Thursday, May 29, 2008

Getting ready for the UK!

So, like I said, Vince and I will be flying off to the United Kingdom (I won't say where exactly because I have an ongoing contest) in two weeks. We just bought luggage. Thank goodness Robinsons Galleria has a Bag and Shoe Fair this whole month of May because we were able to buy beautiful luggage from Echolac. Actually, I was content to buy a cheap local brand but Vince said, "If we must buy something, let's check out the expensive brands first then we'll work our way down." He's right; we may actually be able to afford it! And we did!

Echolac is a Japanese brand and from the moment we heard that line, "This is from Japan..." we were sold. So we're super duper happy because we now have lovely respectable luggage that we're sure won't get mangled at the baggage area.

I've booked the hotel, too. For six nights! I really like the Trip Advisor site because customer reviews are honest and brutal so you know which hotels to avoid. Their tag line is "Get the truth. Then go." And so that's where I got the bulk of my research. While I booked a hotel that was GBP 20 over budget (multiply that with six nights and that's P8,000 I didn't want to spend), I'm confident I made the right choice. I was looking for a hotel that had a GBP 100/night rate but Travel Advisor reviews on those hotels were really bad so I'm going with Premier Travel Inn. Not the most cheap for what is supposed to be a budget hotel line but certainly good. Look at how clean it is. I stayed in a Premier Travel Inn in 2006, and I liked it there. Simple, no fuss, convenient. And the breakfast buffet (at a painful GBP 7++) was amazing!

I'm giddy with anticipation. I've just bought a Lonely Planet guide book and it's pretty good since the book tells us what sights are really good to see and what tourist traps we should avoid. I'm also studying travel insurance options. Right now, I'm seriously considering World Nomads. The coverage is USD 300,000 each for Vince and me, and it's quite comprehensive. The sweetest thing about it is I pay just USD 30 for both of us!

Yes, everything's ready for Vince and me! We're super duper excited!

All I worry about now is the rabbits.

*image from Premier Travel Inn website.


  1. Hi Ate Frances! I was a bit hesitant to join the contest because I know you have lots of readers so I thought I might not be the first one to send a comment. So, may nauna na nga pala. Haha! Rose told me about the perfume this morning, I'm so happy! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. =)

  2. By the way, we have the same wedding date, April 18 din kami. Super late na nga ng wedding anniversary date namin eh. Haha! =) It's okay, atleast mag celebrate parin. Inaabangan ko nga dati if you'll blog about how you celebrated your 1st wedding anniv. Anyway, thanks again Ate Frances. Hi to Kuya Vince, kahit hindi nya ako kilala. Have a happy honeymoon! Muah!

  3. Kami nga, Chie, sa June na ang celebration ng first anniv... and honeymoon! Super late talaga.

    Oh, and what did we do for our first wedding anniv? WALA! It was pretty hectic that week and while we didn't forget, sa sobrang stress, walang nangyari. Umiyak nga ako, eh, haha! But we did exchange lovely little gifts (I gave him Moleskine notebooks, he gave me beautiful Art Deco rings) and we're doing the English trip to celebrate both our marriage and our first year of it =)

  4. Hi Frances! Nice to hear that you and Vince is about to have your honeymoon somewhere in UK (UK is big it's up to the readers to find out where. hee...hee...) finally after a year of marriage! Enjoy your honeymoon guys!

    Please keep us posted about the nice (not personal) side of your UK adventure!

  5. wahahahw!!! UK trip! kainggit! enjoy kayo ni vince... honeymoon etoh! :)


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