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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Game of Thrones on the cello

I cried. It's so good! And I miss #GoT.

Put your volume on full blast and take a listen.

My brother, Theodore, who is the cellist (and big boss) of Manila String Machine (the hottest string quartet in the country!!!), also have #GoT on their repertoire but they should totally do a video like this!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Climbing walls

Thought of my Vince when I watched this video. When I met my husband, he had long hair, wore puka shells around his neck, and was ripped from his neck, arms, back, butt, thighs and legs. I think maybe even his toes had muscles haha. He was a mountain climber. And a wall climber. And all he wore were tie-dyed shirts and pants. And North Face.

Babe, I'd have loved to see you shop in this store. I'm sure you'd have shown me some moves! Mwah!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy 27th birthday, Dirty Dancing!

Because this soundtrack is one of the very first (I think it actually may be the first) that I bought on cassette tape! I loved this movie so much!

I just don't know how Born-Again, 10-year-old me got to watch this movie, though. First, that title. Second, the abortion sub-plot. Third, Baby (Grey) was 16 in this movie. Does that make the love scene between her and Johnny (Swayze) statutory rape?!

Thank goodness I was just 10 when I saw this movie. I didn't have to overthink it!

Found out from HuffPost today that this iconic dance pose was done just one time because Jennifer Grey was too scared to do it. One take! So that's why her face was like all thrilled and happy after the lift. It wasn't acting anymore!

One thing HuffPost forgot to mention is how Grey and Swayze absolutely hated each other. Well, I'd never have thought that!

Ok, now I'm LSS-ing on "Time of My Life." I still love that song after all these years. And now more than ever, it applies to every aspect of my life!

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Sleepy, sad music

I'm 38 weeks pregnant. That means I'm exhausted and excited and sleepy and can't sleep. So I'm listening to Bread to relax me before I go to sleep.

The sadness of the surprise at the end. So heartbreaking!

The longing and wistfulness of his voice and the devoted love when he sings, "If I can't have the one I want, I'd do without the best." That's selflessness. That's real love.

Right after my Mama died, this played in a taxi I was riding and I wept, yes, wept right in that taxi. The driver just looked at me and asked, "Ma'am, boyfriend?" I said, "Hindi po. Namatay nanay ko." And he nodded and said, "Masakit talaga yan."

"And when my love for life is running dry, you come and pour yourself on me." I always think of Vince when I hear this line. Always.

Good night!

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Thursday, June 05, 2014

"What just happened?!"

It's Thursday so I am hoping every Game of Thrones fan has seen the mind-blowing episode that was the "Red Viper vs The Mountain." At our home, our reaction was similar to this:

I'm still in shock.

Someone on Facebook shrieked on her status, "Will there be more shocking deaths this season?! I can't take it anymore!" Well, I'll say this: Tywin and Cersei made a huge mistake going against Tyrion.

As Jesus said in Matthew 12:25, "Every kingdom divided against itself is destroyed, and no town or house divided against itself will stand."

House Lannister has always stood proud and powerful but now that it has gone against itself, it's only a matter of time. Only a matter of time. Can't wait for the next episode!!!
*image from The Atlantic

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Women, we've come a long way... but we're not there yet

I was at a lunch hosted by P&G Beauty at Manila Polo Club. They were celebrating Women's Month (yes, March is Women's Month!). It was a small party for magazine editors, newspaper journalists, editors of lifestyle websites, and then there was little old blogger me.

I haven't been attending events the whole of 2013 (save for a few blog advertiser events because, well, I had to attend those!). It was my first year to be a stay-at-home mom and a full-time blogger. I tried working as a freelance writer and newspaper columnist, too, but, boy, I realized I can't juggle too many things after all. Something's bound to suffer, and I've since accepted that I am happier and more effective if I just slooooow down and just relish my awesome life! It won't be this slow forever (I doubt I'll be a housewife all my life) so I will enjoy this phase while it lasts.

(But it was still kinda nice to see old friends again!)
Big perk of being pregnant? Everyone wants to give up their chair for you, so that's how I ended up sitting between P&G's Country Communications Leader Clint Navales and super host Issa Litton.

The lunch was P&G's way of picking the brains of the media, especially the women of media who create media for women. P&G said they did a nationwide survey of Filipinas from all socio-economic backgrounds and found these surprising beliefs:

  • Women believe that men should still get the higher paying job. In fact, between a man and a woman with the same intelligence and credentials, women think the job should still go to the man. WHY? Because men are the breadwinners so they should get more opportunities and more money.
  • Women also think that, for the same job, it's okay for men to earn more than women, and to get promoted faster. WHY? Same reason as above.
  • Women use beauty products not to attract and keep men, but to hide their age. WHY? Because young girls want to appear older while mature women want to stay looking, I dunno, 25 maybe! Just reinforces the issue that women are ashamed of their age!
  • Men are hired and promoted for their potential, women for their experience. WHY? Women need to prove they can do the job. Men just need to show up.

There were actually more but I'm reeling. I am in total shock. It's the 21st century and the Philippines is a modern country but apparently our beliefs are still medieval.

I am living in a bubble.

Dear readers, I don't think we women should subjugate men. Neither do I think women are the superior sex. I just believe that we should be given the same opportunities, the same rights, the same accolades, the same encouragement and support, the same appreciation. I'm lucky to be married to a feminist who encouraged me to pursue my ambitions and then respected my choice to be a full-time mom when I decided on that. He never put me down or put me in my place or told me I can't do things because I'm a woman. I hope all men can be like my Vince and all women can have a dad or husband or mentor or friend like Vince!

Don't let anything hold you back, ladies!

Let's celebrate Women's Month by destroying the boundaries and beliefs that hold us back!

* * * * * * *
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


This was all over Facebook today but I'm blogging it so I can always have it to remind me that Vince and I also were strangers when he and I met, then talked on a hotel rooftop in the chilly Baguio night, and finally melted into a kiss that sealed our fate 15 years ago.

I didn't even really know his name. When my Papa asked me if I met anyone at the writing workshop, I said, "Well, there was this guy. His name is Vince Salas or something. Basta Vince."

"Is he someone special?"

I stopped for a while, thinking of the kiss. "Yes. Yes, he is. Possibly. Not sure yet. But we finish each other's sentences. That's something, right?"

And Papa said real quietly before he said good night, "Well, you better ask him his name again. You just might end up with it."

* * * * * * *
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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Belle used to be my favorite Disney Princess

Till she went all ghetto!

Funny how the girls and trannies said Belle was a chocolate chaser, which apparently they looked down on. I wonder why! Love is love is love, right? Then I realized that in the Disney movie, Belle was in a relationship with a Beast. Er.

Hope you're enjoying your Wednesday, y'all!

* * * * * * *
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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Telekinetic powers anyone?

Loved the book. Loved the movie. Loved this promotional prank vid, too! Kinareer grabe!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kung Fu Divas

I've met Marian Rivera several times and she's super mataray but super maganda talaga. Hindi naman ako galit sa kanya kasi kung ganun ako kaganda and ang daming nakatitig sa akin 24/7, siguro maiirita rin ako nang wagas.

I used to watch her show, yung waitress siya, Tweets for my Sweet ba yun? Anyway, she's really super funny! She has that rare gift of comedic timing. Madali lang mag-drama; mahirap mag comedy. Plus, she's one of those even rarer Pinoy celebs who support charities and help the less fortunate. So kahit na natatarayan ako kay Marian, sobrang respect naman ako sa ganda, compassion and talent niya.

So when I saw this trailer on my Facebook feed, I decided I wanted to watch this!

Marian's sooo pretty! Pati si Ai Ai delas Alas actually, maganda here. And their chemistry is perfect. I haven't watched a Pinoy movie in a long time (lack of time and interest) but Kung Fu Divas promises to be a hit! Who's watching???

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yes, it's been waaaaaay toooo long, HIMYM.

Plus, I feel bad for the Mother. She has one season to make everyone fall in love with her. And it wasn't love at first sight for any of us last season.
image source

Good luck, Mother! I love Ted Mosby. Please make me believe you deserve him!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Can't Fight This Feeling: The song of my life

Back to the 80s. That's my mood last weekend. I actually wanted to do a full post on My Top 10 Favorite 80s Songs (The Search is Over, Right Here Waiting, Bizarre Love Triangle, Always on My Mind, In My Dreams!!!) but I realized I liked waaaay too many songs from that period. It's an impossible task! They don't write songs like those anymore. Lyrics are very important to me. I'm a writer. I really pay attention to the words and the 80s was the best decade for music and lyrics.

REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feeling is the song I sing to my baby IƱigo. It's a funny lullaby, sure, but that was what worked when I was desperately snatching songs from my memory one nap time. It's one of my most favorite songs. It's also the story of my life.

I've always run away from commitment. I never wanted to get married. Never wanted to have kids. Ask all my friends—they always initiated the friendship; I'm never the one to say hi first. I always need to be convinced that I want friends and I want love. I'm so glad and grateful that Vince and my friends and my sons prove to me every day how wrong I am to be so afraid.

Thank you so much for being the candle in the window. I'm finally finally home.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Mad Men cast dance to Daft Punk

Joannie sure can move that luscious body!
Pete and Trudy. Sigh! Stupid Pete. You had the perfect wife!
I've totally forgotten about Pete and Peggy.
They all look so young!
Don Draper. You didn't dance but you were still unforgettable.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Living on a free tank of gas!

I'm sure you've seen this super fun prank but I can't stop watching it so you might as well watch it, too! It just brightens up anyone's day!

Gotta love people who are game for anything, right? With the high price of gas these days, I do believe people would do anything for a free full tank of the stuff. But these two amazing people should get even more just for being so fabulously entertaining!

Vince said as he watched the video, "You know what they say: Behind every successful man is a woman laughing hysterically." I love this couple!

Happy Monday!

P.S. Speaking of free gas, I'd like to thank Pilipinas Shell for sponsoring our gasoline. We really do love the racing fuel!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I want bangs again

I was watching Channel V and saw Taylor Swift's video, "Begin Again," and totally fell in love with all her dresses. All of them. I'm in the middle of revamping my wardrobe and I think I've found my style peg.

I think, because of Taylor, I also want bangs again.
image from's story on bangs

Now before you say that my hair peg shouldn't be a kid, I also want to say I watched Iron Man 3 last night and I want Pepper Potts's bangs, too. Bangs can be pulled off by glamorous, powerful women, too! I've liked Pepper's hair since the first movie—the red, the bangs. Here's Pepper in the second movie—shorter hair but still blunt fringe. 
image from

I used to have bangs actually. I loved them! But they are very high maintenance. You always have to blow dry them so that they are full and you always have to put product so that they stay put. Clearly, with my hectic schedule as a work-at-home mommy with no maids and yayas, bangs are not a good idea. 

But looking at this old photo from 2008, I kinda think I'm ready for a makeover. Even Vince approves of the look! Should I go for the snip? 

Monday, November 19, 2012

This is what I'll do today

I wish!

Start of the week and I'm already drowning in my to-do list. Initially, I thought I'd be absolutely free today (today of all days!). But, nope, I have tons to do. In order of urgency, here's what I need to do today:

  1. Buy food! We actually have a fully stocked everything except there's no meat, vegetables and rice in the house! 
  2. Go to the bank for some OTC transactions.
  3. Sort dirty laundry and send out to laundromat (yes, I'm the one who does this!).
  4. Write an article for a parenting magazine.
  5. Unpack the bags from our mini getaway in Tagaytay this weekend.
  6. Organize the stuff I brought home from the office.
  7. Re-sked a dentist appointment.

Then I seriously need to fulfill some blogging promises I made to people and brands who have generously sent me goodies. The list is long and I don't know if I'll ever get this done!

How's your Monday like? No matter what you plan today, remember to smile and thank God that your busy life means it's a blessed one. I know I complain a lot but I'm actually really grateful. For one thing, despite all of the stuff I have to do, at least I don't have to go to the office! How lucky am I?

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Lunch with Jericho Rosales and a lesson on judgment

I had lunch with Jericho Rosales last week. He's the new face of Collezione C2 and I'll talk more about that on Beauty For A Living. Meanwhile, let me confess: I've had a crush on Echo since he and Kristine Hermosa were a love team. When was that? More than a decade ago? Basta Pangako Sa 'Yo years. Since then, after immersing myself in work and marriage and motherhood, I've stopped following his career.

So I was so surprised at how thrilled I was when he kissed my cheek and joined us for lunch. He sat a mere two seats away!

He's polite, charming, smart, articulate. Oh, and soooo gwapo! And I like that he said, "I'm 33," just like that. Some stars, heck, a lot of people never confess their age. I find that I don't like people who are ashamed of/lie about their age haha.

But the reason I liked Echo even more was his passion for his cause: bringing awareness and putting an end to human trafficking. He said that humans that are trafficked are a commodity that never loses its value—that's why it's a billion-dollar business. A baby may be sold to childless couples. Kids can be used for labor, for begging and stealing, and even for sex. Teens are used the same way. Adults for cheap labor and sex slavery, and old people are for begging. It's horrible.

Echo produced a movie that will highlight the problem. Yep, human trafficking is huge here in the Philippines. I only found that out when I visited UNICEF recently. So I am so happy that a celebrity is using his clout and doing something about it.

And to think Echo used to be like this:

Aminin! Natawa kayo! He's definitely come a long way. A lot of us, I'm sure, hardly ever make an impression on others. Maybe it's because we're not pretty enough, smart enough, rich enough, tall enough, skinny enough, old enough. We don't have the right background, the right connections, the right clothes, the right accent. But that doesn't mean we can't ever make a difference. Just look at that silly young man in that video. He sure proved himself alright. He sure did.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Never ever ever ever!!!

I like Taylor Swift's new song, "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together." At my age, of course I can't relate to it haha. But I like Taylor. She spills her guts all over her songs the way I spill mine all over my blogs. Plus, she can write really catchy tunes!

Here are two videos of her song. Here's the one starring her:

And here's the one that's just all words, which makes it really easy to sing along to:

I like the lyrics video better! I love words. Taylor is easy on the eyes but I like the way words look better.

Which one do you like?

UPDATE: This song is about Jake Gyllenhaal, y'all!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Funny girl!

This video has been making the rounds on Facebook. I tried not to watch it for fear it may be one of those porn spam everyone's been freaking about (Well, can you blame me? The screen cap showed a really sexy woman!). But after dozens upon dozens of recommendations from FB friends, I watched it and had a good giggle. Meet Ashleyslips:

I love her funny accent and her sense of humor. But I'm totally loving her body! So gorgeous in that bandage dress, which is, by the way, not a hot trend anymore after having been worn to death everywhere. Sad since I was dreaming of wearing one (with chandelier earrings, charm bracelets and sexy heels!) after I got a curvier body, but then I got pregnant. Anyway, back to Ashleyslips. My goodness, those armpits! Some deodorant brand should get her as a model--her pits are perfect!

Since I've only gone dancing twice in my entire life--in 2003 at Malate with Vince (quite hotly!), and in 2005 at Embassy with my friend Kate--I couldn't really relate (though I did find her funny). So I checked out her other videos. While I didn't watch No Other Woman, I find this parody of that silly movie hilarious!

I'm spending the evening watching her other videos. I just know I'll have funny dreams tonight, although I hope I don't wake up with her accent!

Monday, September 05, 2011