I actually loved the store front. Sorry, no photo! You'll have to drop by to know what I mean. Anyway, totally loved the front door and the grassy threshold. Or welcoming mat. Or rug. I really have no idea what that is!

I love that this is how they define their business. Heima just doesn't sell furniture, they customize, too. So if you live in a tiny condo and want cute and stylish furniture that will fit, give them a call! Here's a sample of what they make:

Heima also makes these pretty frames of inspiration. I like them. Maybe when I have my own office one day! There's also note cards, at about P500 a set. The posters and stationery are all designed and printed by local artists.

Heima also sells stuff they didn't actually make but are still cute nevertheless, like this phone:

We loved these typewriters. Unlike you kids, Tito Vince and Tita Frances actually worked with typewriters in our youth. Pampalakas siya ng fingers. I think I was still using a typewriter when I was a freshman at U.P. Diliman. I obviously want the pink one. It's 12K. Ang mahal na pala ng typewriter ngayon!
We didn't type the "vito" by the way.

This was what Vince wanted. We still have some old records on a high shelf in our little study. Yep, we actually came from that generation which still played records. We had the records of Milli Vanilli! Pinag-ipunan yung mga plaka nila tapos fake pala yung dalawang yun!!! So for you kiddies, these may be cool and hipster but for your Tito Vince and Tita Frances, these things are real. My goodness, I am doing a great job making us old.

Heima also sells books. I was very interested in Fifi Lapin. This started out as a blog, then she was asked to do design collaborations. And now she has a book! That is totally my game plan with my blogging!!!

I started by buying these. These are expensive books, by the way. P1,100 each. My friend, WAHM extraordinaire Martine de Luna said these are just P795 at Fully Booked. I bought the ones from Heima anyway since Fully Booked is out of stock.

And here's your Tito V and Tita F. In fairness, we do not look old. The secret is what the pillow says. And tons of moisturizer!

Heima Brixton is at Unit 103, Three Brixton Bldg. #3 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig. It's open Mondays to Saturdays from 10am to 7pm. Check their website too:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Living in gray

Gray is a color associated with dullness, rainy days and gloom. So when designing a living space, gray is the last hue anyone ever thinks of. Well, that's the color I'm seriously considering for our living areas. Why? Because of this:
Not 6-months-pregnant-photo-of-me. The sofa!
Hehe, sorry there's no full photo! It's a sofa I bought for Vince. It was my gift to him for Christmas, Valentine's Day, his birthday and our wedding anniversary. He's been wanting a new sofa for 5 years so last Christmas I figured I oughta give him what he really really wants. We love it! Super. Lesson here: Get what you want, what you really really want!

The gray sofa looks great in the house. We softened it with embroidered and fluffy silk throw pillows. But since I've been looking at bedroom inspirations, I started looking for gray living rooms, too. And they are, my friends, quite beautiful.
Blues and grays are so soothing.
Black, white and gray. And words. Perfect for writers!
A bit austere so the pops of yellow are welcome.
The gray is softened by the big pillows and filmy curtains.
Love the books!
Gray, white and gold. Elegant and chic!
Framed black-and-white photos. Of course!
Very bold! Love the textures and prints!
A bit country class but I love the dark gray walls.
I love the pale yellow curtains!
So comfy and quiet and gorgeous!

I love how the gray is so calming and elegant. I also noticed how the rooms had yellow accents in common. But any accent color will work against the gray anyway--the brighter the better, like pink! Ohhhh, I am so into home-modification mode right now!

P.S. Speaking of gray, who wants to read Fifty Shades of Gray? Watch this space because I'm giving away the book! Soon!

*Living room images from Naura Home Design, His House; Her Help, Rusty Hinges Blog, Homedit, Inspiration for Home, Design Darling, Kunz Design and Furniture and Interior Design 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My tufted headboard

I've been sooooo busy with my new mommy duties that I've absolutely forgotten to show off (hell yeah) my new Ethan Allen tufted headboard!

I won it first week of April (see happy post here). But after weeks of waiting, I was beginning to think maybe it was a joke haha. I was really just hoping that the headboard arrives before the baby does. And, thank goodness, it did! The headboard arrived first Saturday of May, yup, exactly 3 weeks ago. Here it is!
Now we need a complete bedroom makeover!
Still pregnant when the bed arrived.

It looks amazing. Amazing! But it made our coffee-and-chocolate bedroom look bad haha. Must have a complete bedroom makeover. New paint, new curtains, new sheets, maybe even new side tables and lamps. Oh my!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I won the tufted headboard from Ethan Allen!

Yesterday was just unreal! That's because Ethan Allen announced the winner of their design challenge and I won!

I've been in a cloud of happiness. That's such an apt term since Vince and I named our design as "Life in the Clouds." As I keep mentioning, the whole room was really Vince's idea. Of course I had input here and there but I am amazed at how talented my husband is! He tweaked my design, gave helpful suggestions... I'm lucky I'm married to a man with discriminating taste!

And while some people tell me that I won because I had the luck of the pregnant woman, I beg to differ. I researched rooms with tufted headboards for inspiration. Vince researched color palettes. I studied Ethan Allen's design aesthetics to come up with a room that reflects their brand. I recalled the way Real Living styled our home when they featured it twice (easy tip: always have fresh flowers). Vince planned which photos will personalize the space without competing with the headboard. I even steamed the sheets and pillows! So it was a lot of hard work. And it paid off!

Here are a few of the room inspirations I put on my mood board:
As you can see, tufted headboards seem to inspire the same room elements: mirrored chest, sunburst mirrors and white lamps! I can't wait to turn our bedroom into something like the rooms up there. Except nerdier (books are always present in our home) and child-friendlier.

I feel like this is all so surreal since we've been wanting a tufted headboard for years. I even prayed about it. And now this! I was telling Mommy Fleur today that God may take His sweet time answering prayers but when He does, oh how He does! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd own an Ethan Allen piece. And now I do. Thank You, God, for giving me more than I ever asked for.

Thank you to everyone who campaigned for me over at Twitter and Facebook. Thank you to everyone who voted. And thank you to everyone who sent me encouraging words. I had fun doing the Ethan Allen design challenge but I had more fun seeing the overwhelming support you gave me. Whatever had been the outcome of the challenge, I already felt like a winner. Thank you!

Friday, March 16, 2012

In it to win it! Why I just had to join The One Ethan Allen Challenge

Remember when I wrote about this bed?

Since then, Vince and I have been roaming Manila's furniture shops, department stores and bed boutiques looking for the perfect tufted headboard. We've found a few but they never did quite meet our standards. So when Ethan Allen announced that they had a design contest and a tufted headboard was one of the prizes, it was kismet!

Ethan Allen's rules were simple:
1. Choose one piece from their collection and highlight it.
2. Create a concept about how any space--big or small--can be made lovely with the right furniture and accessories.
3. Design an entire room around the chosen piece. I can use other Ethan Allen pieces and my own furniture and accessories.

Of course you all know what that one Ethan Allen piece I chose! I chose the Jensen tufted headboard!

Here's the concept I came up with (special thanks to the advice and active participation of my wonderful husband, the one with the real taste in design—Vince Sales!):

This is the whole setting up at the Pioneer showroom:
My little wall!
These guys are so fast and efficient!
That's Angel of Ethan Allen arranging my sheets and pillows.
Yes, those are really mine!
I brought my steamer so I can smooth out the creases.
My pet peeve is wrinkly sheets and pillows!
Last few touches!

And here's the result!
Except for the major pieces and rug, everything in this set-up—from cradle
and sheets to flowers and rocking horse—is really my property!
I think I want that tufted armchair and mirrored chest...
These are my design consultants, Sharon and Angel.

Do you like it? There are more photos in The One Ethan Allen Challenge Facebook page. You can also check out the other challengers' rooms. They're also nice!

But there can only be one winner!

Please vote for MY room! Make sure to like my bedroom in the album called OFFICIAL ENTRIES. There you can vote for my room (yes, my room, ha!). So pleeeeeeeease VOTE FOR ME by "liking" my room! Thank you so much!

UPDATE: I won! Hooray!