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Frances Finds: Stylist in Pocket fashion-styling-at-home service

A few months ago, professional styling service Stylist in Pocket came over to my house to help me shop for new clothes. If you have a Facebook account, you must've seen all their ads. In fact, they also featured me in one of their ads, and that is why I'm getting sooooo many questions about the styling service.
My new favorite dress from SiP! Wearing it here at a National Book Store event.

So, dahil maraming nagtatanong and para hindi na ako paulit-ulit sa pagsagot, I'm writing this blog post and then sending this link to anyone who asks.

What is Stylist in Pocket?
It's an online styling service. So perfect and convenient for us busy working mamas! They have a stable of stylists who will help us buy clothes that will look good on us and will suit our lifestyle. The service is so personalized and customized and amazing!

How do I get an SiP stylist's service?
First, you register at their website, You then have to fill out your profile—this is quite tedious because you have to answer all these detailed questions on your dress sizes, preferred colors, styles you can't wear, etc. So set aside time for this.

After you fill out the form, you can now request for a home visit. You just click on "Book a Home Visit" button, and then you tell them when you're free. Within 48 hours, a stylist will confirm with you your visit. My stylist was AJ and he's really good at his job!

What should I expect from a SiP home visit?
I was so amazed, mamas. AMAZED! First, the stylist will really arrive on time. He/she will have two assistants and they'll bring a full-length mirror and one or two racks of clothes. Shopping talaga siya! One rack will have the clothes you say you like, and the other rack has the clothes you might consider.

Yes, your stylist will bring clothes that have colors/prints/styles you say you don't like! Why??? Because when you hire a stylist, you have to open your mind! Madalas kasi we get stuck in a style rut. Like me—always black. Some women wear just jeans and a t-shirt. Some moms wear yung mga skintight clothes they wore nung dalaga pa sila kahit na nag-iba na ang shape ng mga katawan nila. Kaya nga we hire a stylist so they can get us out of that rut!

So you go through the racks, pick out styles you like, the stylist will then suggest other styles. Then you try on the clothes, and the stylist will show you how to wear them. Like my stylist AJ. He showed me that if I tie a belt a certain way, my waist will look smaller. He also suggested what kind of shoes to match with the outfit. Mga ganyang helpful tips!

A visit can take about two hours. Mine did, but yours may take shorter or longer. So do set aside a lot of time kasi you really don't want to rush this styling session.

After you pick the clothes you like, you can pay either in cash or credit card. Yes, may dala silang credit card machine!!! Ang efficient! May resibo pa! And if you want P250 discount next time you shop, donate your old clothes to their charity—they will forward the clothes to less fortunate communities.
They also bring FREE iced tea!

How much are their clothes?
In your profile questionnaire, you'll also tell them your preferred budget range. Me, I put mga P1500 to P3500 per dress so when AJ came over, the dresses he brought were in that price range. Since I bought three dresses, I spent around P7,000+. Don't worry, SiP will really work with your budget!

Do I need to pay a service fee?
Nope! Styling is free! So if wala kang nagustuhan na damit, there's no obligation to buy. But, here's the thing—you'll really like the clothes SiP brings. They're customized kasi to your taste, plus there's the fact that your stylist will show you how to wear the clothes well, so mapapabili ka talaga!

Okay, here are the outfits I tried on.
These were really nice shirtdresses. They come with a belt so you won't look shapeless. I like how AJ styled the belt, too. I looked like I had a figure!

Ooooh, I loved this outfit soooo much! That's a white sleeveless dress and then AJ draped a soft pink blazer around my shoulders, then pinned a brooch on my chest. I want this whole #ootd but mahal masyado. Sigh!

I liked this one a lot, too! But AJ pointed out that the color made me look washed out. He advised that I shouldn't pick hues that are too near my skin tone. In hindsight, I agree with him because I always look best in bold colors or dark tones. My closet is full of black, green, red and navy.

Speaking of navy, here's the Espada dress that I bought. I really liked how comfy it is, and how it fell over my curves (hid my bumps actually haha), and then when I found the pockets... SOLD!

Oh, I loved this dress, too! But it was too small! I mean, look at my tummy! SiP can get a larger size, by the way, or you can have clothes altered.

I bought three dresses: the navy dress, a sexy black dress with slits on the sleeves, and a beautiful marsala dress. Can't wait to wear those two dresses but I haven't found an occasion yet!

Before I go, here's a few tips:
1. Wear your good undies. If you normally wear a seamless bra and a girdle, wear those. I do but for my SiP visit, I just wore regular undies kasi nasa bahay lang naman ako. Thing is, when I was fitting the clothes, I couldn't appreciate how they fell on my body kasi my tummy was hanging out a lot haha
2. Fix your hair and face. First, because you have visitors. Second, so you can see yourself dolled up na in the outfits. Ako kasi, hindi ako nag-ayos (see photos above), so I didn't look too good in the mirror. I was trying hard to imagine what I'd look like when I have nice hair and makeup on. Next time I do this, I'll fix myself up talaga!
3. Prepare a big space for the SiP team. Like I said, there's three of them and they have racks of clothes and a mirror. So malamang you'll do the fitting sa living room mo. If you have a huge walk-in closet, that's great, because you can all hang out there. Anyway, basta plan ahead, like saan sila pupuwesto, saan ka magbibihis. Hirap kasi if, let's say, you'll park them in the living room tapos aakyat ka sa kwarto mo para magbihis, multiply by how many outfit changes... Kakapagod! 
4. Line up your shoes. In fact, get your accessories ready in the fitting room — shoes, bags, belts, etc. Again, if you're doing everything in your walk-in closet, this is not an issue. But if you don't have that space, prepare your shoes where you'll do the fitting so that hindi ka patakbo-takbo changing your shoes to match an outfit.

You can see SiP's other styled clients at their Facebook page. And you can create your own profile at their website so you can book a home visit and styling session soonest! Use this code to get a P250 discount: alan2513. Happy shopping!

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