Monday, December 07, 2015

My skin is now better because of Flawless!

This post is brought to you by Flawless Face & Body Clinic.

I've been promising to review skincare products for a few months now, and I don't know if you've noticed but I have done no such thing. That's because my skin has broken out horribly. It started in July as a smattering of tiny white bumps on my cheeks. By September, they had exploded into angry red acne. I stopped using everything I was using, I went to a dermatologist, but no improvement happened at all.

Until Flawless offered to take of my skin!

Now I know celebrities trust Flawless, so that's a good thing, but many facial clinics also have rosters of stars anyway. What sold me on Flawless were two things: First, when I checked out their rates, the treatments are very affordable. There have been many times before that I'd go to a celebrity-endorsed skin clinic and then when it's time for my follow-up treatment, I decide not to go because I'll have to fork over thousands of pesos. Second, there's a Flawless clinic everywhere! That's happened to me before, when I need to go back for a skin check up, and I'm all ready to go and then the traffic defeats me, and I just decide to stay home. But now I have no excuse because I just walk to my Flawless clinic!

I started my acne treatment last month. Yes, it's only been three weeks but my skin has drastically improved! In fact, halos maiyak ako when the dermatologist told me, "Anak, sisiguraduhin ko na makinis ka na sa Pasko." It's only Dec 6 and I already know her promise will hold!

I'll do a proper review of my advanced acne facial and home treatment in separate posts. For now, I'm inviting everyone to take advantage of the amazing Flawless 7+7 Promo.

Flawless has 22 service combinations so you have lots to choose from. Book 7 sessions within the month of December and then you get an extra 7 sessions of other services for free!!! So, for example, me, I'll book 7 sessions of my advanced acne treatment facial, then I'll book my free whitening facials after so that all my dark pimple scars will lighten! Remember: this promo is until Dec 31, 2015, only so book na!

And another promo! Bring any soap—used or unused—and exchange it for a FREE Flawless whitening soap that has Kojic Acid, Salicylic Acid and papaya extract for its active ingredients. This promo is only for tomorrow so go to your bathroom now and ipagpalit na ang mga soaps mo for Flawless soaps! (see details here)

I just want to say I'm super happy with Flawless. I'm not flawless yet but my skin looks soooo much better! Thanks so much, Flawless!

To find out about more promos (and there's always one!), check out their website StayFlawless, like their Facebook page, and follow them on Instagram @myflawless.


  1. Hi Frances love your blog how's your face now? I'm starting to have pimple break outs after a year of stopping Althea. I would like to avoid it and I'm wondering what's the progress now on your facial treatments with Flawless as I would also like to have facial done there I've never ever tried FACIAL treatments before though my face had pimples before. This will be my very fist time to try having someone prick and extract my Pimples :) guess I could say that I just don't want to regret it and see craters on my face after pricking and having pimple extraction.. so should I go ahead and do it or not? thanks so much! love your blogs! God bless! - Jocelle

    1. Hi Jocelle! My Flawless facials really saved my skin. Super sad and insecure na talaga ako last year because parang cauliflower na talaga my face! Then I did my facials and my skin really improved! Don't worry about extractions. Because it's done by professionals (unlike, say, you!), there will be no scarring.

      You have to follow the dermatologist's recommendations. Like me, I had to go every 10-14 days, I had to use their gamot. Medyo matapang lang yung ginamit sa akin so gumamit ako ng Physiogel to calm my skin. Kasi ang lakas ng peeling. Wala na nga akong pimples pero my face was mahapdi naman! Physiogel helped in that area.

      Good luck! Consultations naman with a Flawless derma is free! So have your skin checked. I haven't gone back to Flawless since February. So mga 3 months of facials and treatments lang, okay na skin ko =D


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