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Monday, February 18, 2013

Floral print obsession

Every Spring-Summer, the floral print debuts on the runways as THE fashion trend. And every year, I'm always fascinated. But I never actually buy! My closet hardly ever has prints now. Back in my 20s, all my clothes featured prints, stripes being a favorite. Then after I got pregnant in 2010, I found myself wearing solid-color clothes, mostly black and gray. How on earth did I become so boring? It is time I start snapping up clothes with the colorful floral print!

My current obsession: the floral jacket and floral denim.

I actually didn't care for the floral denim. I remember smirking when I was seeing lots of it on OK! magazine, which I used to edit. I mean, really. Floral pants. So 90s! And if it isn't skinny enough, it will look like pyjamas! But Olivia Palermo changed that for me.

Image from Social Bliss

Image from Style.Love.Repeat.

So now I need floral pants, too!

I just find them a little scary. After all, if I don't look good in a floral jacket, I can always take it off. Can't do the same with my pants! But, okay, okay, I will try it! Dare me so I will actually feature florals on Topaz Fashion!