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How to really give baby a no-more-tears bath

I think Johnson's Baby has put a trademark on "No more tears" because of their baby wash. So when Nuffnang told me that Johnson's Baby wanted to visit me and my new baby boy Piero and show me how to care for his skin, I thought, "Oh, they'll just tell me about their famous no-more-tears formula." 

As a mom of three little boys, I didn't think there was anything I needed to know about taking care of babies. I considered myself a mommy pro, ya know! But I did have questions on sun exposure since the pediatrician recommended sunbathing Piero. I was concerned about sun damage. Since Johnson's Baby said they will talk about skin care, I figured my concern qualified as a skincare issue so I invited them over.

I'm so glad I did! Johnson's Baby brought Merna, a midwife from the Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines, and she showed me how to give Piero a stress-free bath. Now, if you're a mommy of newborns, you'd be familiar with how they absolutely hate baths. The pregnancy and baby bible What to Expect said newborns hate to be naked. They feel cold and insecure. They need to be held and tucked into a ball, and baths just don't have a part in that picture. So I usually rush through bath times with my kids. They scream like they're being tortured, you see, no matter how nice and warm the water is or what soothing song I sing. Everyone's upset! They only start enjoying their bath when they're around 4 to 6 months old. 

So how do we give newborns and infants a real no-more-tears bath? With Swaddle Bathing!

The video showed the baby wrapped in a towel but Merna used a lampin with her demo doll. I think that a lampin (or muslin) is also more advisable because a towel will soak up too much water and be heavy. You don't want to be handling unwieldy things when you're bathing an infant.

After the bath demo, Merna showed me how to... 
  • dry baby (pat, pat, and make sure all folds are wiped, too!) and apply lotion
  • put on a diaper (fold the top of diapers outward to prevent it from scratching baby's skin)
  • massage baby to promote growth and relieve stress.
All of these tutorials are in the new microsite of Johnson's Baby. It's a cute website that helps us moms care for our baby's skin. As the first barrier against infection and germs, skin has to be healthy. Yes, more than being soft and touchable, what really matters is our skin's good health, especially our baby's skin. Johnson's Baby has made it their mission to be moms' partner in baby's healthy skin development. They assure us moms that their products — recommended by the World Infant Care Authority, and rituals – developed in partnership with the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses, and the Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines — are safe, mild and effective.

I used the Swaddle Bathing tip when I bathed Piero after the Johnson's Baby visit. True enough, Piero wasn't scared, stressed, and he didn't cry! It works! We're so happy! So, mommies, make sure you study the swaddling video so that you and baby will have a real no-more-tears bath!

Here are the other cute video tutorials of Johnson’s Baby with a few notes from me:

Diaper Care - After three babies, I’m an expert in diapering! My advise talaga is be vigilant with changing diapers, especially if you use cloth diapers. Always make sure baby’s diaper area is dry before putting on a new diaper. 

Soak + Seal - While our baby’s skin seems perfect (and it is!), it needs utmost care to remain that way. More than keeping it soft and smooth, it’s keeping it healthy so that it can effectively fight viruses and bacteria. After all, skin is the first barrier against infection.  

Touch Therapy - Or baby massage. I massage all my babies because I’ve known even before the Johnson’s Baby visit (I was a lifestyle magazine editor for many years, after all) that it’s not just adults who benefit from a massage. Infant massage promotes a better immune system, helps in the development of the bones and muscles, and has numerous other benefits like relief of stress for both baby and parent. 

P.S. As for my concerns on protecting Piero’s skin from the sun, Johnson’s Baby told me that sunbathing newborns should only be done before 7 A.M. and not last more than 10 minutes. This is because newborn skin is undeveloped, with very little melanin to protect it. As he gets older, Piero may use sunscreen. I read that diaper rash cream is a great sunscreen for babies!

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