Sunday, April 30, 2023

I like to imagine

Over the last few years, some dear Loyal Readers dropped messages in my inbox asking if I was ever going to talk about Papa because I said I would. I promised it in "When peace is a complicated thing," and maybe you should read that first because it will help you understand this post. 

Papa died in April 2019, and while I had peppered my blog with stories of how Papa and I had drifted apart in the last two decades of his life, I still thought I would feel his loss. People told me that I would regret our distance. That I would regret not trying harder. 

But I'd already tried. Talked, gave (how much I gave!), forgave, tried again. I was always trying because I felt that I owed that to him because he was my father, and that I owed it to Mama, who also always tried till the day she died. I found out later from my aunt that Mama regretted trying to make it work all the damn time. So that informed my decision to walk away later on when the straw finally broke the camel's back. 

That was the day when I visited him yet again with my little baby boys, and he just kept watching TV. Nakwento ko na ba ito? Anyway, there was a basketball game. He loved basketball. But I was there, and with his grandsons, too! Surely he loved us more? So I said, "Papa, look at your apos. Play with them. Or play the guitar. They love music! Get to know them. We're only here once a month, and they grow so fast." And Papa, without looking away from the TV, said, "I don't have to. I know all I need to know from your Facebook posts." 

I was shocked, but not surprised. I guess the shock was him saying that in front of my kids. I tried again. "But you know Facebook is just the highlight reel. Don't you want to know how we really are?"

And still not taking his eyes off his stupid basketball game, he said, "I'm okay with Facebook."

So I let him be okay with Facebook. He shared my sons' photos with gushing updates and his 5,000+ friends liked and commented, "You're such a great lolo! So blessed!" They never knew he never asked to see my sons, never even asked about them. Kahit text man lang na "Kumusta na ang mga bata?" wala. He went out of his way to see friends and relatives na mas malayo pa sa bahay ko, but my sons? No. Ni ha, ni ho, wala.

I can forgive anything done to me. But it's a different story when it comes to my kids. If you're not making an effort to get to know my kids, then they don't need to know you. It took me a long time to learn that I shouldn't force myself on friends, guys, jobs, situations. Kung ayaw, eh di huwag, diba? 

Why then should I force my children on people who don't care about them? My sons don't deserve that indignity. I say this with no anger at all. I'm over it frankly. Papa and I had forgiven each other before he died. Tapos na yun. But people ask what happened and here is the story. Now you know. It's sad. Some people say, "Para yun lang." It's not "yun lang" for me. Reject my kids, I reject you. Any good parent will do the same to protect their children. Even then, believe it or not, I have no anger or hate at all. Not even disappointment. I expected it after all.  

People still ask sometimes, "Do you miss him? Do you regret not having a relationship with your Papa?" And I know they want me to say I do. And you know what? I also wish I could say I do. 

Listen to this song. Remove the romance aspect of the lyrics and that's how I feel about Papa. 

I want it to hurt. I want to hurt so badly because that would mean I lost something so vital, it hurts to breathe. 

When Mama died, it truly felt like someone punched a hole through my chest. Until now, I whisper sometimes into the void, "I wish you could see me now, Mama. You'd be so proud of me." And I'd tell her about Vince, our perfect boys, my imperfect ways of mothering. I'd ask her did she feel as lost or as amazing as I do. I'd tell her my heart breaks when I realize she didn't have money many times, and I only understand the despair and fear now as a mother, too. And I come from a place of having enough when she raised us with barely enough to get by. I still talk to her, and for 15 years she hasn't talked back. I think I'll do this until we finally catch up in heaven.

But with Papa... I remember only one time when I cried. I was in a taxi. This was a few months after Papa died, still before the pandemic, and I was stuck in traffic. I saw another taxi idling by the curb on the other side of the street, the driver helping an old man load suitcases into the trunk. A young woman hurried to him with another bag. They both hugged like they'd never see each other again, and I knew she was flying off to work in another country. The taxi drove off (it wasn't traffic on that side of the road) and the old man stared after it for a long time. And that sad, longing, proud-parent smile broke me.

I never had that with Papa. When I left home, when I got married, when Mama died, when he left to live in Leyte, when my kids were born. Nothing. He was like, "Hey, this is it. So good luck." No joke, guys. Talagang wala lang talaga. I got more emotion and support for my life events from you, my blog readers, than from my own father. 

I don't hate him. I'm not even angry at him. After our talk at the hospital as he hovered near death, I realized he didn't know what to do with me or act around me. He felt inadequate as a man, a husband, and as a father. He was ashamed. And he was afraid. That's why he never even tried. I came away from our talk reeling because Papa was one of the funniest, smartest, incredibly charming, and unbelievably talented men that walked this earth. And he had a beautiful wife! And beautiful, talented children and grandchildren! How could he not possess the confidence and grace of one so gifted? 

I still feel this immense sadness for him, for Mama, and for my siblings. All the pain we went through! Sana nagalit na lang ako kasi I know how to deal with my anger. Kahit na ano pang laki ng liyab ng galit, nauubos din ito. But sadness is like the sea. And my sadness for this poor old man who lived his life in fear of disappointing everyone and so ended up disappointing everyone, who was so afraid to give so he took and took... My God, how my heart aches with sorrow for Papa! 

But does my heart ache for him? 

You know, I wish I missed him. I do. He doesn't occupy my thoughts unless people ask, and that so rarely. I miss the idea of a father. I see Vince being so involved in our sons' lives. I see Vince's dad swooping in when we need help. I see my friends doting on their daddies and their daddies still doting on them - note that my friends are middle-aged women like me! I read about God's provision, protection, and care for His children. And I miss that kind of fathering. And yet how can you miss something you never really had? 

So sometimes - not all the time, and only when I stare long enough at fathers being daddies - I like to imagine that things were different. 

I like to imagine that Papa cried at my wedding and gave an embarrassing speech that made everyone laugh and cry. I like to imagine he was there all the times I was pregnant, getting emotional that his daughter was now a mommy. I like to imagine loud Sunday lunches and my boys around their Lolo and his guitar on his knee and him singing to them in his wonderful voice. I like to imagine him giving me advice when I found marriage, motherhood, and life overwhelming and he'd say stuff like, "I wish your Mama could see you now. She'd be so proud of you."

I like to imagine he was proud of me.

The mind is a malleable thing and maybe my imaginings will turn into memories, which, though false, will be something I can hold on to. And maybe then I can finally grieve.

"I still love the people I've loved, even if I cross the street to avoid them." 
Uma Thurman

Friday, April 14, 2023

Twilight Photoshoots: Adding a Touch of Magic to Your Real Estate Portfolio

During the pandemic, I amused myself with dreams of moving out of our condo and living in a house far, far away from the crowded city. That means I spent a lot of time on property websites. So when I got a request to share this article on twilight photoshoots to improve the look of your real estate, I just had to do it, in case you guys are in the middle of selling your house and are thinking of ways to make your property look more appealing. 

* * * * * * *

This is Venice Canal. I first fell in love with it because of the tiny house of Whitney Leigh Morris. But she's moved to a farmhouse in France now. Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

As the sun goes down the horizon, the sky creates a magnificent palette of colors, casting a warm and enchanting glow on the surroundings. This magical time of day, known as twilight, provides the perfect setting for captivating real estate photos that can set your property apart. 

This post will explore the benefits of a twilight photoshoot (click this link for gorgeous photos!), the secrets behind capturing stunning images, and how to incorporate them into your real estate portfolio effectively.

The Allure of This Photoshoot

1. It sets your property apart

In the highly competitive world of real estate, standing out from the crowd is essential. Twilight photography has gained popularity among real estate agents as it showcases properties in a unique and memorable light.

2. It harnesses the power of emotion

When people browse through property listings, they look at a home's features and specifications and imagine themselves living there. Twilight photoshoots create an emotional connection with potential buyers by highlighting the beauty and charm of a property in a way that daytime photos simply cannot. The golden dusky hues of the time evoke feelings of comfort, serenity, and romance, transforming a house into a dream home in which buyers can envision themselves.

This definitely makes people want to relax - the perfect emotion you want prospective buyers to feel! Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

The Secrets to Capturing Breathtaking Images

1. Timing is everything

The key to capturing the perfect twilight image lies in timing. The optimal window for such photography is typically 20 to 40 minutes after sunset when the sky is still illuminated but not too bright. During this brief window, the sky's colors are most vibrant, and the artificial lights from the property create a harmonious balance with the natural light, accentuating the home's features.

2. Preparation and staging

Before the photoshoot, preparing and staging the property to showcase its best features is crucial. This includes turning on all interior and exterior lights and accent lighting. Ensure that the lawn is well-manicured, and consider adding seasonal decorations or outdoor furniture to create an inviting atmosphere.

3. Camera settings and techniques

Using a tripod is essential for such photography, as it allows for longer exposures and sharper images. To achieve the desired depth of field, use a smaller aperture (higher f-stop number), and adjust the ISO settings to minimize the image noise. Bracketing multiple exposures and blending them in post-processing can help retain details in both the highlights and shadows, resulting in a more dynamic final image.

Light and shadows add drama to an otherwise ordinary living room. Photo by Davide Colonna on Unsplash

Integrating Twilight Images into Your Real Estate Portfolio

1. Selecting the best images

Once you have captured a range of images, it's essential to select the best ones that showcase the property's unique features and create a strong emotional connection. 

2. Enhancing your marketing materials

Twilight images can be a powerful marketing tool when used strategically. Feature them prominently in your property listings, social media posts, and print materials, ensuring they work harmoniously with your other marketing efforts. 

3. Tracking the impact

To understand the effectiveness of incorporating twilight images into your real estate portfolio, monitoring key metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, and inquiries from potential buyers is crucial. Analyzing this data can provide valuable insights into the performance of your marketing efforts, allowing you to refine your strategy and make informed decisions about future investments in this photography. 

A plain-looking house can benefit from sunset lighting because it invokes the idea of coming to a comfortable home after a stressful day at school or work. Photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash

A twilight photoshoot can transform your real estate portfolio by adding a touch of magic and enchantment that captivates potential buyers. By understanding the benefits, mastering the techniques, and strategically incorporating twilight images into your marketing materials, you can elevate your property listings and stand out in the competitive world of real estate. 

*article written by Olivia Wiley

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

5 ways to support your child’s dreams

I got an article advising parents on ways to support your child's dreams and, being a mom of 3 myself, I decided to share it with my mama readers. I'll insert a few personal comments (in italics!) so watch for those. 

* * * * * * *
The boy in white is mine! Chess club is his passion!

No two children are exactly alike. While some might share common interests or hobbies, their personalities and set of skills and talents are unique to them. One child may be talented in athletics, while others may be more inclined toward the arts.

Parents have the power to create an environment that will allow their children to discover their talents and interests. Parents can encourage them, help them grow, and direct their steps so they can reach their full potential through these 5 ways.

1. Pay attention and provide hands-on experiences.

Studies show that learning is enhanced when children are given the opportunity to select what they want to pursue. One way to spark a love for learning is to help your child discover and explore activities that interest them.

Expose your child to different experiences and use that moment to discover what he or she loves. Take them out to see a play, to a mom-and-me baking session, or even to visit an aquarium or zoo. You’ll be surprised to discover new things about your child just through these simple activities.

This is true. While I would love for my kids to follow my dreams (haha), I resolved very early on that it's their life, their interests, and their purpose I will support. I'm here to guide them and be alert to their talents and passions. That's the first thing I'm supposed to do as a mama of a future whatever-he-wants-to-be, fully realized man!

2. Provide resources to hone your child's talents

Once you have discovered your child's inclinations, providing the necessary resources will help them grow to their utmost potential.

If your child is talented in photography, you can nurture his or her gift by letting them experiment with a toy camera or by trying out phone photography. Enrolling in a summer course may also help as your child will receive further guidance from a professional while making good use of their free time.

Sometimes, what your child wants isn't what you want. How many of us have horror stories of our parents forcing us to take up hobbies, classes, and courses we abhorred? Well, I almost became that parent, too. Remember when I blogged about how I made my son's dream come true? His dream was to become a gaming and coding vlogger. I didn't approve. But I paid for coding classes and helped set him up his YouTube channel. His Papa bought him his own laptop, too. Now he's taking advanced coding drawing classes. 

I don't really understand it but I've realized that sometimes I don't have to understand my child's dream. I just need to support it. Understanding may come later. It doesn't matter. What my child needs is my support.

3. Reinforce talent through praise and encouragement

Acknowledging your children’s talents gives them a sense of self-efficacy and encourages growth. By using praise, you are motivating your child to think positively about what he or she has accomplished. You are helping your child learn when they do well, and when to be proud of it.

Like I said, I don't understand but I fully support my kids' dreams and passions! Chess club? Okay! Piano? Okay! Books? Okay! Video games? Well... fine, I'll support it and I hope this makes you money one day haha. 

Of course, we don't just buy them everything they want. I've told them again and again that we will provide as long as they work hard. It's not enough that they're interested. I mean, I was interested in watercolor painting, too, during the pandemic. Bought paints, brushes, special paper. One month after my supplies came, I lost interest! So with my kids, I agree to buy them materials or classes but only after they've convinced me that this is more than just a passing fancy.
4. Know when to push and when to hold back

One of the most challenging things for parents is witnessing a child on the verge of giving up on something they love doing. Honing your child’s skills takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes it could also put an unnecessary burden on your child to be good at it right away.

Know when it’s time to encourage more and when it’s time to let go. If you feel your child is undergoing great amounts of stress and frustration, it could be time for you to assess and take control of the situation. After all, no pursuit of talent and skill should ever come before your child’s emotional and mental well-being.

I'm more relaxed at this compared to my husband. But I do push when time has passed and I see no improvement in skill. While I agree that no hobby, passion, or training should harm anyone's mental health, remember that I let them choose this. I didn't pressure them into something they didn't want so I expect them to show mastery or at least some progress in the activity they were certain they wanted to pursue. So I will let them have mental health day offs, but it's important that they don't give up. 

5. Prepare for and secure your child’s future

Every parent has an important responsibility to provide for their children's future and to encourage them to pursue as many of their interests and skills. Apart from the guidance they get at home, education plays a crucial role in honing your child. But sometimes, financial stability becomes a challenge in providing for your child’s educational needs. This is where planning ahead is important, not just to secure funds for tuition fees, but more importantly, to ensure that your child’s future is protected should anything happen to you.

We're done with this! As soon as we had babies, we made sure each of them had an insurance plan that will help them if something bad happens to us, if they want to use that money for a business or for a wedding, or if they choose to claim it for early retirement! 

One of the ways to prepare for your child’s education is to invest in a comprehensive insurance plan like MyLifeChoice for Education, a flexible insurance and investment plan from the leading insurance company, AXA Philippines.

With this plan, you can build your child’s education fund while having peace of mind with the plan’s life insurance coverage that lets you customize up to 25x your basic premium. It also comes with the Bright Rider Plus feature that provides yearly lumpsum payouts should you pass on, which can be used to co-fund your child’s tuition and other educational expenses.

It also comes with built-in accident coverage and a waiver of premium benefits, which means that you will receive cash benefits when you encounter injuries caused by an accident. In the event of permanent disablement, future premium payments will be waived so you can just focus on your recovery.

MyLifeChoice for Education also allows you to choose from a variety of professionally managed local and global funds that let you create a personalized portfolio that matches your investment profile. On the first day of your plan, you will also be rewarded with an additional investment amount via the Start-up Bonus, which is equal to 70% of your first-year basic premium. Potential gains will be added to your savings at the end of policy years 10, 15, and 25 when you invest in the long term with no withdrawals, missed payments, or payment breaks.

“As with all caring adults, education is a crucial stage to develop a child's interests and build them up for their future careers. While this may take time and substantial resources, this is where your trusted insurance partner, AXA Philippines, comes in. Through our MyLifeChoice for Education product, you are empowered to pursue your goals and those of your children with peace of mind,” said Nandy Villar, AXA Philippines Chief Customer Officer.

For more information or to get a personalized quote, visit

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Celebrating ME!

Happy Women's Month! It's been a very busy month for me - as a wife, mommy (this role is neverending), sister, working woman, and biological woman (yep, went to see my gynecologist!) ❤️ 

8 AM selfie at the office!

All month I've been seeing special women everywhere being celebrated. The important kind of woman. You know, CEOs, presidents, big positions with big bucks attached. And yes, I fully, wholeheartedly agree women like that need to be visible and celebrated so that little girls and young women can aspire to be more and older women can appreciate the power and influence a woman can achieve and yield. This is important. 

But I also want to honor women who aren't big guns, but are making small and great changes every day with their marriages, children, families, workplaces, and communities. You know, women like me! And you! I want to honor and celebrate me. And you! For getting up every day, even though there is no public acclaim for the invisible work that we do. Except on Mother's Day!😜

I'm not putting myself down by saying I'm unimportant. That's not true. I'm very valuable. Just ask my husband and kids! I've made a difference in many people's lives. Just ask my dear Loyal Readers!

In fact, I'm very proud of myself. I never thought I'd end up here - with a loving husband that I adore and with three incredible sons who adore me! I have a career rooted in words, and with a blog and a book that have influenced many, many women. It's not a huge career. I'm still not filthy rich. I'm still not famous. Then again, superstar, super rich and famous was never the goal so I know why that hasn't happened. Yes, I believe if I really wanted that, I could achieve it but that has never been what I wanted. What I do have now is more than enough, more than the little girl that I was ever imagined.

I realized in the middle of this month for women that I'm the kind of woman my younger self looked up to. I may not be what a lot of people like - I can be too much, I can be not enough - but I'm what 13-year-old me, 18-year-old me, and 22-year-old me hoped to know and wanted to be. Ain't that grand? And I'm just so happy knowing I didn't disappoint those young girls that I used to be. They were searching so badly for a role model and because there were none (hence the importance of celebrating women achievers!), I molded myself into the woman I always wanted to be. And I turned out even better than all the versions of me hoped and dreamed!

Oh, wait. Okay, fine. Not one of the younger versions of me wanted to be a wife and mommy! They'd writhe in horror if they knew, but have I got a story to tell them! But I won't tell young me. Some stories need to be lived. Some lessons need to be learned. Some destinies need to be stumbled upon. And sometimes the path you avoid is the path that leads you to where you're meant to be 🥰

I'm a happy, fulfilled woman. And yet I know that I still haven't reached my full potential. It's not that I'm unsatisfied. I've done more than young me ever thought I was capable of! But the older me, the me now, knows I can still do more! 

I'm only 46.

I'm already 46. 

More books to write? New roles to take on? New paths to discover? I'm so open to the possibilities!

It's so exciting to be in a marriage, in a time, and in a world that I created so painstakingly, that allows me to withdraw and expand myself whenever I need to. So many women - in this day and age - still don't have choices. 

And I hope women like us - women who broke free of generational curses, women who broke the mold we were placed in, women who fought to be what their younger selves dreamed to be - can keep telling our stories and claiming our spaces. We may not be hugely successful in the eyes of the world but we overcame so much to be where we are today. And we need to celebrate that!

Happy Women's Month! May you be the woman your younger self will want to be!

Monday, March 06, 2023

6 Best Luxury Hotels Recommendations in Sentosa Island

I have many happy memories of Singapore. It's possibly my favorite city in the world after Manila. It's like London (my third favorite city) but tropical like Manila. And everything is just a thousand times better when the weather is summer all year round! And, like, Manila, the food and shopping is sooo good! That's Singapore! I still use the pewter bowl I made at Royal Selangor as my catchall for my everyday jewelry. Every time I take off my earrings and rings, I remember Singapore. So now that my boys are vaccinated against COVID-19, I'm hoping we could go to Singapore soon! 

So here's a thorough guest article on Singapore hotels in Sentosa. Sentosa is a 500-hectare island located off the south coast of Singapore and a very popular tourist attraction. Previously, Sentosa was a British military stronghold tasked with protecting the port of Singapore. After the Japanese Occupation in World War II, Singapore returned to British rule, and the island was named "Sentosa" which translates to "peace and tranquility".

If you want to enjoy nature tourism, you can visit Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach. Here you can relax or play on the beach at a very affordable cost. Apart from that, you can also visit Fort Siloso which is a war fort built in the 19th century. Here you can see various war equipment used at that time and get to know more about the history of Singapore.

Don't forget to visit the Sentosa Merlion, one of the famous symbols of Sentosa Island. Here you can see the Merlion statue which is located right on the beach with a beautiful view. Apart from that, you can also visit Tiger Sky Tower, one of the largest amusement parks on Sentosa Island. Here you can climb the tower which is at a height of 110 meters and enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the tower.

On Sentosa Island, there are also many accommodations such as hotels and resorts. You can find many Sentosa hotels that offer great services and facilities. Below are recommendations for several hotels on Sentosa Island that you can try. Check out the full reviews below.
Hotels For Holiday Trip in Sentosa Island

1. Resorts World Sentosa – Hard Rock Hotel

The first hotel recommendation on Sentosa Island is the ideal luxury hotel, Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa Singapore, the right choice for travelers like you.

This resort is directly integrated with Sentosa Island. It's also close to Universal Studios, Jurassic World, aquarium attractions, and so on. The facilities provided at this resort include spacious and comfortable rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a spa, a fitness center, and a restaurant serving international cuisine.

Around this resort, there are also many entertainment venues, such as playgrounds, maze parks, and water parks. In addition, this resort also provides water sports activities, such as jet skiing, water soccer, and so on.

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway 098269 Singapore

2. Shangri-La Singapore

This beachside resort will enliven your vacation even more. The rooms at this resort are elegantly designed, comfortable, and equipped with the best facilities. You can choose a room with a sea or garden view, according to your preference.

At this resort, you can also enjoy various interesting activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing, or fishing. You can also enjoy the nightlife on the beach, or try delicious dishes at the restaurants in this resort.

If you want to enjoy a quieter atmosphere, you can visit the spa at this resort. Here, you can enjoy various treatment packages that will make you feel refreshed after having a great holiday.

Address: Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, 101 Siloso Road. 098970 Singapura

3. Capella Singapore

Guests staying at this 5-star hotel will be offered a choice of comfortable and luxurious rooms. There are standard rooms, suite rooms, and executive rooms which are all equipped with the expected amenities.

The hotel also has fun recreational facilities, such as an outdoor swimming pool, spa, and fitness center. For dinner, guests can enjoy delicious food at the hotel's famous restaurant with international cuisine.

For those wishing to hold a business event, this 5-star hotel also provides spacious meeting rooms complete with presentation facilities. In addition, guests can also enjoy free wifi service throughout the hotel.

Address: 1 The Knolls Sentosa Island, Sentosa Island, 098297 Singapura

4. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa is a 5-star hotel offering beautiful views of the South China Sea. In addition, this hotel also provides spa services that will pamper you after a day of work or relaxing at the beach. The rooms at this hotel are also quite spacious and so luxurious, and equipped with modern facilities such as a flat-screen television and speedy internet access.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the sea, you can visit the beach around the hotel which is famous for its fine white sand. You can also enjoy water activities such as snorkeling.

Visit the shopping center which is located not far from the hotel. In addition, there are many tourist attractions that can be visited around the hotel, such as Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A. Aquariums, and many more.

Address: 2 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa (Sentosa Island) 099891 Singapura

5. Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

The next recommended resort on Sentosa Island is Amara Sanctuary. This hotel has the best service and facilities for every guest.

The facilities available at Amara Sanctuary are a fitness center, spa, restaurant, and outdoor swimming pool. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery around this resort from the rooms that are open to the entire resort.

This resort also provides a wide range of stay package options, from weekend packages to honeymoon packages. If you are looking for a romantic place for a vacation with your partner, Amara Sanctuary can be the right choice.

Address: 1 Larkhill Road, Sentosa, Sentosa Island, 099394 Singapore.

6. Oasia Resort Sentosa By Far East Hospitality Singapore (formerly Le Méridien Singapore)

This 5-star hotel has many facilities ranging from a fitness center, and swimming pool, to a restaurant. Not only that, but Oasia Resort Sentosa also has spacious and comfortable rooms and is equipped with complete facilities such as a flat-screen TV, internet access, minibar, and so on. Guests staying at this hotel will also be pampered with friendly and professional service from the hotel staff.

Oasia is perfect for tourists who want to enjoy their holidays with luxurious facilities and services. In addition, the hotel's location close to tourist attractions makes this hotel the right choice for tourists who want to explore the area. So, if you want to stay in a hotel that has the best facilities and services, then this hotel is the right choice for you.

Address: 23 Beach View, Sentosa, Sentosa Island, 098679 Singapore

Those are some recommendations for star hotels on Sentosa Island. Find various other hotel options on Traveloka. On Traveloka, you can also find recommendations for tourist attractions on Sentosa Island. Visit Traveloka now to get various attractive promos and discounts.