Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And the winners are...

Ria and Zemirah, who are both from Quezon City!

They correctly guessed that the bestselling book that featured Platform 9 and 3/4 in this photo was HARRY POTTER!

Every time I have a contest, I have a different criteria for choosing winners (so that I don't get bored and to encourage my readers to join each time). For this contest, my reasons for choosing the winners are simply because I liked their blogs!

Check out Ria's blog here. And Zemirah's blog here.

Both these lovely girls (and readers of my nutty blog) will receive a beautiful Sun Lustre bronzer from Body Shop's latest makeup collection, the Sun-Kissed Makeup Line. Each bronzer is saucer-sized and comes in an exquisite golden case. It's worth $25 each so, to the two of you, super congrats!

Ria and Zemirah, I will email you with the details on the prize. By the way, Ria, you get the Radiant Blush, and Zemirah, you get Bronze Gleam. Congratulations and thank you for reading my blog!

To the other readers who joined my contest, thank you also. I also loved your side comments and I'm so happy I got all correct answers this time!

*product photo from Body Shop website.


  1. Hi Frances! Wow, thanks! I've never won a blog contest before so this is so cool :D

  2. Hi Ate Frances. Thanks for sharing your London pictures and I enjoyed reading your stories about your honeymoon. =)

  3. Hey Ria and Zemirah! Thanks for the emails. Soooo exciting! I love free stuff, too!

    Chie, hello! Kumusta kay hubby =)

  4. Hi Frances! the bronzer just came in the mail. Didn't think it would be this big and so pretty. Thanks again! :D

  5. got the package! woohoo! thanks Frances!

    sana pwede pa ko manalo next time ;p teehee!


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