Monday, October 08, 2007

I really ought to be at work

Instead I am here at home, having just had lunch, and musing about my life.

My husband has gone to work of course, at the usual hour of 8:30 AM. Because Vince is used to waking up at 10, going to work these days is utter hell for him. I usually go to work with him, too, but today, after making him brewed coffee and buttered bread topped with mango-vanilla jam then kissing him at the door, I decided to stay in bed. So I had the whole house to myself, had lunch all by myself. And I loved it.

When you're married and when you're in the media, alone time is very very rare. It is so unusual that when it suddenly springs upon you, you are taken aback and drown for a few moments in the silence. If you like yourself, you welcome that quiet. If you don't like your own company, you immediately pick up the phone. Thankfully, I love myself very much.

Peace comes with loving yourself.


  1. Hey Frances! I totally agree :) while I was going around Europe alone, I thought that I must really love myself, because otherwise I'd go insane. It takes a lot of confidence to be able to be alone--not everyone wants to be stuck with his/her thoughts.

  2. Now that has always interested me... Why wouldn't anyone want to be alone with their thoughts?
    1. because they aren't very impressed with what they're thinking?
    2. their thoughts are scary (murder, mayhem) so it is a matter of survival to be surrounded by the chatter of others?
    3. because there aren't any?

  3. hi, ms frances! this is OT but i just wanna tell you that i love OK! i read it in between reviewing for the bar... stress reliever! :D i texted you about it but i guess it wasn't published. :P

    great blog!

  4. Hi! Thanks for reading OK! - that just made me so happy talaga =D Good luck with the bar... I hear it's killer =( but I'm rooting for ya!


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