Monday, October 01, 2018

My job-hunting tips for housewives going back to the workforce

In 2012, the magazine I edited closed down. Being a mom of a toddler and an infant, I decided it was time for me to take a break from my intense career schedule and focus on my babies. I did, I loved it, I learned a LOT from being a mom, and I started a new career as a blogger and as a work-at-home editor. Losing my job was truly one of the best things that happened to me!

Fast forward to six years later and with my now-three little boys in school, I'm mulling over going back to the corporate world. My reasons are simple: (1) tuition fees are frightening, and (2) I have more time for myself now.

I write articles to sell lipsticks now! Shop for L'Oréal, Maybelline and Garnier at Lazada! 

So last year, I started submitting my CVs to every job vacancy for editor, writer, PR position I saw on Jobstreet and Linkedin. I'll be honest, mamas. It was not easy. I dusted off my magazine copies, printed my articles, and "minimalized" my CV. When I got to the interview, no one even wanted to see my CV and sample work. "You could email that," I was told. "And I already have your CV on my computer."

I was mortified. Me, a blogger, didn't even realize no one liked physical manifestations of my work anymore. I could've just submitted everything online! If there was anything that corroded my self-esteem and made me feel like a dinosaur, THAT was it.

I was ready to give up. Then I figured I was doing this wrong. No one who's never heard of me would want to hire me. At 41, I'm old. I haven't worked in a corporate environment in 5 years. I needed to do things differently. I'm here to tell you that what I tried is working well for me.

Many women who left the workforce worry about the gap in their résumés. Take heart! True, it may be harder for moms to get hired but it’s not impossible. If it’s that career gap you’re worried about, here are my top tips for getting back to work: 

Sending out CVs isn’t enough. A piece of paper that lists down just your jobs can’t possibly cover all the skills you learned as a mom! Managing a team, thinking on your toes, coming up with creative decisions on demand, stretching the budget, beating impossible deadlines, being completely organized—companies would be crazy to not hire a mom! But HR departments don’t realize that mothers are the best project managers in the world, so the way around that issue is networking. 

Now how do you network when you've been cooped up at home for 5 years and the only people you've talked to are toddlers and fellow homemakers? Here's how to start: 

Reach out to your former colleagues. 
They know two valuable things: your experience and vacant positions in the company or in the industry. They’ll most likely help get word around and, most importantly, put in a good word for you. I did this and it took a few months but I started getting calls for interviews. 

My first day at L'Oréal, I was so nervous. Such a huge company!

Try part-time jobs. 
Most of the calls I got were for project-based work. I managed the product features for BABY Magazine. Then I covered for an editor at beauty website,, because she had to take an extended leave. I did the PR for the kiddie network, Nickelodeon. And now I have a project as beauty editor for L'Oréal Paris (which I hope will be renewed—pray for me!).

These are not full-time jobs but on my CV, they definitely filled in the career gap. As a mom, I also appreciated that I was able to dip my toes back into the workforce yet still be able to care for my kids. 

You don’t need to volunteer for jobs related to your work. Volunteering for any opportunity that presents itself also opens you up to other career possibilities. Help your friend organize her party. Take over the church fundraiser. Do the door-to-door marketing for an event in your village. You’ll not only learn new skills but also expand your network. A couple of years ago, I volunteered to give a talk at a hospital about fashion and beauty for moms and now I’m a professional speaker! It’s crazy considering my stage fright! 

So get yourself out there, mommies! And good luck on your career comeback!

Check back on Wednesday for a new post! Have a great day!


  1. I really loves it momshie :) you are truly an inspiration to us moms :)

    1. Thanks so much! All moms and the work that we do to serve our families inspire me.

  2. Nakkainspire sana magawa ko din eto 😭 Pero thank you. Feeling out of the loop na kasi..When i had my eldest, there was someone ( ofcmate ni hubby ) asked me to write some specific articles for a certain website ( direct sya , extension lang niya ko kasi overload na sya ), am paid naman basta follow ko lang ilang words. I get paid enuf for food everyday. It was kinda fulfilling pero mas malakas pa ung electricity consumption ko LOl and that time hubby was still studying while working. I gave up and when son turned 3 , i asked a family member to look after him so i could work. It was hard ang hirap ung everyday he would begged na magstay ako until after many years nagbuntis ako kay 2nd and quit working after giving birth. Now more than 4yrs of being SAHM and my 3rd child is 1 yr old. I wish to go to work again to help the husband but dunno where to start. Thanks for blogs like this para may guide ako and some encouragement❤❤

    1. Good luck! Kaya mo yan! Ako nga na 5 years out of circulation also and super old na nagawa ito, so kaya mo rin! Although ngayong malapit na mag-end ang contract ko, kinakabahan na ako =)

  3. Praying for that renewal Mam .You deserve that ❤ Nakak inspire

    1. Salamat, Love! And congrats for winning the Commenter of the Month prize last month!

  4. It can be hard especially if you are a nurse to go back just like that. Actually, I don't know if I can ever go back since everything would be new. You know how fast science and technology can change plus the terminologies, the newly discovered health issues. OH MY!!! But this was my choice, the moment that I became a mom... I told myself that I would dedicate my time with my family. It's a rollercoaster ride everyday... But no regrets. Maybe a little. But seeing my babies appreciate everything that you do is enough for me...

    1. Yes! Never regret choosing our family! Minsan talaga maiisip natin siya but family is always the best choice =)


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