Thursday, November 23, 2006

This is my birthday gift... myself.

Breathtakingly beautiful Steve Madden heels. Hot pink satin. Baby pink leather trim. Naughty ribbon around the sexy heel.

Bought the pair off eBay. I paid more than I usually allow myself for shoes. I winced when I handed over the cash. But you've got to agree that these heels are special.

Vince did. Well, of course...!

But as these had cost me a pretty penny, I'm going to declare these not just my birthday gift, but my Christmas and Valentine's gift to myself as well!

UPDATE: I wore them to my wedding on April 18, 2007. They were the best shoes I ever bought.


  1. loooooooovvveee it!

  2. P.S. I bought myself a Christmas gift! Couldn't resist... a starter set of Noritake porcelain. They're cream, with a delicate white flower-and-lace design, and all the plates, cups, and saucers are edged in gold. I feel so grown up! And broke! Oh so broke... =P


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