Thursday, November 06, 2014

Katie Holmes says, "Be your best beautiful." Here are 5 ways to do it.

I used to live and breathe Hollywood news. Did that for nearly all my 20s (as a fan) to my mid-30s (as a Hollywood entertainment editor). So even though I'm no longer in the celebrity magazine business, old habits die hard. I still look to Hollywood stars for beauty inspiration. When I investigate a new product, I check which celebs use it. And I always believe celebrity brand ambassadors!

So when new Olay ambassador Katie Holmes said, "Be your best beautiful," I sat up and thought about it! Watch her talk about her Best Beautiful:

Mom, actress, model Katie Holmes says Best Beautiful is "never settling." It's "an inner glow you feel, an outer glow you see."

For me, it's the same. When you're at your best, doing your best and feeling your best, you really do look your best! What's inside matters. Yes, it's an old cliché, but if you're bitter, angry, unhappy, insecure, all these negative feelings will show up on your face!

I'm turning 38 tomorrow and yet people keep asking me why I look so young. I'm a sleep-deprived mommy of three little boys and yet I have yet to hear people say I look tired. Well, I'm not young and I am so very tired all the time but because I'm happy and so full of love, I look good!

Here are ways you can nurture that inner glow Katie talks about:

1. Do what you love. And do it for love, not for money. Well, it would be fabulous if what you love to do also loves you back monetarily, but don't let money take away your passion. You can never be happy if you're not spending your life on the work that you're passionate about. Whether it's curing people or baking cookies, throwing parties or making movies, writing novels or feeding the hungry, do what you love! The fulfilment and joy in your heart will show on your face.

2. Be grateful. You know what makes women ugly? Discontent and envy. That feeling that you don't have enough, that you want more, that you deserve more. So you look at other people's lives and frown because they have what you think you want. You worry about not having enough. You get insecure about your status, looks, possessions. But when you focus on the blessings you have, you will feel gratitude and peace and joy!

3. Surround yourself with love and beauty. Negativity should never find a place in your life. Hate, envy, anger, fear—these are evil! When these ugly thoughts and feelings rule your mind and heart, you can never have peace and joy. Everything threatens you. But when you forcefully push out negative thoughts and negative people from your life, you will be free from darkness. You will be released from fear. 

4. Take care of yourself. When there is joy and peace in your heart, these will naturally radiate from your face. Trust me! But that doesn't mean you shouldn't brush your hair anymore! At the very least, be well groomed! Keep yourself clean and neat. Enjoy your femininity by wearing pretty clothes or wearing makeup. Most importantly, take care of your health. A healthy body is the most beautiful body!

5. Believe in a higher power. I believe in God. I really, truly do. Many of my fears, the anger and doubt, the insecurity and shame, all of this ugliness disappeared when I placed my trust in God. Everything in my life I give to God, too! From the biggies like my marriage, my kids and my work to the smallies like stuff I want for myself. Yes, I even prayed for clear skin when I was 36 years old! It never occurred to me to give that concern to God until I was 36! And God really provides for me. Whether it's the food on our table and writing jobs or when I need comfort, assurance and protection, God is always there! Because I have Him, I am free. I am at peace. I have joy. And that's what makes me beautiful even though my life isn't exactly perfect!

Katie agrees with me. She tells Huffington Post:
"I look at women today and they're taking on so much in a great way and really making a difference in the world. But they're juggling a lot. You have to take time to be grateful for the things in your life, to celebrate the people in your life that you really love. And drink a lot of water!" 

Being at your best, feeling your best, doing your best. I think that's what makes you beautiful! How about you? What do you think makes you beautiful?

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  1. Simple things to live by. Age is just a number. and if one is happy inside, it radiates in the outside!


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