Monday, February 10, 2014

Two weddings, one love

We started 2014 super giddy with love because our dear friends Kat and Pat got married. It was such a love-filled and style-infused wedding! I don't remember attending a wedding where everyone was soooo thrilled and well dressed!

But let me begin with a few details:
Last June, Kat and Pat visited our home to ask Vince and me to be their ninong and ninang sa kasal. We're not much older than the soon-to-be married couple so we were surprised but Kat said that she's inspired by our love story. She also said that, if the time comes when she and Pat would need marriage advice, she wanted it to come from people she actually talks to, not some geriatric people who occupied important positions in society but not in their hearts.

So of course Vince and I said yes! We booked the flights to Cebu, we booked our room at Mövenpick, we bought a navy suit and a gold dress (the wedding colors were navy, gold, blush and cream), and then, on January 2, 2014, we woke up before dawn and flew to Mactan island.
The boys greeted the sun at the airport.
Enjoying the cool sea breezes and diffused bright light at the Mövenpick lobby.
Kat and Pat had toys for the kids so that the boys will be entertained during their stay. So thoughtful!
The grown-ups got fish crackers. Haha, no no, we got a big bag of goodies filled with
maple syrup lollipops, designer grooming products, and bottles of water! 
So after we settled in our room (more about Mövenpick at my mommy blog), we dressed up to go to the chapel wedding. This was the first wedding—only family and ninongs and ninangs. It was a pretty chapel with large windows of green glass. Hehe, now I know what it feels like to be a Sprite or a Mountain Dew!

In the tradition of my wedding posts, I'll just talk about my experience. I don't want to steal the story from the bride. Once Kat settles into married life and gets back to blogging again on Kat Dy Finds, maybe she'll tell you the story of their magical love and enchanting wedding.
I am wearing a tablecloth. No joke. The nun said my wrap dress was indecent and
then gave me a tablecloth to cover myself up LOL
The long lingering first married kiss! 
Gorgeous couple! I love Kat's outfit super!
Everyone's so happy! 
The reception was at La Maison Rose. Such a charming place with really good food! 
Since there was just a handful of us, Kat and Pat sat at every table and chatted with everyone. So intimate!

The next day was the big wedding. It was held at the hotel's garden by the beach. It was truly gorgeous! My goodness, every guest looked like they stepped out of a fashion magazine! I'm sorry I don't have photos here! I'm sure Kat does. I hope she blogs about her wedding soon!

Here comes the bride. Her skirt has a high slit. Really sexy!
The groom was so excited to see his bride. He was literally giddy, clapping and laughing!
Iñigo and I with my fab friends: new beauty blogger Nicole and new mommy Nikki. 
My family. The kids are sick here actually. Poor bunnies.
(Look to the left of the photo. Kat and Pat are so sweet!)
We have a gazillion photos but baka maloka kayo. Vince uploaded a lot on his Facebook account so try making friends with him so you can see the photos haha!

Anyway, after the ceremony, cocktails were served then everyone moved to Ibiza Beach Club, which lies right above the water, for dinner. Oh, the food was divine! Absolutely delicious! The speeches were heartfelt and fun. The newlyweds were hopping from one table to another, engaging everyone in talk, hugs and laughter. This was absolutely the funnest wedding ever! I wish her wedding had been a whole week instead of just two days!

Nic and me at dinner. 
After dinner, the guests all indulged in some really serious dancing. I had to go back to our room because the kids were sick. But I heard the next morning that the dancing lasted way into the night!

Dear Kat and Pat, thank you for inspiring us with your love. Thank you for making me and Vince your ninang and ninong. Thank you for being so relaxed and chill and giddy and totally cool at your wedding. We all felt the celebration! Since it was how our year started, I feel like it's affected the course of 2014—I want my year to be just as loved up and relaxed and stylish and sexy and fun as your wedding was! Cheers!

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  1. Can I ask why there were two weddings? Not too familiar with some aspects of Pinoy culture. Lovely wedding.

    1. Oh, one wedding is the norm but for this couple, they had to have two weddings: one Catholic one and then the real one. For predominantly Catholic Philippines, you're not considered married if you didn't get married in a Catholic church (as in, inside a Catholic building of worship). So for those who want to be married on a beach, in a garden, they have to have two weddings.

  2. I love Kat's church wedding dress.


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