Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello, my new readers!

I'm greeting all the new people popping by my blog. Yes, new blood! Was checking my blog's stats today and was pleasantly surprised to find that I'm now getting close to a thousand visitors a day!
Click to enlarge so you'll see that the highlighted
part says I got more than 900 visitors last week!

That's an average of 800 unique visits and 1,300 page views daily. Not bad, not bad. My goal is a thousand visitors a day. I've been told that once you hit a thousand, the blog grows exponentially thereafter.

My Google Page Rank has also gone up. I don't exactly know what PR means. It's not about popularity, I read, since most sites score a 3. A high PR rank means your blog has more value to Google. What does that mean?!

Topaz Horizon scored a 4. I'm impressed! I don't know what I'm doing but I must be doing something right!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Our summer weekend at Cebu's wondrous Shangri-la Mactan

Summer is definitely over because today I dusted off the leather jacket and checked twice if I brought my umbrella. I don't mourn the end of summer because I've always been a rainy kind of gal, the fatter the raindrops, the louder the thunder, the better. Of course, it's best with a really thick book!

But I can't say I didn't enjoy the sun this year, especially since we have a little boy now. And, oh, how he loved our trip to Shangri-la Mactan!

We went there with Vito's entire Sales family (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and swam and ate and slept to our hearts' content. I won't show the photos of Vito's cousins here since they're all of school age but since Vito is too young to protest, let me show off my handsome boy's pics!
Vince shows Vito the jumbo jet we're about to board.
It's Vito's first plane ticket!
Vito's first plane ride was a smooth flight.
The baby was absolutely delighted with the huge bed!
He kept exploring it. Vince, I guess we need a bigger bed!
See how excited he is?!
The little guy inspects the big garden. "Green, Mama! What is all that green?!"
Vito's first beach encounter!
He hated the sand. He's like me! 
Poor darling was so upset whenever his feet touched the sand!
Mama had to comfort him.
Good thing the pool was a success! 
Where did you go this summer?

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Living the Bench lifestyle

This is not a sponsored post but maybe Bench will read this and then they'll start sponsoring me! Hehe. So anyway, I'm writing this because Bench sent me a photo that they asked me to post on my blog. Because I live a Bench lifestyle, I agreed. But first, let me tell you about my love affair with Bench.

From Mothercare, I have...
Vito's crib
his rocker onesies and bibs (see next pic)

From Dimensione, we have throw pillows, place mats, picture frames, a porcelain garden stool and...
our red egg chair
my white chandelier
our love seat
my pink tree

From Bench, we have underwear and...
my tank tops!

From Charles & Keith, I have shoes and...
all my sunglasses!

From Aldo, I have shoes and leather cleaners and...
my sun hat!

From Bench Fix, we get Vince's haircuts and my eyebrows threaded. I use all the points from my Bench Lifestyle card on haircuts and eyebrow threading! Ate Carmen from the Galleria branch is the best eyebrow threader ever! Even better than the expensive ones in Brow Haus who thread off the skin, too! Ate Carmen is so gentle and your brows look so perfect after. Sigh. Must go back this week.

Anyway, so when Bench asked me to post a photo on my blog of an upcoming exciting project, of course I agreed! Here it is:

The photo is such a mystery! What do you think? Is Bench really going to open a shop on Mars or do those floating objects give a clue? A piano, a fedora and shades. Mars. Hmmm!