Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hear ye, hear ye!

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Vince and I are (officially) engaged!

It happened on December 22 at exactly 10 AM.

Actually, I proposed to him first! Yup, that's why I said we're officially engaged now because when I proposed to him, nobody took us seriously *roll eyes moment*. So last December 1 with the Sony Playstation 3. I bought him one and as he was happily connecting the cables to his Bravia, I knelt before him with the controller in my hands and after intoning his full name, I said, "I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?" Vince got all red in the face as he grabbed my hands (or maybe the controller?) and replied, "Heart lang? Of course, I'll marry you!"

He didn't want me to tell anyone until I had the ring, though. But I told people anyway! It is after all the 21st century so I think it's perfectly okay for me to tell people we're engaged (besides, the PS3 certainly did not come cheap! It's a very good... no, it's a fantastic engagement gift!). However, people didn't seem to believe we were engaged at all! They kept asking, "Eh, where's the ring?" Darn it.

Turned out Vince had asked his mom's jeweler to make me a special ring. And it sure took them some time to make it! Vince said he was getting nervous because it had been weeks (and he had turned over the wads of cash) and still there was no sign of the ring. But at last, a few days before Christmas, it arrived. His mom surreptitiously gave it to him while we were at lunch and I was none the wiser. That night, at the dinner table, his dad suddenly asked me, "So where's the ring?" Everyone at the table gasped in horror (stupid me, I wondered why). I shrugged, "Oh, he's still having it made po." And then I noticed everyone smile in relief, which I thought was weird (still stupid!).

The next day, everything became clear! Early next morning, I opened the door and there on the living room floor was spread a red picnic tablecloth, and on it were real wine glasses and real china. There were red wine and fluffy pastries. I was surprised but I still didn't get it! So I sat with him and asked for iced tea (who drinks wine in the morning?) and chatted away. Then as I was looking at the gifts under the Christmas tree, Vince suddenly took a little blue velvet box from under the tree and... then... I... finally... understood!

He knelt before me, opened the box, and there nestled within was the most sparkly diamond ring I've ever laid eyes on!

I don't remember what happened next. By the time I came back to my senses, we were in a hug and the ring was on my finger. But it was a blur! I don't remember anything!!!

He told me later that he had said my full name, had asked "Will you marry me?" and I had said "Yes!" and he then slipped the ring on my finger and then we had hugged. Then he had asked, "Why aren't you crying? You always cry when I give you gifts." And I had replied, "Because you told me before you don't like drama." And he had retorted, "Well, this is one of those times you're supposed to do drama!"

Or something like that. Like I said—it was such a blur!

I am so happy! And Vince is, too! He keeps calling me "my wife" these days, though. What a strange man! I so love him!


  1. NOW may I congratulate you? :-) OMG, Frances, I am so so happy for you!

    Hugs, Ivy

  2. wow congrats kay vince for the ps3!!! gusto ko rin nun hahaha :D

    - kai

  3. Hey frances! Congratulations!! I was just browsing friendster when I saw your bulletin board post. Happy for you.un

  4. Ivy! Yes, thanks for making kulit to congratulate me! Scared kasi ako na baka mausog ehehehe.

    Kai, yes every guy who hears our engagement story says that--if their girlfriend proposed to them with the PS3, pakakasalan din nila agad! I think I made a smart move, eh?

    Doc Mon! Thanks! Oh, Aida's coming here this summer (when I plan to have my wedding). I'm sur she'd love to meet up with you guys!

  5. Congratulations!! I tried to comment as soon as I read your blog, but I was in Brasil at the time and the comment box was in Portuguese!! Anyway, I hope you get this one. Ciao, Karina

  6. Hi Karina! Thanks! What were you doing in Brazil?

  7. AWW sweet! luvhet! btw, my name`s KARINA too. haha


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