Friday, February 15, 2008

Love never fails

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and today is my husband's birthday. Needless to say, I get very excited this time of the year. This Valentine's, we surprised each other with secret gifts. It's so much fun to be in love! Oh, but it's so much better when you're in love with the same person for a long time now.

I met Vince when I was just 22. Now I'm 31. I love him more now, more than I ever thought I am capable. Nine years ago, I was a different girl. Even one year ago, I was different. Every day I become a better person because of Vince's love for me. His love envelopes me, covers me, calms me, strengthens me, guides me, inspires me... Though I have always felt complete (God is the one who ultimately overflows from my soul), having Vince in my life is incredible joy.

Of course, not every relationship is perfect. But I'm glad that we're both writers. We are excellent communicators so nothing is ever left unresolved. We know exactly how to express our feelings and hurts and hopes and disappointments and expectations. We know how to talk to each other. I am grateful for such a huge blessing--that he and I are talkers! Now, the listening part, well, that always needs work (haha) but we do end up listening to each other and then a new day for Vince and me begins. A new Vince. A new me. A new love.

So now here's a little secret. Use it and your love will grow and be incredible! In our relationship, this chapter from the Bible has always helped. It's been used so often at weddings (it was read in mine) but never fully explained and perhaps understood. But it isn't corny; in fact, it holds the secret and the power to any relationship--be it marriage, friendship or family. Just replace the word "love" with your name and then feel your love transformed as you strive to be the embodiment of love.

"Frances is patient, Frances is kind.
Frances does not envy, Frances does not boast, Frances is not proud.
Frances is not rude, Frances is not self-seeking, Frances is not easily angered, Frances keeps no record of wrongs.
Frances does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
Frances always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Frances never fails."
(a modified version of I Corinthians 13:4-8)

Yep, sounds impossible! And me?! Oh, how hard it is for me to be patient and kind, to be humble and meek, to be considerate, to be selfless and generous, to be tolerant, to forgive! But this truly is the secret to any happy relationship. Whenever I feel like giving up, I just remember this chapter. I remember that if I love this person, I must not fail him or her. That's what love ultimately means.

Happy love day, everybody! And may you all love and be loved!


  1. Kakilig naman! hehe.

    Here's something totally unrelated, I had a weird dream the other night about OK!. In my dream, they were building a huge office in Galleria to house the magazine's staff because you guys were expanding, while all the other mags were still going to move to Pioneer. Ang weeeeeeeeeeeeird!

    Much love,

  2. guess who's doing my wedding cake?! gel!!! waaaaaah! i stumbled upon her site by coincidence and then after begging her to do my cake.. i find out she did yours! isn't that amazing ?

  3. Hi J! Yes, that is a weird dream. In a way, I wish the first part of it would come true! OK! is really growing fast (like, super) so I'd love more people to work for me haha. But I don't want the second part to come true because I want to move to Pioneer so I can save on all the blasted taxi fares!!!

  4. Wow, Monica!!! Gel's the sweetest girl ever and she makes really yummy cake! You will love her. All my guests remembered just three things from my wedding: the entourage's gowns (not mine!), the 5-course dinner, and the cake! I got numerous texts after the wedding all clamoring for Gel's number!

  5. Hi Frances. I have been reading your blog posts and I am really inspired with all your thoughts. I also love your articles especially the one that was included in June 2007 issue of Marie Claire (I Proposed to My Man) I'm also a writer like you and thoughts from other writers inspire me to keep going and writing---to our heart's happiness. I hope you can also include me in the growing number of your writer-friends.

  6. Hi, Frances. Haven't been by in quite a while. I'm glad that so many good things are happening in your life and that you are so happy in love.

    Hugs to you!

  7. Hello, englishwoman! Are you English? I find your blog name curious. Thanks for the kind words about this silly little diary.

    Ivy! Your blog is cute. I'll add it to my blogroll. =) That little girl of yours is looking a lot like you the older she gets!

    Servidores/Multifuncional, thanks for dropping by! Thank you, too, for the appreciation =)


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