Monday, January 12, 2015

Yellow love at the Golden Globes

My favorite look at the Golden Globes 2015 red carpet was Emma Stone's Lanvin jumpsuit.

Absolutely stunning that girl is. Just breathtaking, I also loved the looks of Diane Kruger, Ellie Kemper and Felicity Jones. But my favorite look, right after Emma's, is Naomi Watts in her yellow Gucci dress, Bulgari snake neckpiece, and red lip.
I love yellow on the red carpet. Anyone who wears yellow just pops out of that ruby floor. But yellow is tricky to wear because if you choose the wrong shade, your skin will look sallow or the yellow won't photograph well.

That problem is not a problem with these beauties:
In 2007, new mom (well, birth mom) Angelina Jolie took a break from her black wardrobe to surprise everyone at Cannes in this uncharacteristically sunny Ungaro.

Emma again standing out on the red carpet and so perfect in last year's Amazing Spider-Man promo tour. Soooo in love with this Atelier Versace dress with a million tiny pleats.
In 2006, Michelle Williams looked so delicate and feminine in Vera Wang. This dress was supposed to be a canary yellow but in photos, it always looks orange!

My favorite yellow look of all time is Reese Witherspoon's yellow Nina Ricci cocktail dress which she wore in 2007 while in the midst of divorcing Ryan Phillippe. You'd never think she was going through a tough time looking at how perfect she was here!

In fact, I loved Reese's look soooo much, she was my peg for this dress and photo!
Walang aangal. Walang kokontra! Pagbigyan niyo 'ko!

Yes, as in pagkakita ko kay Reese, I went out and asked my mother-in-law's kusturera to make a version of that dress (with Vince's design input since back then, childless me had the flattest chest so the sweetheart neckline won't work)!

Yellow is so unexpected, that's why it gets attention. Sigh. Must bring the sunshine back to my dreary mommy wardrobe of grays and blacks!

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  1. wow that dress really looks good on you!


  2. Ooh! I love Emma's look, too!!! Well, I love everything about her. She's beautiful and crazy! And yes, ang ganda mo sa yellow! Very, very fresh. Not that you're not fresh na, but you know what I mean, haha!

  3. Hello Ms. Frances, I was one of OK! magazine's avid readers back then. And since golden globes just wrapped up, I immediately went to your blog because I was pretty sure you wrote an article about it, and here it is (yehey!)

    I totally agree with you that Emma Stone is the best dressed. It's unusual to see a celebrity in trousers on the golden globes red carpet. Last year, it was Emma Watson and coincidentally, this year it's Emma Stone. I also love seeing yellow dress on the red carpet because it exudes happiness and always stands out from the usual black, white and beige. For me, Michelle Williams' and Renee Zellweger's yellow Oscar gowns are the best.

    Oh, how I miss OK! magazine, especially the awards season issue. Ms. Frances, please don't stop writing about Hollywood on your blog. By the way, you look gorgeous in that gold dress

  4. I'm not sure I if I have anything YELLOW in my wardrobe, but I have yellow shoes, well mustard. I'm morena, yellow does not match me, but ang ganda nga ng yellow gowns. I want to wear Emma Stone's gown... so pretty and your dress pretty also. The color is not so bold. :)


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