Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My blog is reborn!

Hehe, not really but it's getting there!

Observe my URL. It's now www.topazhorizon.com! It's like a real website! It's part of my plans for this blog. I've already edited out my too personal posts from the last two years (that was painful, I must admit) and I've begun steering this blog to what matters to me most outside my marriage--the things that make me happy, like movies, magazines, TV shows, music, shopping, etc! Yes, I'm not going to be unhappy and heavy and gloomy anymore. I want to be fun and light and, er, shallow!

This is super exciting for me! This blog has been a great source of release for me in the past when it came to dealing with life's harsh realities, but now, since I'm older and hopefully more mature, I want this blog to start being something else--be a good and happy place, where I can be thrilled about the stuff and ideas that tickle me most, to delight the readers that often stumble upon it, to inform these same readers about how wonderful life is and the fabulous things that make it wonderful.

So good luck to me! And hope you can stick around while I deal with the birth pains. I'm not really good with the Internet and websites and all things related to that. But one must keep learning! If you have any suggestions, please email me at frances@topazhorizon.com. Wow, I have a personal email address! Isn't that great? It excites me a lot but actually, I don't know if that email address works (haha!) so please email me there so I can see! So many things I have to learn with this new beginning!


  1. wow congrats on the new domain!!!

  2. Raf! I know, it's so EXCITING! But it's so sayang at the same time, too. There are so many tools available to me now that I've bought the domain and I have no idea how to use them! =(

  3. How'd you get a new domain? Anyway, I treasure your comments for my blogs! Thanks for being my sister! By the way, I never got those emails re the song line up for manila string machine...

  4. go to your settings. then go to publishing. you'll see an offer there to buy your domain name for a mere $10 a year. you'll need a credit card though. after 3 days, you're in business!

    i also treasure you as my baby bro. it's a bit sad we only get to talk and catch up through our blogs but hey, that's better than nothing!


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