Wednesday, August 08, 2012


My blogs are now as simple and as clean as possible.

I'm having a major weirded-out feeling when I look at them. So far, the new look, which I applied on all three blogs, is working for Beauty For A Living, but for this blog and Topaz Mommy... I'm still adjusting to the starkness.

I'm planning a redesign next year. Something simple but pretty. Clean. Grown up.

Talking to a really talented artist right now. Just waiting for her price quotation. Crossing my fingers I can afford her!

So please bear with the super simple look. It's kinda nice, I think. The photos stand out like crazy!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

What soundtrack goes with this great photo?

The Philippine Red Cross has already deployed the amphibian rescue vehicles! And they are kickass! I feel hope and pride looking at this photo. Kailangan niya ng soundtrack!

Here are some suggestions from my friends on Facebook and Twitter:

From Vince: Voltes V

From Pyro Wanoy: Indiana Jones

From @touringkitty: Darth Vader Imperial March

From Vince again: A-Team

Stay warm and dry and safe, dear Manila! Help is on its way. Praying for us all.

Monday, August 06, 2012

My secret to looking good

It's very simple really. I put curlers in my hair and slap on some makeup (more here)! Usually I look crazy like this:

Haha, yes, that's my son, Vito. Anyway, that's how I usually look like but when I have to go out of the house, I make an effort to run a brush through my hair and pat on some concealer and powder. I end up looking something like this:

Much better, right? That boy is just so cute. Ryan Gosling lang naman ang peg!

I talk about this because someone I used to know, like waaaaay back when I was a kid, sent me a message over at Facebook and said, "You've blossomed into a beautiful young woman. May pinagawa ka ba?" Hahaha! The nerd!

But seriously, meron talaga ako pinagawa. Yes. My teeth. I got braces when I was 26. Simple as that. I had too many teeth apparently, which was the reason my teeth stuck out in front and was sungki-sungki pa. I looked like a horse. So the ortho removed 4 teeth. Yup, count them and weep. I darn near fainted the day she pulled them out. But when the teeth were pushed back in and aligned--just in time for my wedding!--I looked ohhhh so much better. Look how nice my smile is:

So if you want to look better, forget the boob job, nose job, whatever job. Go to an orthodontist first and get your teeth looked at.

I actually need to have my teeth fixed again. My two pregnancies kinda made them move--there's a widening gap between my left incisor and whatever the tooth next to it is called. And my front teeth have started to stick out again, as you can see here:
With Good Housekeeping beauty editor Pia Rojas at the Tod's A/W 2012 presentation

Ugh. Must see an ortho asap! How about you? Have you had something done?

P.S. Speaking of beauty, do check out my newly resurrected blog, Beauty For A Living!