Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Reader question: Is your life for real?

I got an email from someone who remarked on how unbelievably blessed my life is. She said, "It must be so nice to have everything. Your life is just so perfect! Sometimes I wonder if it's for real."

I have secrets, too!
Well, dear reader, my life is real. I really am married and happily at that. I really do have two sons who are adorable. I really do live in a fully owned house. I really do write and get paid to write. Everything I write about on my blogs is real. So if you suspect that everything can't be just peachy, then you should pay attention to what I don't write about. Those are the sad and infuriating parts of my life that are unfortunately just as real as the wonderful parts.

I don't blog about them not because I pretend they don't exist. Oh, they're there all right. My husband and I discuss them with great gnashing of teeth. And lately, too many hours have been spent in anger and despair because our funds have been significantly depleted by these people. So we have resolved that maybe it's best for all to ignore them. They are seriously affecting our happiness and we are angry and upset and sad, and we don't want to be this way. So I don't give the problems importance on my blogs because I want my blogs to be a happy place.

Nevertheless, you reminded me of this sad and strange day. I visited my Papa with my sons one afternoon and he went on and on about something he wanted. For two hours, unrelenting. Finally, I said, "Papa, I'm here. Your grandsons are here. We're not here very often. You haven't even asked me how we are."

And he replied, "I don't need to ask. I read all about you on Facebook."

"But all I write on Facebook is the good things!"

And Papa said, "That's all I need to know."

If you're wondering about the authenticity of my life, I assure you that it is very real. But like my father said, it's only the good things that you need to know, dear reader. That's all you need to know.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Checking in for a minute!

Woah, was I gone for a week? It didn't feel like it because I was writing posts for this blog. Three sponsored posts are a lot of work so I feel like I've been blogging here even though nothing's been published yet since I have to wait for client approval.

I was talking to my friend, Martine a.k.a. The Dainty Mom, about this strange irony of blogging. When I started blogging way back in 2005, I just really wanted to share stories. I wanted a place that's all my own. About 3 years later, I met bloggers who were earning gazillions from their blogs and I wanted a piece of that pie. I write for a living. That's what I am and that's what I do. I write. I should be paid to write. So I didn't see anything wrong with blogs that earn.

Well, here I am in 2013, my blogs bigger than ever and the main source of my income now. Great job, me haha. Of course, you know what that means—blogging is now a job. It's a fun job! But I'm meeting clients, attending events, studying and signing contracts, sending out invoices, following up receivables, revising drafts of sponsored posts, etc etc. I'm not complaining. I'm super amazed and happy. I'm just... I dunno. I feel like I'm so busy with the business of blogging that I don't have the time to actually blog anymore, ya know?

I love blogging. Seriously. It's the best! I get to be me, I meet so many wonderful people online, I get to experience so many amazing things and given so many fabulous gifts, and I get to write and be paid to write. Dream come true!

But herein lies the irony: If I want to earn more, I have to accept more clients. If I fill my blog with paid posts, I lose my voice. If I work harder on the blog by putting a personal post and a paid post, then I'll be blogging double time and then I won't have the time anymore to actually live a life worth blogging about. And seriously, I may like the money but I like living life more! My life is more fun than blogging. So I haven't been blogging because I'm busy living. But no blogging means I'll lose my readers, which of course means I'll lose my clients. Where is that perfect balance?!

Ya know the solution to this? I should just get a job so I won't depend on my blogging income!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Topaz Fashion: The Northern Living shoot

This was shot last April and now it's out. I'm a featured personality on Northern Living magazine! Here's a behind-the-scenes look:
Having my hair and makeup done by Lizzie Oren. We talked about the Chiz-Heart love affair. That was the hottest topic back in April haha.

Since we have no yayas, I asked my sister to look after Iñigo while I was at the photo shoot. Thanks, Jacqui! It was also very sweet of Inquirer Group to put the TV on a kiddie channel so Iñigo wasn't so bored. He did lose interest eventually so Jacqui brought him to watch me have my photos taken.

That's me dancing to entertain Iñigo. I wore my Karimadon wrap dress and Pedro gray pumps.

That's photographer Dookie Ducay telling me how to fix my angles and my smile.

That's a super bored super baby haha.

And here it is!
The photo that made it was the one of me wearing my Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress and Zara pumps. My face was also Photoshopped, in case you know how I really look like haha. Hindi ko kamukha si Cristine Reyes. Sabi ng boss ko dati, "Wag ka na umangal!" Haha, I'm not complaining! I just want to look like me even if Cristine Reyes is prettier than me!

Anyway, you can read all about how I feel about blogging and writing and mommy fashion and living in the Metro North in the June issue of Northern Living.

Check out Northern Living's Facebook page on how you can get a FREE copy!

Thanks, Northern Living! I am so thrilled to be in your magazine!