Thursday, April 30, 2015

It would've been OK!'s 10th birthday

April is always special to me because it's my wedding anniversary month. It used to be special for another reason, too: it's also the anniversary month of OK! magazine, the Hollywood entertainment title I used to helm.

I've actually forgotten that April is OK!'s anniversary month! This year would've been our 10th birthday had we not been killed off in 2012. After just three years, I've already forgotten details of what used to be a HUGE chunk of my life. I only remembered because I was looking for photos of my kids' Babiators on my iPhoto library (another story for another day!) and came across these old photos I took of OK!'s "Letter from the Editor" page.

I posted this on Facebook and felt a sharp pang of nostalgia. I miss my team! They are seriously the best people anyone could ever want in a magazine. Here are a few photos of my old team:
Black and gold theme.
Harry Potter theme yata ito haha
The very last staff photo. Party theme, I guess. Mostly, "Bye-bye, dear OK! readers but let's not be sad" theme.


Anyway, as an extra, I'm sharing with you more pics of me. I took these photos years ago because I wanted to see the progression of how I looked like in the 7 years I was editor-in-chief. So these were supposed to be just for my private consumption. But what the heck! Let me share with you!
My very first EIC photo! Look at my giddy smile. Look at my FLAT STOMACH!!! 
I liked wearing T-shirts in my late 20s. I don't think I owned a dress at this point in my life.
And this was probably when I started wearing dresses. That'll be in 2007.
Nope. Still in a T-shirt phase! And mommy jeans with NO BELT! Why?!
This is my favorite photo. Vince designed that dress and I had it made. I love that dress.
This was when our shoots started to be styled. Not only are we wearing better clothes, we also have accessories now!
That cleavage had to be added because I was as flat as a board.
I loved this dress so much! When the shoot was over, I reluctantly took it off. I regret not buying it.
This was an orange dress that we turned red. We also whittled my waist because I looked so thick haha!
Aww. I had just given birth here! Look at my new mom smile!
With Vito!!!
My last EIC photo. 

Good heavens, what was I thinking in some of those early photos?! Wala pa kasi akong stylist then. After a few years, especially when we got our fashion editors Nichole and Kabbie, our staff shoots were styled. Thank goodness! I mean, really, a t-shirt for an EIC photo? And inulit-ulit pa!

Oh, those were good days. Happy days! But I'm into motherhood now more than I am into magazines so the stressful life of helming a publication is in my past. I like that I'm back in magazines now but as market editor of BABY Magazine. I just have my 20 pages to think of and then I'm back to my little boys. I work from home, best of both worlds, very easy life. Happy days!

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  1. Ur such a wonderful woman ms. Frances...ur not just lucky but u r so blessed:) so happy reading ur blog and was inspired by ur life story. God bless u more!

  2. i remember reading your editor's note back then! when i stumbled upon your blog a couple of years back, i was wondering why you looked so familiar. because of ok magazine pala!:) your editors note was one of the few I actually read. you were so relatable even then.

  3. But you really did look great on all these pictures!


  4. I love reading your blogs Frances. They're always well-written, genuine (I find some blogs pretentious) and relatable


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