Sunday, April 27, 2014

Skinny girls have feelings, too.

Got this from a friend's Facebook feed.

Say it, girl.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Topaz Beauty: My super happy Moroccanoil review

My friend Mariel, who blogs at NY Minute Now, is based in NYC and works for Moroccanoil. So when she breezed through town last week for a really quick visit, she gave me a few products. Now, I've known about Moroccanoil for years. As a Hollywood fan and former celebrity magazine editor, I've seen this oil keep cropping up on lists of celebrity beauty secrets.

Kim Kardashian told Elle UK: "Moroccanoil really helps to smooth my hair and makes it so soft."

Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas told Marie Claire, "I use this at night and it leaves my hair really soft."

Lauren Conrad told website Fashion Fantabulous, "Moroccanoil is my go-to hair product."

Katy Perry discovered Moroccanoil from ex-husband Russell Brand. She told, "He's very protective of his hair... It's really beautiful. He uses the Moroccanoil stuff, which I love. I use it, too, but sometimes he catches me because it has a really nice, potent scent, and he's like [sniffing], 'Have you been using my products?'''

Other celebrity fans are Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga, Amy Adams, Emma Stone, Minka Kelly, Emily Blunt, Faith Hill, Diane Kreuger, Scarlett Johansson, Zooey Deschanel, Ashley Simpson, Jordana Brewster, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, and lots more!

So I was super excited about my new product! I've used other argan oils, my favorite being the one from Souq Organics, but I prefer using it on my face because when I tried it on my hair, it weighed down my super fine baby hair.

When Mariel gave me the tiny bottle above, I unscrewed the cap, took one whiff and was put off by the strong scent. It's not unpleasant, but it's—how do I describe it—it smells like it came from the Middle East, you know musky, heady, heavy. Then when I tried the oil on my fingers, it was thick and velvety. I figured, "This is going to coat my hair and make it greasy!"

But look look look!

My hair was so light and bouncy and soft and smooth all day long! And the scent? It didn't stick to my hair that much. I love my Moroccanoil hair!

This was what it looked like the next day. Still smooth and soft and glossy. I didn't wash my hair for another day (I wash my hair only twice a week since all the beauty experts say washing is very bad for hair and scalp) and yet my hair didn't become oily or heavy. It just remained glossy and gorgeous.

I love Moroccanoil! Here's how to use it:

Now where to buy it? I asked my beauty editor friends and they said they've seen it at high-end salons. I'm happy to say that it's available at my hairstylist's salon, Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salons! He has branches at BGC, Libis and Quezon City.

This product is not cheap, however. A tiny bottle is at least Php 1,000. I'm still trying to check if it will be cheaper if I just buy from the US and have it shipped here. Nevertheless, I am hooked. I will use Moroccanoil—and no other argan oil!—on my hair forever!!!

Mariel! Thanks again for my pasalubong! I love it!

UPDATE: Buy from BeautyMNL!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

I'm in love with the VW Beetle!

In case you didn't know, the VW Beetle is my absolute dream car since I was a little girl. I remember thumbing through my Papa's collection of old Reader's Digest magazines and loving the Beetle ads. It was unlike any car I've ever seen and I wished with all my little girl's heart that one day I'd own one.

So when I saw on my Facebook newsfeed that the Beetle is back in the Philippines, I got really excited! I actually went to the VW showroom in Bonifacio High Street after a client meeting just so I can see, touch, smell and love the new Beetle!

The Beetle is probably the most iconic car of all time. Well, that's my opinion. I'm no car expert so when I look out my window and watch cars passing by, if you took away all the logos, I wouldn't know what the car brand is. But one look at the Beetle—even without the logo—and everyone knows what that car is!

The iconic shape hasn't changed much since 1939, although of course, with the advent of modern times and technology, the Beetle had to undergo a few tweaks here and there to cater to the evolving taste of car lovers.

How does one redesign a classic, though? Just make it cleaner, wider, longer, bigger, but still remaining true to its perfectly rounded shape!