Thursday, August 10, 2017

Frances Finds: Hygienix Body Care Pure Defense Germicidal Soap

It seems ironic that I'm writing a post about fighting germs when I just recently lost that battle and my kids and I got sick with the flu. Me, being the weak-lunged woman that I am, my condition worsened to bronchitis. But after a desperate visit to the doctor this week, I am on the mend!

And that is why today—after a long absence from the blog because of getting sick—I'm back! And I'll tell you about our new germicidal soap, the Hygienix Body Care Pure Defense Germicidal Soap, and why it's now a must-have in my home. Plus, I'll also announce the winners of our Hygienix Shower Rangers giveaway!

So a few weeks ago, we had the most interesting visitors at our little home—The Hygienix Shower Rangers! This super gilas gumalaw group saved our family from world germination by defeating the evil disease-causing monster Germdugo! Yes, pati si Germdugo dumalaw sa bahay namin and nagsabog talaga siya ng lagim! 

Buti na lang the Shower Rangers arrived! The Shower Rangers are the four qualities that make the new Hygienix germicidal soap so effective and attractive to mamas like us. It's Super Sulit (Green Shower Ranger), Non-Drying Formula (Pink Shower Ranger), Refreshing Scent (Yellow Shower Ranger), and last but definitely the most important, Germ Killer (Blue Shower Ranger)!

And yes, mamas, the new Hygienix germicidal soap really does have a nice scent. It's not too mabango, and even though it's a germ-killing soap, it doesn't reek of medical or hospital-like smells. It's super affordable talaga kasi the big bar is just P28 tapos yung smaller bar is only P12! One month na namin ginagamit yung soap and hindi siya natutunaw. Plus, kahit ilang beses pa kaming mag-wash ng hands, our skin don't dry up. It's really very gentle on skin. Now, for the germ-killing part, I haven't actually seen with my own two eyes how the soap can kill 99.9% of known germs but I have faith in all the clinical tests done on Hygienix soap to prove that it really does kill 99.9% of germs!

My sons had such a great time helping the Shower Rangers beat up that nasty Germdugo. Then we all got a goody box of Hygienix germicidal soap and alcohol so that we can fight germs every day!

Last week, Hygienix offered my readers the chance to fight germs, too. My followers were invited to share photos of their families in their best germ-fighting pose. The five mommies whose photos had the most likes won! I screencapped their photos LAST NIGHT when contest ended*, and here they are:
5. Imee Rafe Jaafar with 736 likes

4. Esmeralda De Vargas with 746 likes

3. Rose Ann Nardo Panganiban with 782 likes

2. Nica Enaj with 945 likes

1. Neth Saransan with a whopping 1,100+ likes!

Congratulations, mamas! Hygienix will contact you soonest on how you can claim your prize!

Hygienix Body Care Pure Defense Germicidal Soap is the newest product in the germ-fighting line of Hygienix. It's clinically proven to kill 99.9% of all known disease-causing bacteria. Use every day to protect your family from illness, mamas! As I recently experienced, we can't afford to get sick—our kids can't miss class and it's so heartbreaking to see them sick, and we working mamas can't get sick because our little ones depend on us for everything!

P.S. I highly recommend following their Facebook page for lots of funny videos and clever memes!

*Winners were chosen based on the number of likes garnered at the time contest ended. Additional likes received AFTER contest are not considered.

This post is brought to you by Hygienix.

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