Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Topaz Fashion: Nicole Kidman in Jimmy Choo

I was planning to post some outfits from the last few months (I keep forgetting to do outfit posts!) but I got lazy to color correct and I got depressed at how skinny I was pre-pregnancy haha so how about we feature Jimmy Choo's Spring Summer 2014 campaign starring one of my favorite Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman!

Nicole, who is 10 years older than me, inspires me with her still hot body. I wish she hadn't messed with her face so much, though. When I was reading Lord of the Rings, I always imagined Galadriel to look like Nicole Kidman. The elfin features, the stature, the figure, the grace. I have loved her beauty forever (see my favorite magazine covers of her below) but, hey, it's her face not mine. I would love to have that body, though. 

Back to Jimmy Choo! The inspiration for Jimmy Choo's SS collection is "nature unleashed." Nicole is lounging in a neon jungle. 

"Appearing to float above the ground, she is captivating 
wearing the flame Damsen sandals (750 euros)." 

 "Reclining seductively, she clutches the Charlize in 
neon lime matt python (1395 euros) with the Keane rope sandals."

"Wearing the Tamber shoe (895 euros) with the python Anna bag (2450 euros), 
she is captured by Sølve Sundsbø’s lens like an exotic butterfly in flight."  

The ad campaign will be seen in the March issues of fashion magazines globally, but because you're lucky, you get to see the photos here first! You can also catch the exclusive behind-the-scenes film here. I like that in this video, Nicole still looks like Nicole. In the photos, her face looks kinda distorted.  

More fabulousness at www.jimmychoo.com. Enjoy!

*ad campaign images courtesy of Visions & Expressions

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  1. Despite her age, she's still fabulous noh? :D Me, I just post outfit photos without editing. hehehe


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