Saturday, March 22, 2008

This Easter, think Jesus... not Rabbits!

Lots of people are buying baby bunnies this Easter for their kids. Instead, parents should be telling their kids that rabbits or colored eggs have nothing to do with the season. This is the perfect time to tell them about God's love for us--how God sent His only Son to die for our sins, and how this Son, Jesus, overcame sin and death so that we may be saved.

It's the greatest story ever told and yet we choose to tell them silly stories about egg hunts and rabbits. Worse, we buy them rabbits which, by the way, make the most horrible pets for kids. Yes! I'm a rabbit owner and it took me quite some time (and a bit of shock) to learn how to live with these animals. 

Our beloved bunny, Galady

Rabbits have very sharp teeth and claws. I have scars all over my body. Rabbits are ground-loving creatures that hate to be cuddled and lifted. Their prey instincts tell them that when they're lifted, they're being grabbed by a predator, which isn't wrong since humans are the greatest predators! We have to respect that and kids don't understand how such a cute ball of fur can't stand to be grabbed.

Soon, kids begin to dislike the rabbit for its violence (yes, rabbits bite and claw their way out of your arms) and the rabbit ends up neglected and even abused. Please. Don't buy rabbits this Easter. Save these beautiful creatures from certain death or an unloved life. 

Easter is all about life renewed; buying rabbits for children will only sentence them to a miserable life or death.

To learn more about rabbits, please read this Fuzzy Bunny article on bunny care. Thank you. And do have a blessed Easter!

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  1. Hi Frances. Your thought about Easter is really good. Indeed it's Jesus who's the real essence of Easter. The rabbits are just mascots for the event.

    Keep those thoughts pouring in.


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