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Review: Physiogel Calming Relief range

This post is brought to you by Physiogel Calming Relief.

Hi everyone! I'll just do a review of each Physiogel Calming Relief product today because I keep getting questions from readers and I sometimes find myself staying up way too late just chatting with my dear readers about Physiogel. So I'll do a big review so that every time a reader asks me about Calming Relief, I'll just send them this link!

If you're new to this blog, then let me just explain why the questions about this line. I started using Physiogel Calming Relief when I was invited to be part of the Physiogel Inner Circle and attend the launch at Bangkok. Then I showed my readers the huge improvement in my skin after just 14 days of use, and then I explained how the new skincare line works using BioMimic Technology.

Apparently, my scary no-makeup/no-filter photos impressed quite a bit of my readers. Some have told me they bought Physiogel Calming Relief immediately (yey!), but there are some readers who still want a thorough product review. So here it is!

Physiogel Calming Relief Cream Cleanser, P850

This cream cleanser has a milky texture and goes on smooth. While there's no fragrance in the ingredients, this smells a bit like fresh coconut. It's really faint but I'm sensitive to smells. It's a good thing I find the scent pleasant.

This is a no-suds cleanser so it doesn't foam up when you cleanse your face. I'm not used to that since I like bubbles, but I'm trying to get used to this because I recently found out that bubbles means detergent. You don't want to use detergent on your face!

This is also a no-rinse cleanser. You just wipe it off gently with tissue. I'm also trying to get used to this. I like washing the dirt off my face and seeing it go down the drain. Wiping off the day's makeup and grime feels unsatisfactory. What I do is use this cleanser in the morning or when I just stayed home all day. But when I was out that day, exposed to sweat, oil and pollution, with a full face of makeup, too, I use this cleanser as a makeup remover then I use the soap from my acne treatment regimen for extra measure.

My face does feel clean when I use this cream cleanser. Plus, it's soft and smooth. It doesn't feel tight and dry and raw, which means it's gentle and moisturizing.

Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream, P800

This is what I use during the day. I super love it! Before I started using the Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream, I was undergoing treatment for my acne-ridden skin. I'm still going through it actually. I think acne will be with me forever. So anyway, my skin was red, raw and flaking off from the facials and medicines, but after just one application of the face cream, my skin instantly felt relief. The pain and sensitivity disappeared, the redness and flakiness were toned down. By the 10th day, my face felt and looked better.

Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream Rich, P850

I got this tube and the cream cleanser at the Bangkok event so I only got to use the cleanser 12 days after using just the face cream and the Face Cream Rich after a month of using the normal variant. That's because the Rich variant is for very dry skin and I don't have dry skin. In fact, my skin is really oily and sensitive so I didn't think I needed this product. But one time, my toddler played with my beauty products and I couldn't find my Face Cream so I used the Rich cream and I woke up with super supple, soft skin!

So now I use the Face Cream Rich, but only at night or if I'll be home all day. Why? It's really very moisturizing so my face looks and feels oily after using this cream. For just an hour really and then it gets absorbed. I think this is specific to me because I'm really super oily. At first, I was worried I'd become oilier and break out, but that didn't happen at all. In fact, my skin just became super supple. My skin feels younger, I think!

So I really love and recommend Physiogel Calming Relief face products. 

Just a few more notes based on the FAQs of my readers:
  • The Physiogel Calming Relief is not an acne treatment. This skincare line is to make skin strong and healthy. I am still getting pimples but they appear less and are fewer. Plus, I noticed that my pimples, the few that do pop up, they get "hinog" faster. Unlike before, my pimples used to take a week to even two weeks to get "hinog." So the pimples get redder and bigger and more painful over such a long period of time, resulting to deep acne scars or dark pigmentation because the skin suffered trauma. Now, my pimples are "hinog" in three days, they don't get very big, they're not painful, and they dry up quickly. 
  • You can use other skincare treatments with the Physiogel Calming Relief products. As mentioned, the main purpose of the line is to make skin strong and healthy via its remarkable BioMimic Technology. But if you have other skin concerns like sun protection, lines, acne, pigmentation, you can still use them with the Calming Relief products. I find that it's made my acne treatment more effective, for example. 
  • You can use the Physiogel Calming Relief products under makeup. I thought the creamy texture will make my makeup slide around. But I feel it makes my makeup easier to apply and makes my makeup last longer. The cream acts as a hydrating base, plus since flaky skin is reduced, the finish of the makeup looks better. 
  • Anyone can use Physiogel Calming Relief products. It's safe, gentle and hypoallergenic. It's free from fragrances and ingredients that can irritate skin. It's so safe, even people with eczema and dermatitis can use these products. My skin is very sensitive. I flare up, get rashes, get really itchy and develop acne if the face products I use are not safe. But my skin has never reacted adversely to this line at all. I'm also really oily so I was afraid of the emollient oils in the products but my skin has not gotten oilier and more pimply. Just better!
Oh, and additional info for the photos above: every product has a dispenser. I love that! I really hate products that come in jars because every time I dip my finger into the cream, I contaminate it. The active ingredients also evaporate every time you unscrew the cap. Then you never really know if you're putting enough or too much product. But the Physiogel Calming Relief products are tubes with dispensers so every pump delivers the right amount of product every time. The product doesn't dry up or gets contaminated so it lasts longer and is safer. I love it!

The Physiogel Calming Relief range is available at Mercury Drug and Watsons. Here are my affiliate links to the Physiogel Calming Relief products:


  1. currently using the calming relief A.I. cream. Is that safe for the face?

  2. Hi I found your post when I was searching for this product range. Can I ask if the cream cleanser has a oily feel after you cleanse your face? I tried some cream cleansers (other brands) before and I don't really like the after feel, it made me feel like my face is not cleanse thoroughly. What about the face cream, does it give you greasy feel after you apply it onto your face?

    1. It is super oily! If, like me, you can't stand how it feels, I use it as my makeup remover. Then I follow with a cleanser that I can wash off. =) Works perfectly!

  3. Hi. See a dermatologist and ask about Accutane. It cleared my painful, cystic acne during college. Thanks for the review


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