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Friday, October 03, 2014

What a September!

There's a lot of blog neglect going on lately. Just when I'm overflowing with stories! I have so many exciting things happening, dearest readers. I could barely wrap my head around them and catch my breath! I looked through my Instagram account so I can give you a summary:

I collaborated with Ni-QUA to come out with my line of clutches. Buy one please! I have pink and tan, too!!!

I started work as Baby Magazine's Market Editor. My friend says it's the Town & Country of parenting magazines since it features a lot of upper crust moms. Well, I'm just glad I have work! It's very light since Baby Magazine comes out every two months. So I still work from home. Best of both worlds!

Here's a few shots from the fashion editorial shoot we did at Makati Shangri-la. That was sooo cute! In case you're wondering, my work as Market Editor is all about featuring products and services for babies, little kids, moms and families. So that's like a beauty/fashion/lifestyle editor. In other words, I get the fun part of making the magazine! If you have a product and service for babies, little kids, moms and families, tell me!

I also joined BDJ Box Beauty Ministry to dish beauty advice, tips and reviews. Check out my articles! I just started so I don't have a lot yet, but my fellow ministers have dozens of beauty reviews and tips you'll love!

Anyway, the BDJ post also means attending events and meetings! A very big one was at the Beauty Social mid-September. Here's a photo of me and Kate Alvarez backstage. Those bags behind us are hundreds of goody bags for all the girls who attended. Wow, there are soooo many BDJ Box subscribers! And it was so nice to meet you!

By the way, my articles came out in Smart Parenting's September issue. I hope you got a copy! These are possibly my last articles to come out in magazines this year because I'll be focusing on Baby Magazine now.

Then I got sick for a whole week. Asthma attacks for the first time in years! My kids got sick, too. My husband and I were worried about Vito and Iñigo. But they got better soon enough. Iñigo now is on the last legs of his horrible cold. But we're just happy they're healthy again.

And I was busy with the blogs. Here I am on my way to yet another meeting! And Piero is always with me since he breastfeeds. I know you're not seeing any action online but I've been going to meetings with people who want to work with me. Some didn't work out, some did. I'm just grateful for everything! Blogging has been such a big blessing!

That's why I'm back! I have to blog. I know I've been away. That's because life is exciting! Let's not forget to live! Still, I don't want to lose you, my dearest readers. So I'm going to try to blog here on Topaz Horizon twice a week. I also blog over at Topaz Mommy, in case you miss me. And if you reeeeeeally miss me, I'm very active on Instagram and Facebook. On IG, I post a lot about my everyday life. On FB, I share a lot of links to interesting and helpful stories I found on the web.

So I promise to blog more often and regularly! I'm thinking Mondays and Fridays. See you next week! Happy weekend!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Behind the scenes of magazine cover shoots

I couldn't wait for Topaz Fashion! I had to share this with you today!

Rogue September

I thought it was weird that Pam was the star of the BTS. This is not a criticism of Pam, okay? She is the nicest, most stylish, totally grounded person. I just think that the director of the video should have focused more on either the stars or on the magazine itself.

Anyway, you know what's the most amazing about this shoot? Getting all five women together! And how hot is Judy Ann??? All of them are amazing but Judy Ann is the only one that exuded power. Power is very sexy.

Hola! September

Sigh! Made me miss OK! magazine!

InStyle September

Love Drew Barrymore! Love InStyle! I've been collecting that magazine for many, many years. Even when I couldn't afford it yet. Lunch or InStyle? Go out with friends or InStyle? Utility bills or InStyle? InStyle insanity!

I don't really want to go back to magazines anymore (been there, done that) except if it's a parenting magazine or if it's InStyle. I heard a rumor that one of our local publishers is hoping to bring in InStyle. I tell you now, I will grovel to be part of the staff! Kahit as editorial assistant! Just to be part of InStyle!!!

Vogue September

This is the classiest and most professionally done BTS. Well, it's Vogue. What did I expect? Nothing less than the best.

I'll have to check out the newsstands for Hola! and Rogue. I already bought Vogue and InStyle. Have you seen how thick the issues are? Crazy! I got a workout just hoisting those two about! Magazines seem to be exciting again!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Topaz Fashion: The Northern Living shoot

This was shot last April and now it's out. I'm a featured personality on Northern Living magazine! Here's a behind-the-scenes look:
Having my hair and makeup done by Lizzie Oren. We talked about the Chiz-Heart love affair. That was the hottest topic back in April haha.

Since we have no yayas, I asked my sister to look after Iñigo while I was at the photo shoot. Thanks, Jacqui! It was also very sweet of Inquirer Group to put the TV on a kiddie channel so Iñigo wasn't so bored. He did lose interest eventually so Jacqui brought him to watch me have my photos taken.

That's me dancing to entertain Iñigo. I wore my Karimadon wrap dress and Pedro gray pumps.

That's photographer Dookie Ducay telling me how to fix my angles and my smile.

That's a super bored super baby haha.

And here it is!
The photo that made it was the one of me wearing my Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress and Zara pumps. My face was also Photoshopped, in case you know how I really look like haha. Hindi ko kamukha si Cristine Reyes. Sabi ng boss ko dati, "Wag ka na umangal!" Haha, I'm not complaining! I just want to look like me even if Cristine Reyes is prettier than me!

Anyway, you can read all about how I feel about blogging and writing and mommy fashion and living in the Metro North in the June issue of Northern Living.

Check out Northern Living's Facebook page on how you can get a FREE copy!

Thanks, Northern Living! I am so thrilled to be in your magazine!

Friday, March 08, 2013

Summer job!

I posted this over on Facebook. It got some likes but apparently no one shared it to their young friends, sons, daughters, nephews and nieces because hanggang ngayon, not one CV is in my inbox! I guess even my friends are scared of me haha.

This is for a shopping magazine. There will be lots of dealing with writers, models, photographers, stylists, clothes, beauty products... Did I mention this was for a shopping magazine? It's definitely going to be work but it's only 4 weeks, 6 weeks max, and I'm fun to work with. And if you do well, this can be a regular gig. Yes, it's a job. There will be compensation. It will be fun! Apply now!


Sandra was OK!'s editorial assistant. Now she's with Cosmo.

See? I'm not so scary. Apply now!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Topaz Fashion is back! What a freelance writer wears

Oops. Totally forgot to do Topaz Fashion! Too many things happening on my side of the world. I had planned to be completely work-free from my last day of employment till my baby Iñigo turns a year old in May. Had promised myself, "You've been working too hard for the last 14 years. Take some months off. Hell, take a year off!" But I find myself working still on many new projects!

My father-in-law calls it inertia. I've been working non-stop so I will find it almost impossible to completely stop. So since the last day of my employment (Nov 15) to exactly one month later, I'm still as busy as ever.

Well, to be completely technical, I'm still officially employed. My last day as editor-in-chief of OK! magazine is end of working day today. So today is the last day I will promote the December issue!
Please grab a copy! It's the very last issue! It's a collector's item!

Today is also my very first day as a newspaper columnist!
My columnist's photo shot by Sara Black.
An entire spread! My first column is about Sara Black and her new book, We, Love.

It's a childhood dream, folks. When I was around 12, I listed down what I wanted in life: to be an editor-in-chief of an international title and to be a columnist in a national daily. That's it. That's all I wanted in life! And now I can add columnist to my resumé! So thrilled!

I also managed to take photos of outfits I wore when I remembered that I have Topaz Fashion on this blog. Here they are:
Plains & Prints denim zip-up dress, Charles & Keith sandals, Cuzo nylon tote
Shoot and interview outfit. This is also my default breastfeeding outfit. Actually, whenever I bring that Cuzo bag, that automatically means I have Iñigo with me. I had an interview and photo shoot to go to for Circuit magazine. I wrote the cover story on Iza Calzado. I wanted Iza to meet her nephew so I brought the baby. Oh, and also I know from experience that shoots can drag on forever so breastfeeding mommy me needed the baby along!

Missoni sweater dress, orange VNC sandals, Gucci shoppers tote
Photo shoot and girlfriends' day out. This was when we shot Sara Black for my column. When you do a photo shoot, you have to be as comfortable as possible. But I got stuck in traffic and the shoot ended while I was in the cab so I detoured to my friends' party in Red Box Greenbelt.

This dress is actually nice on me when I was chubby. It's a knit dress that's supposed to ride on my hips and butt with the hem ending mid-thigh. But I bought this when I just gave birth to Iñigo so I was fatter then. Now that I've lost all the weight, no more hips and thighs to hold on to so the dress drops straight down and looks baggy on me. Maybe I'll sell it on eBay because it's really too big for me now.

K & Company dress, Kenneth Cole peep-toes, Longchamp clutch
Nuffnang Country Manager's dinner for talents. This was on Wednesday, 12/12/12, the day Congress voted on the RH Bill. I wore purple to signify my support for the bill that finally finally finally passed! Like the previous dress, this one is also loose on my body. So sad because I really like this! I'm losing too much weight, I think.

Anyway, Nuffnang is planning big things for 2013, hence the dinner. It was nice to meet the Nuffies and the other bloggers. I'm really excited to do more work for Nuffnang's many clients!

K & Company dress, Zara ballet flats, Longchamp clutch, Charles & Keith sunnies 
Visit to Acqua Iguazu site for a sponsored blog post. I love love love this dress! Perfect red dress. Anyway, I was supposed to use my Kate Spade black leather tote but all my essentials were already in my clutch so I just grabbed it. I'll try to be more coordinated but I tend to let convenience trump coordination!

Whew. And that's the life of a freelance writer for you—busy but still stylish (or at least attempting it)! Hope you enjoy the weekend, dear readers! Don't forget to grab OK!'s December issue and today's Manila Bulletin!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries in OK! magazine and on etc!

So it's almost mid-October, dear blog readers. Have you grabbed this month's issue of OK! magazine?

No? Dear heavens! I specifically begged you to grab a copy a few weeks ago! I knoooow you love me (that's why you read this blog, right?) so love me more by getting an issue. It's our fabulous TV special.

First, the October issue of OK! has a really fun big feature on Gossip Girl. It's the sixth and final season! So yes, we talk about what will happen in this season (Will Blair win Chuck's love again? Will Chuck get his empire back? Will we finally find out who Gossip Girl is???) and we take a look back on TV's most stylish show. Yes, we have the best clothes of the cast ever! And the worst haha. Fun stuff like that so grab a copy if you're a fan!

I've never actually followed Gossip Girl. But in the early months of Vito's life and he'd keep me awake, I'd turn the TV on and watch reruns in the early mornings. I had to keep the volume very low so Vito can sleep but I found that I didn't mind not hearing the characters talk. Their fashion alone spoke volumes. Loud volumes!

Second, OK! was able to get amazing interviews with the cast of The Vampire Diaries. Yes, Ian, Nina and Paul! They talk about the next season, which premieres next week. They talk about Elena's new state of being a—gasp!—vampire.

All that and more in OK!'s super fantabulous October issue! Grab a copy as soon as possible!

Gossip Girl Season 6 premieres Oct. 11, Thursday at 8pm. The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premieres Oct. 16, Tuesday at 8pm. Both delicious shows are on ETC. Like ETC on Facebook or follow ETC on Twitter for more updates.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Buy this magazine!

Okay, so I said in a previous post, in its comments, that I was advised not to talk about my work when I blog. So I actually don't. I talk about Hollywood celebrities and fashion, I talk about how I have to wear this and that to a meeting or an event, but I never ever talk about the job itself. In fact, some of you don't even know what magazine I edit.

Well, what the heck, this is my baby:

Grab the October issue of OK! Philippines! It's already out. It's the annual Best Dressed in Hollywood special. We also have huge features on the super hot Vampire Diaries and the final season of Gossip Girl. Speaking of GG, we also have details on the super secret wedding of its star, Blake Lively, to super cutie Ryan Reynolds. There's a ton more goodies inside, like the extra magazine OK! Glam where we flood you with the perfect accessories for every budget and every outfit!

I love the October issue! And I'm sure you'll love it, too. So grab a copy now!

P.S. Are you a Zac Efron fan? Yes? He's in the country! Want to meet him? OK! is giving away free tickets to his fancon! Details on our Facebook page.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bloggers on Preview cover

Well! This is a surprise. Hmm. Maybe not. It's a new world, friends. Bloggers are seated front row at fashion shows, have their own special events thrown for them, are asked to endorse brands, and are now featured on the covers of real magazines.
The September issue of Preview

Times, they are a-changin'!

When will my magazine cover happen??? LOL

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Something new

In my Letter from the Editor, I dared my readers to do something new this year:

Open in a new tab to enlarge.

To be very honest, I wrote that letter as a dare to myself, too. And now that it's out there, I'm feeling very fragile and scared and stressed out!

I feel a change coming. I've been feeling it since 2009 actually, and it was perhaps brought about by my pregnancy. You can read all about it here, but I'll post an excerpt anyway:
There's still that ambitious part of me that's screaming in my head in absolute fury. I know opportunities like this don't come traipsing along every day, and I'll just have to live with this decision for the rest of my life. But now that it's done, my agony is over, my insomnia is cured, my world is again at peace.
Whatever the future holds, I only know that what I choose will always be the one that, in the words of that timeless song, will need all the love I can give, every day of my life for as long as I live.
Well, just reading the comments section of that two-year-old post made me realize that my pregnancy had nothing to do with it after all!

Anyway, I do know that I am still enjoying my magazine gig. I have so many plans this year and if you've been following the magazine, you'd see its transformation. It really is getting better and better with each new issue and I am very excited about the stuff my team and I have planned this year for our loyal readers.

You all also know I dipped my toes in entrepreneurship last year. The bag business is closed now but I took away some pretty good realizations there and I will do it again! It was very hard work, made me cry and freak out and stress many times, but I am convinced I can and will do better next time!

I also have big plans for my blogs. It's no secret that I earn from my blogs and 2011 was very good to me. My readership has gone up. Brands and PR companies have been wooing me. So many opportunities have come up! But I have had to turn down a lot of those opportunities because it will present a conflict with my job or because it will take me away from my family.

Yes, my lovely, wonderful, amazing family. I never would have thought this but I am really such a mother. I am also a committed wife. There's absolutely nothing I enjoy more than basking in the devotion of my husband and son. But because of the many many many things on my plate, I haven't really been fully immersed in my roles as mother and wife. And I feel like I'm giving so much to the things that make my life fun and not to the ones who make it worthwhile. I talk about my sadness about that over at Topaz Mommy.

So a change is coming. I can feel it thrumming in my veins. Right now, I still don't know if the change means my life will get crazier or maybe it will become quieter. My life will either get bigger or smaller. Both options are so very real, I can taste them. I'm very scared. But I'm also very excited!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What I wore... to brunch with fellow editors

Had a really really lovely brunch last week at Momo at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. To whoever said magazine editors starve themselves to death, well, you haven't met the editors I work with. We love to eat! It's almost embarrassing how we gobble up food. Diet is an alien word!

From left: me, Good Housekeeping EIC Tisha Alvarez Angluben,
Smart Parenting EIC Mia Fausto Cruz and Women's Health
EIC Lara Parpan
We had truffled eggs, scrambled eggs, sausages, tapa, waffles, pancakes, fruit, jellies and jams, all washed down with Illy coffee and guava tea. Burp!

We also talked about scary ghost stories (this was the fault of Karotitay's blog post). Mia Fausto Cruz had the scariest ghost stories ever! Like our hair was super standing on end. It's a good thing we were bathed in sunlight because if our meal happened to have been dinner, I think we'd be screaming our heads off!

Here I am with Cosmopolitan EIC Zo Aguila and Tisha. Beige and tan, yup, the colors of the day! I'm wearing a Paper Dolls dress, Nine West sandals, Charles & Keith shades, and that's my super duper loved Fino doctor's bag.

Speaking of screaming his head off, this little boy just recently discovered the joys of being very very loud. He loves waking up and announcing to the world he's awake by shrieking happily... into his parents' sleepy ears! And when he's unhappy and upset, well, same thing! What a loudmouth! Just like his mama!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

What every woman should have in her wardrobe

My favorite feature in this month's InStyle is "Inside the Files of the Super Stylish." Eleven of the most chic people were asked this question: What should every woman have in her wardrobe? These were some of the answers:

"Great jewelry. It adds drama." 
Kelly Wearstler, interior designer
(I'm working on this! I think I'm turning into a jewelry girl!)

"A lightweight long-sleeve black cashmere crew-neck sweater." 
Michael Kors, fashion designer
(Though I balked at this item, a bit much especially in sweltering Manila,  sweaters like that do hide jiggly arms and make you look slimmer. A necessity indeed!)

"A black cocktail dress!" 
Nicole Richie, actress, novelist, designer
(I have half a dozen black dresses. Always chic!)

"A wrap dress!" 
Diane von Furstenberg, fashion, accessories and housewares designer
(I have one prized DVF wrap dress! I'd like more but they're so frakkin' expensive.)

"Hoop earrings in yellow gold." 
Margherita Missoni, actress, model

"A fabulous dress and gold shoes... Also invest in cashmere cardigans... in a rainbow of colors." 
Deborah Lloyd, co-president and creative directo of Kate Spde
(I have fabulous dresses and gold flats and sandals. I can't get myself to buy gold shoes yet. Seems matronly. I have cardigans in white, black and brown but they're not cashmere. Sigh.)

"A perfectly fitting pair of jeans."
Tory Burch, designer
(Before I got pregnant, my great love was Levi's Lady's Style jeans. Those sweethearts hugged my legs and butt lovingly. Now? I can't even squeeze into them! Weep!)

"A Burberry trench." 
Isabel Dupre celebrity stylist
(None yet. I had a Zara trench that I gave to my sister because I don't travel to cold countries so much. I don't think I'll buy a trench again. But I do have a lovely red wool coat!)

Much as I respect their suggestions, I must wonder about the absence of the style basics, like a sleek black stiletto, crisp white shirt, pearl necklace, diamond studs, sunglasses... I mean, really. Gold shoes? A trench coat? A crew-neck sweater? Nevertheless, the stylistas answered a ton of other questions about the stylish lifestyle and their answers proved to be very interesting. I'm sure my mod readers would find this article interesting, too!

Oh, and do grab this month's OK! magazine. It's our Fashion Issue! Our annual Hollywood's Best Dressed List is particularly exciting.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I used to have more time

Last weekend, Vince and I turned the house upside down, cleaning, fixing, weeding out junk and basically making space for our baby boy, who's due next month. While cleaning, I found these in my cluttery mess:

Yep, these are thank you cards I made myself. In another lifetime, I used to start Christmas shopping by July (I took advantage of the mid-year sales), wrap all the gifts with carefully picked out wrappers by October, and send them out by November to early December.

December is when I start creating the thank you cards. I'd spend a week just designing the card, choosing the right heavy paper, finding new craft materials, slicing up the paper with a sharp cutter, then putting everything together. The glue takes a day to dry (which means we'll have to eat meals in the living room as the dining table is temporarily the drying table) and then I'd spend a a couple of days before New Year's Eve writing personalized thank you's and addressing each card. I'd usually make about 50 cards this way.

Looking at the cards I unearthed, I marveled at all the effort I put into them and remarked to Vince, "My goodness, look at these cards!" And Vince said, "Yes, you used to make them. I loved that about you." And I said, "I used to have more time..."

No, I don't make cards anymore. In fact, I don't even write thank you cards anymore. I just send a text message now, or leave my appreciation on Facebook walls. I just don't have the time anymore! I'm just too busy. But that's how I like it.

When I was 13 years old, I picked up my very first copy of Cosmopolitan US edition. I had read magazines before--Time, National Geographic, Reader's Digest were piled up abundantly in our home--but Cosmo was the title that made me go, "I want to be an editor-in-chief of a magazine one day!"

I became just that 16 years later. By then I had outgrown Cosmo and had developed a fascination with all things Hollywood so OK! magazine was just a dream come true. What I didn't realize was dreams can eat up so much of your life, whether you're making them come true or they already are true. It's actually better now--in the early days of OK!, there were times we didn't go home, we didn't eat, we didn't sleep. Putting together a magazine is a lot of hard work. People just see the glamour; they don't see the stress.

The great thing about dreams that have come true is you love and enjoy them anyway. The work is worth it. I know that Vince prefers those days when I had more time for him--I'd cook dinner every night, we'd go out often alone or with friends. But because he knows I've had this dream since I was a kid, he respects what I do and even encourages and pushes me to do better. He understands me.

But now a baby's coming, and a baby won't understand why his mommy isn't there 24/7. While a lot of women will easily give up their careers for their family, that thought just gives me a drowning feeling. I can't imagine not working. Of course, no one said I have to give up my job, but I'm scared that if I'm successful at my work, I won't be a great mom. And vice versa. Well, it's been said, "You can have everything, just not all at the same time." I want to be good at everything I do! And I want to do a lot! Good luck to me then because the next 20 years will definitely be a challenge!

Monday, April 19, 2010

What a happy anniversary!

This past weekend was just lovely. Vince and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary and the 11th anniversary of when we fell in love! I'll update soonest with a proper post, but for now here's a look back on that very special day:

Tessa Prieto-Valdes a.k.a. The Sea Princess wrote about our wedding in her column. I totally forgot where I put the news clipping of that! But here's another from the Inquirer (click photos to enlarge):

I'll have the Wedding Essentials magazine feature and Cosmopolitan mention scanned so you can take a look, too. I wish I'd also recorded the bridal feature on Kate Torralba's wedding gowns of some TV show. I heard that we had really nice photos from our wedding shown there. Oh well! Have a nice week!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is this Manny Villar's house?

Got an email today. One look at it and I knew it was a demolition job. The email said it was presidential candidate Manny Villar's house but I've been to one of Villar's houses (we shot it for a magazine feature) and his decorating taste certainly does not look like this:

It looks like the White House!

The pool

Guests are received here

And they eat here

The master of the house sleeps here

Takes his baths here

There are many more photos but I'm lazy to post them all. I'm sure you'll get it in your inbox soon anyway, if you haven't already.

Like I said, I've seen how Villar lives. Villar's home decor is actually more shabby chic—floral, wood, comfy seating. I personally am not a fan of his taste in decor but hey, it's not my house! Besides, Villar is one of the richest men in the country so I always thought he'd have a fabulous house and it turns out he actually doesn't. Well, it's not ugly, not like it was constructed out of stainless steel drums, but he sure doesn't live as well as certain people I know! And one more dead giveaway that this ain't his: Villar loves photos. His house is literally covered with picture frames of him and his family. The house above has no photos.

Now, I'm not voting for Villar in May (I like another candidate. My only clue for you is he has a pretty wife) but I think this email is just disturbing.

This house isn't Villar's. I can tell because I'm a magazine editor. Those photos were obviously taken by a professional photographer—the flooded-with-light look gives it away. If Villar wanted to keep this house hush-hush, why would he have it photographed by a team of professionals? It's just stupid. As a journalist, I quickly investigated whose house this is and found this blog entry: Is This Really Mugabe's Mansion?. Mugabe is the president of Zimbabwe and he's been holding power since 1980, so he's like our Marcos.

Anyway, so now the house is supposedly Mugabe's but after further investigation, it turns out it also isn't! It supposedly belongs to the biggest movie star in the world. Who's that? Tom Cruise? Brad Pitt? Angelina Jolie? Puh-leeze. They don't even hold a candle to this guy! The biggest movie star in the world is Shah Rukh Khan, with a fan base of a billion. Yes, you read that right—a billion! He's Bollywood, baby, and everyone in the film industry knows that Hollywood is so much smaller than Bollywood.

Yes, I can believe that a guy who poses for pictures like this 
can live in a house as ridiculous as that!

What I'm trying to say is don't believe everything you read. Don't be gullible and don't be stupid. The elections are coming up so expect the mudslinging fest to commence. But don't get caught up in it. Be responsible and do not spread lies about other people even if you don't like that person!

UPDATE: According to, it isn't Shah Rukh Khan's. Here's what the website that investigates urban legends says: "In fact, these photographs actually depict a home half a world away from Zimbabwe, a mansion in the tony Bel Air section of Los Angeles that has been extensively photographed inside and out because it is sometimes used as the site of location shooting for television and films."

UPDATE: That mansion "belongs" to either Lady Gaga or Robin Thicke! Someone sent me another email, you see, with the following videos and, wowza, that mansion looks even better when there are half-naked people romping in it!

I'm loving Lady Gaga's poison ring. WendyB has something similar called the Borgia Ring. I also love the legs and butt of the model who plays Robin's lover. Those legs and ass are fantabulous!

Manny Villar's team may rest easy now.

*actor's image from The Bollywood Zone.