Sunday, October 08, 2017

Why so hard to look for pantulog? (Note: Medyo NSFW)

Okay, so matagal ko na gustong mag-pajamas. Konting kwento muna bago ko i-share yung adventures ko this Sunday haha Okay, since putting on weight after I became a mother of three, my body bothers me when I sleep. Before, it was the swollen pregnant tummy, then the leaky breastfeeding boobs, and now it's just... I dunno, the naked flesh of my thighs brushing against each other. It sounds sensual but when you're a working mama who just wants to sleep, you don't want to feel sensual (or malagkit actually).

Obviously shorts are out of the question so I tried leggings and okay naman siya but hapit siya sa legs, you know. Gusto ko maluwag. That means pajamas. I've looked at malls for pajamas and ayoko sa kanila because they look like scrubs. Depende sa pattern at material, pwede siyang yung suot ng mga medical personnel or ng mga yaya. So instead na I'll look like I'm going to sleep, I'll look like I'm going to work. Gusto ko pantulog talaga.

I realized only last night that I should be able to find pajamas online! Silly me. So I logged onto eBay and Lazada and here's what I found:
Penguin pajamas
Winnie the ?oo? pajamas

These actually look very comfortable but at my wonderfully mature age of 40, they'll just look ridiculous on me. Malamang hindi naman importante what I look like considering patay naman ang ilaw, but hindi siya talaga kaya ng matrona me.

Then my search took a surprising turn when under the keywords "ladies sleepwear" and "ladies pajamas," these came out:
Bondage, este, sleepwear
Black lace that promises to be itchy with matching panties
Pink see-through nightie with matching thong

Sa first page pa lang ng search results yan! Ang dami pang sumunod. I have nothing against sexy things, ha. In fact, I have a few tucked away in my underwear drawer. But hindi pajamas yan! I dunno whoever thought that these things would be comfortable enough for any woman to sleep in! And sa totoo lang, kung ganyan ang pantulog ko, hindi ako patutulugin ng asawa ko! Amiright???

Eventually, I did find some lovely pajamas. Check these out, mamas:
Nude pajamas
White pajamas
Red pajamas
Pink pajamas
Very nice! I like that the last three were the fashion trend for Spring this year:

I'm ordering a few for my birthday! Finally, the search for pajamas has ended and I can sleep!!!

*Catalogue photos from Lazada Philippines; celebrity and street style photos from Pinterest: Selena Gomez, Ryan Gosling, black with silver flowersblue with orange flowers, white pajamas

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  1. Haha most of my pajamas looks like your second photo F! Hihi comfy siya, I always buy in SM sleepwear.

    "IN" pala talaga ngayon yung pajama outfits, may mga nakikita ako sa mall (dito sa SG) na naka sleepwear fashion, akala ko joke lang haha =)


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