Thursday, February 20, 2014

Topaz Beauty: How I care for my red red hair

Everyone loves my red hair. I love it, too! Even if it's such hell to have it! For one thing, red has the largest molecules so it bleeds the most—it stains everything: towels, bedsheets, clothes. A big reason why I've taken to wearing black is because of my red hair. Red also fades the fastest. Many of my friends and readers who color their hair red (because they loved mine, naks!) complain that the color is gone as early as the third week. 

Yep, red is very high maintenance and I wouldn't recommend it to busy moms like me. But... I love it! I think it's me! It matches my fiery temper and passionate personality.
Newly colored.
Now, 5 months after coloring.

Yep, it's been five months since I had my hair colored. It's not an angry red anymore, more like a red brown. With 2 inches of roots yuck! For someone who insists on coloring her hair red, I don't go to the salon as often as I should. I go maybe every 6 months. Yep, just twice a year! So people ask how I can care for my red hair. Here's how:
1. I use hair products specifically made for colored hair. My favorites are Kerastase, Kiehl's and Pureology.
2. I don't wash my hair often. Every time hair gets wets, color molecules are washed out, so I try to wash my hair just twice a week. This is possible because I'm just home all the time so I don't get sweaty or my hair doesn't get exposed to pollution.
3. I use cool water for my hair. Hot water opens up the hair shaft, making the color seep out faster.
4. I don't go under the sun. The sun's rays bleach color!

I wrote more about taking care of colored hair in Working Mom's July issue last year. Dedet Panabi, the editor-in-chief, definitely picked the right girl for the job since I've been coloring my hair since I was 18! I know what I'm talking about!

I really think girls (and boys!) should just have fun with hair color. Try a different color every now and then. It's just hair! And when you find the perfect color for you, you'd be amazed at how it can completely change everything—your attitude, how people perceive you, your looks, your confidence!

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