Saturday, March 23, 2024

ChatGPT designed my house

I love ChatGPT. It's like my personal assistant. "Research this for me. Compute this for me. Make an outline for me." And now I asked it to decorate my house! My prompt was describing the bones of each room first, colors that can't be undone (like my seafoam green headboard and green bathroom tiles). And then I gave it instructions on what I want for each room. And here's the result!

A little too brown and gray, but I love everything else. Maybe I'll choose a navy blue or forest green sofa. Can't go with white because I have sons.

Sooo pretty! I like that pale yellow, so elegant.

The prompt for this was to use blue wallpaper with florals and birds because I still have that gorgeous Photowall wallpaper that until now I haven't used!

ChatGPT couldn't get what I wanted here. I prompted it to design a bedroom with 3 bunk beds like the ones I blogged about here: Decor Ideas for 3 Kids Sharing a Small Room. But it tried and tried and the rooms kept getting weirder hahaha So this is the best one of its attenpts.

And here's our bedroom! I love it! A bit too green and fancy so I'll maybe go with a cream wall. Remember when I designed a room to win that headboard? That was so fun and exciting. I'm so proud of winning that!

Then here's its rendition of our common bathroom. Believe me, this is the best it can come up with. Not happy with it but, hey, ChatGPT is not an interior designer haha

And here's the design it came up with for our master's bathroom. So gold and fluffy!

Now, with AI, there's always something off. Like 3 toilets in the green bathroom. Or the toilet with a throw pillow in the shower in the gold bathroom. Or the ladder in the bunk bed. Here's a peek at the process:

Well, that was fun and I wanted to show you since you, my dear Loyal Readers, moved in with me when I was newly married and making a home. I think ChatGPT got some good ideas but I won't be going with any of them, except maybe that pale yellow paint in the kitchen!

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  1. i stopped using ChatGPT when it required a log in. seems one can use it without one again so here i go!


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