Monday, December 02, 2019

Manuel Baldemor for MBaldemor x beabi Limited Edition Floral Symphony Collection

I buy my giant fans and brandless containers from beabi. I love it for being so anonymous. So I was quite surprised that it launched a collection of bags that had a big name on it: Manuel Baldemor.

Here I am with Mr. Baldemor and the beabi VIPs. I won a bag sa raffle!
Mr. Baldemor is a painter, sculptor, book illustrator, and printmaker. He's a writer, too. Basically, he's someone I would want to be when I grow up! He started painting at 8 years old and became a folk artist. He told us at the exhibit and launch at Ronac Art Center that he's always loved flowers because he was surrounded by them in childhood. “Flowers, for me, are universal, a symbol of peace, love, and have unspoken language of diplomacy,” Mr. Baldemor told MEGA magazine.

I wore a dress with tiny flowers to match my floral surroundings.

So for beabu, Mr. Baldemor selected three of his paintings for the MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection. This is beabi’s way to bring Baldemor’s art to a wider audience and to make art wearable and functional. It's also a lovely way to add beauty to our endless chores and errands, right, mamas? 

The Mbaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection consists of three designs: Flowers Are A Joy Forever, Flowers Speak From The Heart, and Amazing Grace. The MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection is only available at all beabi stores nationwide and online at until stocks last.

I finally met Doll Up Mari beauty vlogger Mari Perez!

Or you can get your own bag from ME! Yes, I would like to share my Mbaldemor x beabi tote bag with a Loyal Reader! All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me your favorite memory of flowers. It could be the first rose you ever got, your wedding bouquet, the crushed flowers your little one gives you from your garden—anything! I just want to know.

Make sure to also tell me your Facebook name with your answer so I know how to contact you in case you win. Comments will be published when I pick the winner. I'll announce who won next Monday! 


The winner is Shirley Mae Tabora for telling us her love story with a touch of the divine.


  1. My favorite memory was when mybthen, gradeschooler, gave me a rose and a note as a token of gratitude during her elementary graduation. It was heart warming because she seldom shows affection. ♥️ - Eliza I Trono

  2. My favorite memory of flowers is being surrounded by them since childhood. My parents are consummate gardeners - my dad leans towards vegetables; my mom is the true queen of flowers. I grew up in a home where the garden was more than twice (in terms of floor area) the size of the house. My bedroom windows looked out to the front garden so I saw them when I wake up. My days ended (because that means no more playing; time for homework) with the sound of my mom watering the plants outside - it took her 2 hours at least. My parents are still consummate gardeners and seeing flowers make me miss them more than I already do.

  3. I remember when I was a little girl, each year at Palm or Easter Sunday, we would be part of the festivities at Church. So we would make small baskets and fill them with flower petals that we pick from around the community. We scatter those petals while we dance or walk around the front of the Church door. I think that was to welcome the procession.

    I don’t think I described it well but those were really fond memories of �� �� �� from my childhood that I haven’t thought about in a looooooong time. Thanks for the chance to reminisce :)

  4. Hi Frances,

    I was traumatized from a previous relationship who cheated on me so when I started dating again in college, 3 years after the breakup with the cheater, I asked God for a sign if this guy I was dating is THE ONE. He's not the type who would give flowers so that's what I asked for a sign, for him to hand me a single white rose. Our day went on, we went on a date, we went to a mall and watched a movie. Still no flower. We had dinner. Still no flower. We went around the mall, went from shop after shop window shopping.

    Then he went inside Blue Magic. I was beginning to lose hope by that time. He called me and asked me to look at something which I have no interest in so I paid him no attention. Then he came to me and gave me this glass tube thing with water.

    And you know what's inside? A single white rose floating in water.

    That guy is now my husband of 10 years.

    That's my flower memory. ❤️❤️❤️

    Fb: Shirley Mae Yboa-Tabora


      For this super nakakakilig and talagang sign-from-heaven story, you win the MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony tote! I will send you a DM via your Facebook Messenger. Thanks for sharing your flower story, Shirley! =)

  5. I was never a flower person... Though I know it brings life to a room, it just wasn't me. Hubby knows this, plus money was tight so I wouldn't bother him asking for flowers. But then one day, out of nowhere ... No occassions, I thought he already went to work but came back with a dozen roses. It was so sweet. He said, he just wanted to give the flowers before heading to work.

    Now, my youngest when he sees flowers from the garden or from the neighbors, he picks some and gives them to me. Places it behind my ears and tells me it makes me look beautiful.

  6. My husband never gave me flower, he is not the type. He’d rather indulge with food than buy flower. But my son is different. He loves flower and would always gave one to me after he play from our building’s garden.
    Facebook name: Karen Tendido Rosete

  7. My favorite memory of flowers didn't really involve actual flowers haha!

    Let me tell you the story. It was probably our third Valentine's Day as bf/gf, and having received flowers the previous years made me expect it on this one. Pero hapon na wala pa! Nasstress na ako hahaha! I was younger then and very petty. When I got out of work and saw he had no flowers for me, nainis ako talaga! We were quiet the whole time. We went grocery shopping! (WHAT?!) I didn't pay attention what were we there for because I was busy sulking.

    We then went to my apartment where I slept soon after. I woke up to the smell of cooking. When I got out of the room (super small apartment) nakita ko may fried chicken, pansit, potato-wedges, all of my favorites!

    He said he didn't buy me flowers or took me to a restaurant kasi marami daw tao. Knowing me, he just thought he'd cook and we can stay at my place for a movie marathon (wala pa Smart TV/Netflix non haha)

    Hay nako nahiya tuloy ako sa sarili ko non. Napaka-brat! Nainis lang naman ako kasi nagpo-post na yung friends ko ng flowers tapos ako wala pang mai-post WAHAHA oh, to be young and clueless!

    We're married now with a son. He still loves cooking for us. I never really got to learning how to cook. I just wash the dishes for us. :D

    When I see a bouquet of flowers I am still reminded of that Valentine's Day. It makes me giggle. Nakakakilig at the same time nahihiya ako sa self ko Hahaha!


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