Monday, September 21, 2020

I have found the house of my dreams!

My favorite style of house is the Mid-Century Modern (MCM). That is my ultimate dream house. I'm part of a few Facebook groups who are fans of this style and I've been learning a ton of stuff plus getting all these amazing photos of gorgeous houses. It's my happy place, these MCM Facebook groups! 

I'm not strict with the design, unlike many die-hard fans who don't believe in modernizing it at all. But I'm fine with toning down excessive wood paneling and built-ins, and muting the vivid colors. Just a bit to bring the design to the 21st century but not too much that it loses its character altogether.

So anyway, I was browsing through the posts of the MCM groups when this beauty came up and oh my goodness. It was love at first sight! I have found the house of my dreams! Just look at it!

Isn't it beyond gorgeous? And that pink door! And the matching mailbox straight out of The Jetsons! MCM homes have long, flat lines. They also had open floor plans so that living areas flowed into each other. And windows, huge windows!

Okay, let's go inside...

Those high ceilings! And all that light because of those huge windows! I can't live in a house with small windows. I think I'll wither and die within a year if I can't have the sun penetrating every corner of my house. 

Now let's check out the kitchen... 

The kitchen is an updated MCM. A midcentury modern styled kitchen is all about clean lines, warm wood, and then a bright color or a graphic design somewhere, usually the tile. In this case, that blue is boring. I'd make the tile pink and orange, or yellow and orange.

Now let's check out the dining room... 

I can't say I love that wallpaper. I love its boldness but I don't like the colors particularly. I would go for something more colorful to frame the green trees seen from the square window smack in the center of the dining room wall. Then I'd choose chairs that are more sculptural. As for the dining table, I love it but I'd go for a stain that would match the kitchen cabinets.

Off to the patio...

Oh, so perfect! That pink and turquoise! MCM loves bold colors and bold color mixes. I love that wind screen (or breeze blocks)!

Now let's check the bathrooms...

I love the Tetris tile best! An MCM bathroom has clean lines and geometric tiles. To warm it all up, wood is used for the cabinets, metal fixtures are copper or bronze, and an interesting light fixture dominates the space. The shower or bath is also enclosed in glass, functioning much like the huge glass windows in the living areas.

There are soooo many more photos over at its Zillow listing (click it!). Super nice photos of the details like door knobs and tiles. If you want to see the bedrooms and the backyard, the photos are also there. I didn;t include them here. I wasn't too happy with those parts - kinda plain. But I guess the sellers of the house want to keep those as plain as possible so that the people viewing the property can imagine how they'll spruce it up.

Anyway, I just had to blog about this house so that I have a peg for all time. And so you get to see what my dream home is like. Isn't it pretty?

*photos grabbed from Zillow listing


  1. The house looks really nice, and I love the open layout when I looked at the zillow listing. I love the furniture and trimmings. I would prefer turquoise on the door to make it standout. The pale pink seems a little faded to me. I like the tiles though it might be harder to clean =). The two things that were lacking - garage for the car and covered patio in the back. It seems that they renovated and turn the garage into the new dining room, but they took over even the small possible carport with a porch in the front. So, new owners will have to deal with parking in the driveway where their cars will be more exposed to the elements. Though I don't think it snows in Chattanooga, TN where this is located. It looks like a flip house bought in January 2020 and being sold now for $80K more. Hopefully, that's the case and not due to the fact they can't hold on to it due to COVID impact. Sorry, I know you were just blogging about the design/architecture of the house. I like looking at house listings and look at all the info about house for sale and how they are in comparison with the other houses in the area =) We usually go around the neighborhood on the weekend (specially on the richer area) and if I see something on sale, I'll check zillow listing when we get home.

    1. Oh you're right! The dining room does look like it used to be the garage. I wonder why they didn't put a garage. I guess I didn't notice. I'm not a car person so I completely missed that =D

      A turquoise door would look amazing, too! Or an orange one. I love orange =)

      I love looking at Zillow listings, too. And I follow a lot of shelter IG accounts. I'm happy where I live but I obsess about other people's houses. I watch YouTube tiny house tours every day!


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