Monday, May 04, 2015

Girlstuff launches their #BloggersEliteSummer collection in a fun party

It's been five weeks since I told you that I have a new nail polish color named after this fabulous blog. Have you gotten yourself a bottle of Girlstuff's Topaz Horizon yet?!? Please tell me you have a bottle of Topaz Horizon and you're wearing that fun and bold yellow hue on your nails!

I've been enjoying the various masterpieces that nail artists have been posting on Instagram using the #BloggersEliteSummer collection, which are four bright colors named after four fab blogs: AskMeWhats, Go Jackie Go, Strutting on Sunshine, and Topaz Horizon. I'd like to see your nails, too!

But I'll talk about those stunning nail art in another post. Right now, I want to share with you the party! It was so fun and cute and colorful and girly!
The media found this smorgasbord of treats!
I'm the yellow, Nikki Tiu is the pink.
My new friend Cristina Decena!
The party started with everyone getting nail art.
Here's mine! Topaz Horizon with an accent nail of confetti.
Sweets in the collection's colors!
I had to pick lemonade for my drink to match my nails! 

There was a nail polish buffet!!!
My friend and life peg: GirlStuff Forever's Janina Gutierrez Tan!
The bloggers behind the #BloggersEliteSummer collection! (photo grabbed from

Okay, the party may be over but the collection is still out so pleeeeeeease buy Girlstuff #BloggersEliteSummer nail polishes! Especially Topaz Horizon! Only P120 per happy bottle available at all Girlstuff kiosks (click here for a full list) and at the children's section of Rustan's and SM Department Stores. Thank you!

Check out Girlstuff's website. Like them on Facebook. Follow them on Instagram. Mwah!

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  1. Wow, this colorful party looks absolutely fantastic. I just loved this girly party. I am so inspired to add these colors in my bachelorette party. I am interested in booking one of the domestic party places Miami for this party.


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