Tuesday, April 09, 2019

A grape juice a day keeps health woes away

Good news! My Papa was discharged from the hospital and is now recuperating at home. We will make him strong enough for his amputation. Please keep us in your prayers!

If there's any good that came out of the visits to the hospital, it's this: I am finally paying attention to my health. With diabetes in my family history, I can't ignore the fact that that may be my future. I'm seeing it up close with Papa's current struggles and it is ugly. I don't ever want my kids to see me like that.

Well, we don't know what's in our future but we can do what we can to delay or prevent it. So I'm eating less now. I'm eating less to no sugar. I can't give up rice yet. I'm okay with carbs, okay, but I love rice too much and I eat it in copious amounts. Now, 1 cup na lang. I aim to lessen it pa and just get my carbs from fruit and vegetables (bye bye rice huhu). No more soda, no more coffee, no more milk tea, no more powdered juice. Just water and green tea and natural fruit juices.

I'm just making kwento because I'm drinking Welch's grape juice right now and I wanted to share with my readers my journey to health. It's one of the few juice brands I drink now because Welch's is 100% grape juice. Nothing added. Fruit is already naturally sweet so you don't want to add sugar to juice.

Remember last Christmas when I gave away a bottle of Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice to my family? That is a guilt-free gift! And so now I think I should apply that the rest of the year and I'm now trying to eat guilt-free meals. Ewan ko ba. When you're my age, everything you eat can possibly induce guilt!

I choose Welch's because each bottle carries real grape goodness — a good concentration of nutrients called polyphenols that promote healthy blood flow, provide anti-clotting effect like red wine (without the alcohol!) and help maintain blood pressure. It's also a good source of antioxidants, keeps the immune system up to fight against viruses that cause common colds and cough.

While Welch's is just pure juice extracted from Concord Grapes (no added sugar!), look for the bottles marked with added Fiber if you need help with your digestion and weight loss journey. There are also bottles filled with grape juice fortified with Calcium for growing kids and middle-aged people like me! 

I know this sounds like a sponsored post but it isn't. My family really drinks Welch's! Plus, I've been really alarmed at my own unhealthy diet and at my possible future. So I'm now proactive at choosing better food and drinks for me and my family. Welch's inspired me to write this post so I hope it inspires you to take charge of your diet, too!

We mamas need to be strong and healthy not just for our daily survival caring for our kids (haha survival talaga); we also need to remain healthy for as long as possible so we can see our grandkids! Plus, I seriously know now that I never want my kids to take care of me when I'm old. I want them to be out in the world, conquering it. Not at home, caring for their ill parents. If I really loved them, I'd never want to hold them back. Taking care of myself now is my way of making sure they won't need to take care of me tomorrow.

Welch’s Juices are available in all leading stores and supermarkets. Find out more about Welch's Juices at www.welchs.com.

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