Monday, December 09, 2019

Cooking ginataang kalabasa and sitaw just got easier!

Looking for a vegetable dish to serve your veggie-resistant kids? Serve them ginataang kalabasa and sitaw! I mash the kalabasa and mix it with their rice so they literally can't separate the squash from the rice. And the sitaw, well, it takes convincing but they did agree the texture feels like meat so they ate it. And I love it that this healthy and delicious dish just got easier to cook with Coco Mama!

The kids can help cook, too!

Not a sponsored post! I'm just really happy with this mom find. For gata, I used to go to the palengke to have my coconut milk grated fresh. Not anymore! This Coco Mama is fresh and masarap! Highly recommended.

Here's the recipe sa likod ng pakete but mine doesn't have sili because my kids don't like spicy food. I also usually use tinapang isda with this (it adds a lovely smoky flavor), but my kids will NOT eat tinapa so fine, fine, I used ground pork.

If you're vegetarian, you can definitely take out the meat. If you're a meat-eater and trying to transition to a veggie diet, this dish is wonderful because the sitaw has a good consistency na parang karne.

Tada! Sarap sarap sarap nito sobra! I can't wait to cook other recipes with Coco Mama gata! Please share your gata recipes!


  1. Kalasa ba siya ng tunay na gata? Mayroon din akong nabiling ganyan pero Knorr yata yun, yung gata mix nila. Hindi ko pa natatry. Bumili ako kasi madalas kami mapanisan ng gata. Kung minsan kahit nasa meal plan na yung ginataang lulutuin, biglang ibang ulam ang gusto ni mister. Kaya yung gata, natetengga sa ref at napapanis.

    1. Hi Lem, mas creamy siya nang onti and mas matamis. I really like it! Try mo =)


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