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Friday, July 12, 2013

Topaz Fashion: Behind the scenes of Peter Cincotti's Madeline

He's cute. I like how skinny sexy he is. I like skinny sexy guys. I like passionate skinny sexy guys. Most of all, I like passionate skinny sexy guys who are well dressed. And skinny sexy Peter Cincotti is dressed in Tod's.
Leather jacket

Suede jacket

My Colors leather woven bracelet

Gommino loafers

All of those yummy Tod's goodies will look good on my skinny sexy Vince! Must visit the Tod's at Greenbelt 4 and Rustan's Shangri-la soonest! I'll check out the D Bag, too, teehee. Have a happy weekend!

*Photos courtesy of Visions & Expressions

Friday, May 25, 2012

Yep, I STILL want something from Tod's

I've made it no secret that I want a Tod's D Bag. But as I said on my blog post here, the too simple design is making me hesitate. I mean, don't you want something more spectacular for 70,000 pesoses!

So Tod's came out with these goodies for their Spring/Summer 2012 collection!
This D Bag comes in snakeskin, which will look really good with...
... these matching Gommino driving shoes!

Or if you're not the matchy-matchy type (I'm not),
try these driving shoes in bright colors.

I love the color orange and this D Bag in bright citrus
and rough textured leather is love!
The perfect shoe with that orange bag? This heeled lovely in
smooth buttery leather!

But since I'm a mommy now and I run after a toddler, these penny loafers
are better for me. Except that I am so not the loafers type! 
So if I must go with practical flats, then I should go wild with the bags!
Just look at these luscious colors and skins!

So there. After all this time, I'm still lusting after anything Tod's. Well, a Tod's D Bag more than anything else since I don't drive so I don't need their iconic driving shoe nor am I the loafer-type (but Tod's does have adorable ballerina flats!).

Anyway, Vince keeps telling me to just end my misery and go buy a bag already (and if I remember right, every year, the Italian brands at Greenbelt 4 go on a mega sale). But I keep feeling guilty over that price tag. I think I need more blogging raket and eBay sales to finance my Tod's obsession!

*photos courtesy of Visions & Expressions