Wednesday, April 06, 2016

New Belo Baby for baby's best skin

This post is brought to you by Belo Baby.

Today was all about babies for working mommy me. First, up early to get ready for a photo shoot for BABY Magazine. We featured the most adorable little girls wearing fashion inspired by iconic women. I can't wait for you to see the fashion editorial in our anniversary issue!

After the shoot, we—that's me and my bunso Piero—rushed to the launch of Belo Baby at Museum Café. Yes, skincare giant Belo Medical just entered the baby-care market with its own line of bar soap, hair-and-body wash, face-and-body lotion, and colognes.

Museum Café was transformed into a lush garden for our lunch. I'm guessing this is to reflect the fact that everything in Belo Baby's products are from nature.

Belo Baby was especially formulated to be gentle, safe and natural. It's made with all-natural ingredients that will be tough on germs but tender on baby's sensitive skin. And I think another thing mommies will love is the fact that even though these are made with the best ingredients, they're affordable. The soap is P79.75, the hair-and-body wash is P219.75, the face-and-body lotion is P224.75, while the colognes are P79.75 each.

Its key ingredients are shea butter, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. 

Shea butter nourishes skin and hair by healing, moisturizing and protecting it. It's known to heal eczema and diaper rash. 

Cocoa butter is rich in antioxidants. It strengthens skin from within. It's also anti-inflammatory so it relieves rashes. 

Sweet almond oil exfoliates, stimulates healthy skin development and locks in moisture.

There's a trio of colognes, too! As with the rest of the products of the new Belo Baby line, the colognes are also free from harmful ingredients like tetrasodium EDTA, magnesium sulfate, sodium tallowate, phthalates, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, tetrasodium etidronate and dmdm hydantoin. Well, I am so glad I'm writing this down because I have no idea how to pronounce a lot of those terms I just typed!

Anyway! Back to the launch. I was late so I had just a wee bit of time to eat this salad and the main dish of fish. Meanwhile, Piero played and played and played.

Cristalle Belo Henares did a great job explaining how her new baby was created—with a lot of science and research! She really wanted to create a skincare line that cares for the most sensitive of skins, and she's proud of Belo Baby. She said she and her team did not stop until they created products that were far superior than the other baby brands available.

Here's our table with the dessert. Oh, I wanted to eat that fruit! But I was too busy with Piero and with taking pictures. Oh, what's in the bag? Suncare products! Everyone got a bag of sunscreen because it's summer. Although any dermatologist will tell you that sunscreen is necessary even when it's cloudy, raining, winter, and even when you're just inside your house.

We also got to see the rough version of the Belo Baby TVC that will be shown next month.

Belo Baby picked the hosts of online show, "Eat, Drink, and Be Married" as the ambassadors of their new baby brand. From left are Nicole Hernandez De Los Angeles, Patty Laurel-Filart and Kelly Misa-Fernandez.

I've been lucky enough to have interviewed these ladies for magazine articles—Nicole when she was still a college student, Patty when she was newlywed and then again when she was a new mom, and Kelly when she was a newlywed, too. So I know these women are smart, hardworking women who are also madly in love with their husbands and utterly devoted to their babies. Basically the pegs of most women today! Belo Baby chose well!

And here's Cristalle with the mombassadors.

All of us bloggers took home a set of the Belo Baby line plus a stuffed sleeping lamb. As I type, my three little boys are having their evening baths. They like their baths with Papa because Vince is fun while I'm mechanical haha. So I'll give a review (and maybe a giveaway? What do you think?) in my next post.

For now, do check out the new Belo Baby line. The website is, the Facebook page is belobabylove, and it's @belobabylove on Twitter and Instagram. It's available at your favorite supermarkets and grocery stores. Soon, it will be at drugstores, online shops, and even sari-sari stores nationwide.

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