Saturday, September 08, 2007


Pilates is hard. Nanginginig ang laman ko after each session.

But I will finish this. I will get fit. I will get rid of my bulging tummy. I will be disciplined. I will be strong.

Oh, when will it be "I am"?


  1. Pilates, like Bikram yoga & weight lifting, gets easier after each session ;) good luck!

  2. Ah, Monica, that is what I tell myself: "Next time will be better..." But the instructors introduce new positions every meeting! But I can already feel my muscles getting stronger =)

    Hay, Chris, the bulging tummy that has me getting happy exclamations of "Oh my! You're pregnant!" "Oh, look at you--pretty pregnant girl!" How many months are you already?". I get that every single day, Chris. Even Vince teases me sometimes.

  3. Frances, seriously. You and bulging tummy don't even belong in one sentence!



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