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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I want bangs again

I was watching Channel V and saw Taylor Swift's video, "Begin Again," and totally fell in love with all her dresses. All of them. I'm in the middle of revamping my wardrobe and I think I've found my style peg.

I think, because of Taylor, I also want bangs again.
image from's story on bangs

Now before you say that my hair peg shouldn't be a kid, I also want to say I watched Iron Man 3 last night and I want Pepper Potts's bangs, too. Bangs can be pulled off by glamorous, powerful women, too! I've liked Pepper's hair since the first movie—the red, the bangs. Here's Pepper in the second movie—shorter hair but still blunt fringe. 
image from

I used to have bangs actually. I loved them! But they are very high maintenance. You always have to blow dry them so that they are full and you always have to put product so that they stay put. Clearly, with my hectic schedule as a work-at-home mommy with no maids and yayas, bangs are not a good idea. 

But looking at this old photo from 2008, I kinda think I'm ready for a makeover. Even Vince approves of the look! Should I go for the snip? 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Never ever ever ever!!!

I like Taylor Swift's new song, "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together." At my age, of course I can't relate to it haha. But I like Taylor. She spills her guts all over her songs the way I spill mine all over my blogs. Plus, she can write really catchy tunes!

Here are two videos of her song. Here's the one starring her:

And here's the one that's just all words, which makes it really easy to sing along to:

I like the lyrics video better! I love words. Taylor is easy on the eyes but I like the way words look better.

Which one do you like?

UPDATE: This song is about Jake Gyllenhaal, y'all!!!