Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Who's the best match for Daphne Bridgerton: Duke of Hastings, Prince of Prussia, or Baron Berbrooke?

Sorry sorry! I know I have a 30-Day Blogging Challenge but I was derailed by Netflix's Bridgerton. Who's watching??? 

Such a fun show. It's like Gossip Girl. I hear it's right down Downton Abbey alley, too, but I haven't watched that show so I won't know. I love the modern touches. The Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish songs in 19th century settings. The obviously modern high heels with sumptuous gowns. 

Anyway! This isn't going to be a review haha. I'm an absolute royalty nerd so I was a little annoyed at one thing. The issue of peerage. 

Just a note on peerage. There was a scene where Lady Gossip Girl said Daphne traded up by choosing the Prince from Prussia vs the Duke of Hastings. Not quite.

A duke is a title just under king. The peerage goes like so:

1. King or Queen

2. Duke or Duchess

3. Marquess or Marchioness

4. Earl or Countess

5. Viscount or Viscountess

6. Baron or Baroness

A prince, meanwhile, is a title that simply means the son of a king. So unless Prince from Prussia is the heir to the throne, he's basically just a rich brat with no future and no real money of his own (think Prince Harry, Andrew, Edward). If you're a prince, you want to be a duke! That's why on their wedding day,  Queen Elizabeth II gifted William the Duke of Cambridge title and Harry the Duke of Sussex title. Before their dukedoms, they were literally just COOs or "child of the owner".

So again, the only prince who matters is the heir to the throne. And since Prince of Prussia said he planned to stay in London to raise his family, he is obviously not the heir.

Also, side note on Daphne's brother, Anthony, marrying her off to Nigel Berbrooke. That made no sense at all. Anthony is Viscount Bridgerton. Berbrooke is just a baron, a title lower than theirs. It's a terrible match because Daphne would've married below their status. So ridiculous. 

Which means the Duke of Hastings is the best choice. He has the better title, his own land, his own money, and - with no siblings - absolutely no one else to share all that fortune with. And if the Queen in the show has no children (and it doesn't look like she does), Hastings has a chance at the throne. Well, all the dukes in the kingdom will, er, duke it out first but he definitely has a chance. Which means Daphne has a chance to be Queen. So Hastings is the right choice.

That's all! 


  1. Love it, dami ko natutunan! But strip all the titles at kung ako si Daphne, Duke of Hastings pa din - sya pinahot hahaha!

    1. Ako gusto ko si Prince haha Yaman-yaman ni Hastings pero kailangan pa siyang sabihan ni Daphne na bigyan siya ng expensive flowers. Si Prince binigyan siya agad ng diamond necklace... na iniwan niya lang sa garden!!!

  2. I like this blog. very feel good lang :P

    1. Haha it's so nerdy nga! Full of information about British aristocracy. Hindi naman apektado buhay natin pinagaksayahanko ng panahon haha

  3. Wow, interesting! My kids are watching this but now I think I am going to watch it too. Haha

    1. Omigosh it's soft porn!!! Don't let them watch it haha

  4. If Daphne married Prince Friedrich of Prussia, it would have been considered a morganatic marriage since Daphne is a commoner while Friedrich is a prince of a reigning family. She would not become a princess of Prussia unless the King of Prussia will confer a title on her or elevate her. Also, the House of Hohenzollern will unlikely approve an unequal marriage.

    1. Oh! Isn't the sister of a viscount still considered an aristocrat?


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