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Monday, January 31, 2022

The Topaz Horizon 2022 Giveaway!


Happy New Year, everyone! I was supposed to do this giveaway weeks ago but we had a very busy January so how about we make this a Chinese New Year giveaway instead! 

新 年 快 乐

Xīnnián kuàilè, everyone! That's Mandarin for New Year happiness and that's all I want for all of us this 2022 - happiness that comes from gratitude and good health. Although for this to be a proper Chinese greeting, I should wish prosperity for us as well! So may we all prosper in business, our career, and our bank accounts!

Let's start the good luck with a Topaz Horizon Giveaway! Here's the grand prize:

That's worth P12,000! 

One lucky winner will get:

One (1) signed copy of my book, Not Invisible

This is my memoir of my first 10 years as a mommy! It's a story of faith, hope, and love. It's about welcoming life's surprises and not losing sight of oneself and what matters. Most of all, it's about embracing all the love and joy that comes with family. Definitely a must-read!

One (1) tin of Topaz Horizon scented candle

This special limited edition candle smells soooo good! Even unlit, the sweet and feminine scent wafts everywhere. When I was deciding on what scent to use for my candle, I tried many scents but my husband and kids said that this particular fragrance reminds them of me best. 

One (1) 18 carat gold-plated bookmark

It's in the shape of a feather. I love it because writers of long ago used a quill to write, diba? So I thought it would be nice if you marked your page in my book with this gold-plated quill!

One (1) bottle of Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice

It's the New Year! Let's celebrate with some bubbly! My family and I love Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice. It's festive because of all the bubbles but it's not alcoholic so my kids can share a glass, too.Every bottle is sweet and fruity but it's great for mixing with other juices and alcoholic beverages if you want a little kick. 

One (1) bottle of Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

This is the Chinese New Year Limited Edition bottle. Happy New Year! This is Shiseido's #1 serum with ImuGeneration Technology. It's packed with anti-oxidant rich reishi mushroom and iris root extracts, to strengthen skin, restore firmness and defend against daily damage for skin that’s stronger, smoother, firmer, more hydrated, and resilient. 

One (1) Flawless Age Defy Super Serum and one (1) Flawless Underarm and Body Lightening Deoconcealer

Jumpstart your skincare this 2022 with 5 vials of the Age Defy Serum. It smoothens out fine lines and rejuvenates the skin by promoting cell renewal. Take care of your body, too, for example, the oft-neglected kili-kili! Try the Underarm and Body Lightening Deoconcealer. It's makeup for your underarm, but it also lightens skin tone and provides 24-hour sweat protection!

One (1) Belle de Jour Power Planner 2022

The Belle de Jour Power Planner (prices range from P599 to P1,199) is a planner packed with lifestyle coupons from over 40 brands. You also get access to free mobile and desktop wallpaper downloadables, Spotify playlists, and NEW features this year include free virtual reality meditation videos and 12 Coaching Experiences led by 12 world-renowned experts in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Strengths Finding, Reiki Masters, Holistic Aromatherapists, Business and Beauty Experts, Energy Healers, Positive Psychologists, Motivational and Image Training Professionals in the BDJ Coach Quenza App that you can access from the pages of the BDJ Planner. Woah! 

I'm also giving away these prizes to 2 readers:

1 signed copy of my book, Not Invisible

1 tin of Topaz Horizon scented candle

1 surprise beauty product

How to win:

I'm not doing this giveaway to get more followers. So no need to share this on social media. I just want my Loyal Readers to know about this giveaway. So I just hope you'll write a comment below this post telling me your favorite Topaz Horizon blog post ever and why. Or tell me about one time my blog helped you. Or tell me if I made you buy something haha. That's it!

Easy, right? Basta gusto ko lang malaman if may katuturan pa ang blogging ko haha I know there is, okay. I feel like whether I have readers or not, and whether everyone has moved on to TikTok or nor, I will keep blogging because I just love it. Sixteen years of blogging this 2022. Imagine that!

So just leave a comment! I don't mind whether I get 100 answers, or 20, or even just 5. What matters is my Loyal Readers, the ones who are still around after almost 16 years, are the ones who join and win these prizes. I want to see your names below, okay! 

Please also include your Facebook name or Instagram handle so I know how to contact you if you win. 

I'll publish the comments on Friday night, and announce the winners on February 5, Saturday.

Good luck!



Giveaway winner: Nerisa of Wanderful Mom

Book and candle winners: Noreen DVB and MJ Lagrimas

Please send a message to my blog's Facebook page to claim your prize!

None of the products is sponsored. They are either mine or were given to me but I'd like to share them with you! But if you'd rather buy these awesome products, here's where to get them:

Not Invisible memoir - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Shopee (signed copies)

Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice - all grocery stores and supermarkets,,, and

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate - Rustan's and Zalora

Flawless Age Defy Super Serum - Flawless clinics and website

Flawless Underarm and Body Lightening Deoconcealer - Flawless clinics and website 

Belle de Jour Power Planner - I Love BDJ

Monday, May 24, 2021

What's so good about my 2021! Plus, tell me yours for a chance to get a prize!


Hi everyone! I'm so thrilled to be doing a special giveaway this month. As you might know, it's my blog's 15th anniversary today. Yes, TODAY! Exciting! So Welch's wanted to celebrate by sponsoring a giveaway for my Loyal Readers! 

Thanks so much, Welch’s! 

I know it's only May and the world is still in the grip of the pandemic. But we're not going to let 2021 happen to us, ladies. We're going to make things happen instead!

Already, half the year is almost done and there's still much to be grateful for even in this, the strangest year in my living memory. I'm making today a chance to celebrate what I can be grateful for and because Welch's tag line is #ShareWhatsGood, I'm going to tell you three of the many reasons I thank the heavens.

Let me share with you what's so good about my life lately: 

1. My Not Invisible book 

My first book came out on Amazon in January, was on the bestseller list on its first two weeks, then came out as a paperback here in the Philippines and I've had hundreds of orders. I'm all sold out now! My author's heart is so happy. Thank you!

What's really good: 

I've been so grateful for is all the support, the encouragement, and the orders! People who bought my book shared their thoughts on Facebook and Instagram, some even did a review on their blogs. I've gotten lots of messages about how my book made them cry, made them feel they're understood and not alone. That means so much because when I was a new mom, I also thought I was so alone in all my feelings. So thank you for reading my book, telling everyone about it, and for telling me how you feel about Not Invisible.

2. Lean In Network Manila

Mommy Ginger and I started the local arm of Lean In organization, the global support network for women who want to succeed in life. We celebrate our anniversary this May, too! In the last year, I've met women who are so admirable and inspiring, so raw and honest, funny and encouraging. The miracle is every woman was like that even though all of us were struggling with the difficulties brought about by the pandemic. 

What's really good: 

I look forward to our monthly meetings because not only have I learned so many things and shared so many stories, I also found new friends at a time of isolation. So if you want to be part of Lean In Manila and meet new women who are all about encouragement and empowerment, please join us!

3. My blog!

I guess it's the pandemic. Maybe people are home a lot and they have more time now to read blogs? I don't know what it is but my page views have gone up again this past year. With the advent of social media, my blog's stats went down over the years but now readership is up again. I dunno what happened. I didn't do anything different. But I'm grateful!

What's really good: 

Well, it's the 15th birthday of Topaz Horizon. That means 15 years of happiness as a writer! My blog also made it possible for me to have a new career when my magazine one died, allowed me to stay home and be with my babies because of the brand sponsorships I got (thanks, brands!), brought me to many fun and beautiful places with my family, and made me able to experience new products and food I'd never have imagined or only dreamed about. Thank you! 

Most of all, I met so many friends online who became my friends IRL. You, my dear Loyal Readers, made my dream life possible. Thank you so much!

There are many other wonderful things about this year. Our pet hamsters have given us so much joy. My neighbors have formed a close-knit community we didn't have before quarantine. I've reconnected with old friends I've previously been too busy to talk to. I've probably chatted with my Amper family more than I ever have in years. And of course, my husband and my little boys - they've been so great! 
Now it's your turn!

Tell everyone what's so good about 2021. Just one thing! And you will get a chance to win these:

The prize includes:

1. 1 big bottle of Welch's 100% Grape Juice - for your heart health! 
2. 2 small bottles of Welch's 100% Grape Juice - to boost your immune system! 
3. 2 bottles of Welch's Cranberry Juice Cocktail - for your daily dose of antioxidants!  
4. 1 bottle of Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice - to celebrate your win! 
5. 1 copy of my book, Not Invisible: A Memoir - for a sneak peek at my life as a wife and mom for the last 10 years! 

I will also slip in a surprise beauty product!!! 

How to join:

If you have Instagram, do these:

1. Share a photo either as a post on your IG feed or even in your IG Stories (please set to public so Welch's and I can see!). That photo represents your answer to my question: 

"What's so good about 2021?"

2. Tell everyone about what you're grateful for this year. It can be a person, a pet, a thing, a place, an event - anything! As long as it's a good thing and worth celebrating. Your post can be short or long but make sure you...

3. Don't forget to use the hashtags: #Grateful #ShareWhatsGood. Very important!

4. Follow @welchs_ph and @francesampersales. Tag us on your post so we can see!

If you have Facebook, do Steps 1-3 above but kindly follow and tag the pages of Welch's PH and Topaz Horizon Blog instead.

I'll choose 3 winners* on May 31, 2021. One from Instagram, one from Facebook, and one from my Facebook Live tonight at 9 pm! Yes, just head on over to for my 15 Questions Answered live streaming! 

That's it! Thanks in advance for sharing your story of hope and gratitude! Can't wait to see you #ShareWhatsGood about your year, too!

UPDATE: Announcement of winners!

Yvette Carla Soriano         Mafeth Madrigal-Molina          Iza Therese

*Winners must have a Philippine address.

*This post is brought to you by Welch's. Welch's 100% Grape Juice, Juice Cocktails, Sparkling Juices, and Fruit Snacks are available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores. You can have your favorite health drink delivered right to your doorstep! Visit the Ace Food Service website, or place your order in the following online groceries: Metro Mart, Lazmart, and Waltermart.

Friday, January 01, 2021

My first vision board ever and it's for 2021

Happy 2021! First day of the new year. I super love the hope new beginnings bring. So last night, as we were all waiting for midnight to ring in the new year, I went through magazines to make something I've never done before: a vision board.

Many of the powerful and successful women I know say they create a vision board for their life, their business, their family, their year. So it sounds like a great idea to start any project, any aspect of your life, or every year. And yet I've never made one till today. I dunno why. But I do know why I'm making one for the first time now. I never needed it before because I was always fairly successful in most everything I've done. But that's the thing: fairly successful. Not spectacularly successful. Maybe a vision board will help! 

So here's my vision board:

It's all words, I know. I'm inspired by words. I love pictures but they don't really stir much in me. That's why when I was a kid, I never really believed in "a picture is worth a thousand words." When I was going through magazines, these were the words that called out to me. To me, they mean a lot more than what they read. So let me explain:

Be a better business owner.
I'm an entrepreneur with a thriving writing, editing, PR consulting, and blogging business. Yet I know I can do better. Here's how: Be kinder to myself and not say yes to everything in the contract. Stick to my rates. Meet deadlines. Make better content for clients. Send invoices ASAP. Don't be shy to follow up my checks. Update my accounting books every month instead of every end of the year. See? Lots of areas for improvement!

It is time to bloom where you are planted.
The key phrase here is "it is time." That's the whole reason I cut out that sentence. I almost always bloom where I'm planted because I planted myself there to begin with. But in 2020, plans were derailed. I was planted at home. I was okay with staying put but frustrated with being a housewife. I'm not a good housewife. But maybe this 2021, it's time for me to bloom into a good one!

Be yourself. Work hard.
I'm an advocate for being yourself. I'm so self-aware, however, that I realized I'm turning down opportunities more often than I should because I know I can't do it - either because I lack the talent and skills or because it will take me away from my kids (and I tell myself that this is a noble excuse). I mean, there's saying no because it's truly not worth it but then there's saying no because you're scared or you're lazy. So the important part is "work hard." Enough of navel-gazing and let's start doing! This year, I should say yes more to projects people believe I can do. I mean, if they can see me doing it, then I must be capable, right? No more self-doubt!

Last year, I spent more time consuming than creating. Binged on Netflix shows and movies. Watched makeup-and-murder videos, tiny home tours, and royal docus on YouTube. Read books. Read tons of articles. Listened to Taylor Swift's folklore album too many times. All good, of course. I keep thinking of Stephen King when he said that his consumption of other art is part of his work. It feeds him. So he spends 4 hours every day reading... and then he spends the rest of the day writing. Consume - create. That should be my pattern. 

(I did create something wonderful in 2020! I'll tell you all about it soon!)

Bring goodness to the world through everyday living.
That's the key phrase: "everyday living." We all have big goals of changing the world in an impactful way then make small evil decisions to get there. You know, for the greater good. It should be my goal to make the world a better place with my daily choices. That means small but good decisions all the time. 

Hold the babies. Run the errands. Do all the things.
Okay, dangerous territory. I can't possibly do ALL the things. But it called out to me. It told me, "Be a good mom. Do the good work. You can do it all and have it all and it's not going to be easy but try it anyway!" Ya. Like I said a few paragraphs ago, sometimes I don't try because I know it's too hard, and as Yoda said, "Do or do not. There is no try." So I don't. Now I think that that's prevented me from doing a lot of things I could've been good at, or maybe I could've failed at. That's not the point. The point is to try. This 2021, I will try to do all the things.

Change the world.
Big goal but that world doesn't have to literally be the planet (although if we all take two tiny jabs of the COVID-19 vaccine, for example, that can truly change the world!). The world can be my kids' world. Or my husband's world. Or my friend's world. As we talked about earlier, small decisions, small kindnesses, small favors can actually change someone's life in a big way. Never ever underestimate the small things we do for others!

Just enjoy.
Lots of goals and, to be honest, I don't know if I can do them all or consistently. So this is a reminder to pause sometimes and appreciate my amazing life. It's already good where I am now and, yes, lots of improvement needed in many areas, but that shouldn't make me unhappy and full of discontent. Just enjoy the ride while we move towards new destinations!

And that's my 2021 vision board!!!

I used the Dream Board spread of the 2021 Belle de Jour Power Planner for my vision board. If you want to do the same, I'm giving away one BDJ Power Planner 2021! Join join join! I pick a winner on Sunday!

Monday, August 17, 2020

My list of things I celebrate - no matter what! Plus, a giveaway from Welch’s Sparkling Rosè

Because my family and I have been enjoying the newest sparkling drink in town, I decided to share the happiness by giving away Welch’s Sparkling Rosè to 3 of my blog readers! Hooray!

That's the great thing about Welch's Sparkling Juices - there's white, red, and the pretty pink rosè - they make us want to celebrate! We keep a chilled bottle ready for whatever happy occasion. And even in these crazy times, there's always a reason to celebrate. We just need to open our eyes to what's good in our lives and choose to honor it.

Let me share with you my own list on why I choose to be happy:

1. My family is together. 

And in the 5 months we've been stuck together at home, we haven't killed each other! Wow, we really do like each other! Kidding aside, I'm happy I'm with the people I love most in the world. I know so many other families aren't together or their work exposes them every day they need to leave the house. So I'm grateful. Really beyond grateful I have my boys with me.

2. We are all healthy.

It's been 150+ days and so far, so good. Please let us be healthy forever, Lord.

3. Vito turned 10!

Actually, all my sons had their birthdays in quarantine. While we always celebrated their birthdays at home, we do miss the fun we had after the kids blow out the candles on their cake. We'd usually go to Kidzoona or Kidzania. But why look for something you can't have? This year's birthdays were fun, too! This year's new tradition: the treasure hunt for their gifts! So fun! Kahit maliit bahay namin, and daming hiding places pala. The kids had a blast!

4. I'm learning watercolor painting.

I signed up for May de Jesus-Palacpac's watercolor classes and look at what I made at our first class!

I'm so happy. May is such a good teacher. I'm going to get her to teach my kids painting for the art class of our homeschooling this year.

We've been busy with hobbies these past 5 months. My kids have been learning to play the piano on their own, no classes or video tutorials. They've also been creating their own board games, writing books. My husband bought a 3D printer and he's been printing out these amazing things and learning to paint them, too. So fun!

5. We discovered lots of good food and good neighbors.

I'm going to blog about all my food discoveries this quarantine. I try to cook every day (lessen exposure to the outside world ba) but nakakapagod siya. Etong quarantine, parang wala na akong ginawa kundi magluto! My kids seem to have black holes for stomachs! So thank the heavens for restaurants and new food businesses.

Another thing I'm grateful for is my neighbors. I don't think I can ever live without pasabuy anymore. Meron pang freebies. We just Viber each other, "I have extra rambutan. Who wants?", "I baked cookies. Who wants to taste?", "I'm growing lettuce. P120 a kilo. Who wants?" or "Naubusan ako ng cheese. Pwede pahingi?" Even if the world goes back to normal, I need this newfound neighborliness forever!

I'm also so happy that Welch's renewed their sponsorship of my blog!

I like Welch's. Kaya nga I endorse all their products! Not only are they delicious, they're good for the body, too. And now they just launched their new bubbly, Welch’s Sparkling Rosè.

It's a non-alcoholic drink so everyone in your family can have a glass. It has a light taste - a little sweet and a little tart - that's made delightfully refreshing because of all the bubbles! Even though quarantine is still in effect, we didn't put off our celebrations and you bet Welch’s Sparkling Rosè was part of every celebration - kahit simple Sunday lunch lang, a bottle is there! Elevate experiences, diba?

You, too, can raise a glass and celebrate any occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, virtual graduations, baby showers) with Welch’s Sparkling Rosè. You can get Welch’s Sparkling Rosè at Waltermart, Robinsons Supermarket, and Landers. You may also have Welch’s Sparkling Rosè and other Welch’s juices delivered at your doorstep by visiting You can also order from the following online groceries:, Lazmart, and

Join my giveaway!

Or you can join my blog giveaway! I have 3 sets of gift bags, each with 2 bottles of Welch’s Sparkling Rosè. For you and a friend. Or both for you!

Just leave a comment below telling me what you're happy about. It can be one thing or it can be a dozen reasons to celebrate! Make sure you leave your Facebook name or Instagram handle so I can reach out to you in case you win.

I'm going to pick ONE WINNER from the comments. Then next week, I'll have a Facebook giveaway. And then another one on Instagram after! Good luck!

For more #realgrapegoodness from #welchssparklingjuices and #welchsph, follow @welchs_ph on Instagram and #sharewhatsgood!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Fontanilla G. Tina! You won my Welch's Sparkling Rosè giveaway! Please send me a DM over my Topaz Horizon Facebook page to claim your prize =)

*This post is brought to you by Welch's.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

I'm back! I'm still alive!

Hello, everyone!!! Just a quick note on ze blog since some of my dearest Loyal Readers have been sending me messages wondering why I've suddenly disappeared. Thank you for your love and concern!

Well, I got sick. I had a nagging cough that plagued me on and off for 3 weeks. I would feel better around Wednesday, then start coughing again when Friday hits. So weird! Since there's that awful novel coronavirus going around, I was definitely more anxious about my cough than I usually am. It wasn't bad enough to give me asthma attacks (thank You, God!), but it was bad enough so that I felt sorry for myself and for everyone around me when I coughed. Even when I wore a face mask (n95 levels!), I really saw everyone around me cringe.

I promise I don't have the nCoV, guys! It was just acute bronchitis. Still a biggie but, yeah, being sick in these times is extra anxiety-inducing than ever. Stay safe, everyone! Wash your hands and don't touch your face!

Don't touch your face!!!
So I haven't blogged in 3 weeks. Boy, I missed a lot! I have drafts here of what I think of the Harry and Meghan royal exit, how JLo and Shakira's Super Bowl performance affected me, my beauty hauls from Calyxta and BeautyMNL, our play day at Cheeky Monkeys, my suggestions for wedding gifts, and a few work-related stories like tips on blogging and freelancing. I'll still publish those, okay???

To make your visit today to the blog worth it, let me do a little Valentine's Day giveaway! Just comment down below which delayed blog post you'd like me to publish! That's all and please leave your Facebook name OR Instagram handle so I know how to contact you in case you win.

This is the prize: a K-Glow Facial with Rejuvelite from Flawless Skin & Body Clinic!!!

I'll do a review of this fabulous facial soon. It's a deeply hydrating facial that will give you that enviable glass skin of Koreans! I haven't tried it yet. I'm scheduling it last week of February and you can bet I am so excited to try it! Try it, too! Join my giveaway! I'll pick a winner on Monday. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Monday, December 02, 2019

Manuel Baldemor for MBaldemor x beabi Limited Edition Floral Symphony Collection

I buy my giant fans and brandless containers from beabi. I love it for being so anonymous. So I was quite surprised that it launched a collection of bags that had a big name on it: Manuel Baldemor.

Here I am with Mr. Baldemor and the beabi VIPs. I won a bag sa raffle!
Mr. Baldemor is a painter, sculptor, book illustrator, and printmaker. He's a writer, too. Basically, he's someone I would want to be when I grow up! He started painting at 8 years old and became a folk artist. He told us at the exhibit and launch at Ronac Art Center that he's always loved flowers because he was surrounded by them in childhood. “Flowers, for me, are universal, a symbol of peace, love, and have unspoken language of diplomacy,” Mr. Baldemor told MEGA magazine.

I wore a dress with tiny flowers to match my floral surroundings.

So for beabu, Mr. Baldemor selected three of his paintings for the MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection. This is beabi’s way to bring Baldemor’s art to a wider audience and to make art wearable and functional. It's also a lovely way to add beauty to our endless chores and errands, right, mamas? 

The Mbaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection consists of three designs: Flowers Are A Joy Forever, Flowers Speak From The Heart, and Amazing Grace. The MBaldemor x beabi Floral Symphony Collection is only available at all beabi stores nationwide and online at until stocks last.

I finally met Doll Up Mari beauty vlogger Mari Perez!

Or you can get your own bag from ME! Yes, I would like to share my Mbaldemor x beabi tote bag with a Loyal Reader! All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me your favorite memory of flowers. It could be the first rose you ever got, your wedding bouquet, the crushed flowers your little one gives you from your garden—anything! I just want to know.

Make sure to also tell me your Facebook name with your answer so I know how to contact you in case you win. Comments will be published when I pick the winner. I'll announce who won next Monday! 


The winner is Shirley Mae Tabora for telling us her love story with a touch of the divine.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Empowering mamas is what I want to do (plus, a giveaway!)


One of the best things about having a blog is I get to know a lot of other women and their stories. Many of my Loyal Readers tell me they're inspired by my own stories, which really surprises me because that's how I feel for my readers' stories! Many times, I seriously don't know how to navigate this life but many of you always give me advice, offer tips and tricks, and share times when you went through what I'm going through and then tell me I'm going to be okay. It's so nice that we help each other, encourage each other, and just cheer each other on with our experiences and wisdom. Thanks, mamas!

Empowering women (and men!) is why the Boss Bellas workshop series exists.

I think it's wonderful that we live in a time when we women are now more encouraging of each other. Women are always pitted against each other. We compete with each other on who's prettier, sexier, has the best guy, best nails, best kids, best bags, best whatever. I used to be that way—envious, petty and mean. I admit it and I regret it.

But now when I see posts on social media, it's not envy I see but a "You go, girl!" attitude. When we see other women looking amazing, we say, "You look amazing!" When we see other women making their dreams come true, we leave comments like, "You deserve this! Congrats!" When we see other women talking about feeling low, we always send virtual hugs and hearts. Of course, there are still trolls, but I see more love than hate, and I so love that women are now getting together and supporting each other!

On a more personal note, I'm seriously inspired by you all. Even when I'm whining or ranting or being maarte, you always always always cheer me up. Even when you disagree with me and what I write, you ladies engage me in such a way that either we agree to disagree or I change my mind! Thanks for inspiring me, encouraging me, and empowering me. I hope I do the same for you, dearest Loyal Readers!

Anyway, ang haba ng intro. I'm writing this — and this is not a sponsored post! — I'm writing this because Avon told me that August is when they celebrate empowered women everywhere. Now, I'm sure you all know Avon. Avon is a direct-selling company that attracts women because it allows women to earn from home. This has changed a lot of women's lives. Wives help their husbands earn, easing the men's burden to provide. Mothers get extra income for their families' needs. Mothers can quit their office jobs, be with their children, and still make money. Single moms can provide for their families — no men needed. A working woman is an empowered woman! And an empowered woman makes great changes in her family and in her society.

Avon celebrates the empowered woman in two ways: First, this video of their beautiful ambassadors, Ruffa Gutierrez, Jodi Sta. Maria, and Jennylyn Mercado, who happen to be working mamas. Avon believes that Ruffa, Jodi and Jennylyn will inspire other working mamas because they've overcome many struggles — failed relationships, career setbacks, vile gossip. Here's the short video:

Second way that Avon is celebrating empowered women is by offering four must-have products that will help all women stay on top of their game all day, every day. Thanks for sending these to me, Avon! Here are the photos and descriptions from the press kit with my own comments after (I was supposed to take the photos myself but, mamas, I'm so busy with childcare and household chores! Hindi na kaya. Ewan ko ba. I need to be empowered, too!):

Imari Bold
Described as a warm and sophisticated scent that evokes passion and control, Imari Bold’s captivating smell is the easiest way to add a touch of understated class to your look and stay confident all-day long. 

I love this! Imari is my second-ever perfume (the first one is Sweet Honesty, also an Avon scent). Imari has other variants now and I really like Imari Bold because it has a sweet fruity-floral fragrance. I bring it in my purse every day! I love that it's my favorite color, too. 

Buy it—now only P399!

Cassandra Underwire Cami Bra
Looking for a bra that literally changes depending on your needs? Look no further! Avon’s Cassandra Underwire bra with removable/movable high neck lace cami lets you wear it in different ways. And the best part? It comes in a beautiful purple shade that complements just about any other item you have in your closet. 

It's nice, no? You can wear it two ways—one for showing off cleavage, and one for covering it up prettily. Two bras in one!

Buy it—now only P479!

Love Yourself Bangle
A simple but gorgeous imitation-gold half bangle with the phrase “Believe in Yourself” that aims to serve as a daily reminder to all women to always appreciate and assert your worth. Buy it!

Okay, I love this. I want to make a lot in gold, silver, and rose gold and emblazon them all with empowering statements!

Buy it—now only P349!

Briana Shoulder Bag
A tasteful two-tone leatherette bag that can fit all your everyday essentials without sacrificing style, it’s also perfect for adding a pop of color to your ensemble. From work to play, this bag is the perfect companion for modern women who are not afraid of stepping out of their comfort zones in the name of pursuing their passion. 

A tote bag in my two favorite colors! It's nice and roomy, too, and adds a pop of color to corporate uniforms or, if you work in a creative environment, it's bright and fun. If you're a mommy, this is perfect for all your mama needs.

Buy it—now only P549!


That's why I'm giving away the Briana shoulder bag to one Loyal Reader! Just post on the comments below an empowering experience as a mother. I'll publish all the comments when I announce the winner* on September 4, Monday. Hooray!

Thanks, Avon, for sending me these wonderful gifts. God bless you more for empowering so many women all over the world!


Don’t have an Avon Representative? Shop online at Visit or like Avon Philippines on Facebook to find out how you can get in touch with a Representative. 

Want to order Avon on-the-go? Download the Avon Brochure application from the Google Play or Apple Store to start browsing our latest brochure today! The Avon Brochure app will connect you to a nearby Representative, so you can enjoy personalized service.

*winner must have a Philippine address that Xend delivers to. Winner may also pick up the prize at my home. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Join the Nickelodeon Slime Cup Run 2017! Plus, a giveaway!!!


Hi mommies! I'm with Nickelodeon now!

I'm still the editor of but I took on the Nickelodeon gig because my kids love their shows. As I type, we are watching Peppa Pig. The other shows we watch (yes, we because I have to watch with them!) are Spongebob Squarepants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Loud House, The Fairly Odd Parents, Alvin & The Chipmunks, and Rabbids Invasion. What do your kids watch?

Anyway, I'm here to announce that the super fun Nickelodeon Slime Cup Run is back! Mommies, I saw the race track na and it is AMAZING. The theme this year is a slime factory so they designed an obstacle course that will have you slip through entrance tubes, slide down clean up pipes, jump into a ball mill, treading carefully through filtration pipes, and finally getting a complete wash down... with slime of course! You and your kids (and your pets!) will have so much fun!

Plus, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be there! And Kids Choice Awards Favorite Pinoy Star 2017 winner Nadine Lustre will be handing out the awards to everyone who crosses the finish line! And you'll get slimed at the finish line!

Don't worry—there's a lot of shower areas to clean up afterwards. You can also opt to NOT get slimed, but as my mommy blogger friend Shari of The Misty Mom said, "I want to get slimed!" Slime is part of the fun!

In case you'd rather sit it out, meron din Nickster's Hub where you can relax and enjoy the booths of the sponsors: Nissin Pasta, Propan TLC, Skechers Kids, Toy Kingdom, Pet Express, venue partner Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, official cable partner SkyCable, and media partner

Join the Nickelodeon Slime Cup Run now! Register family and friends at Chris Sports branches at SM Mall of Asia, Glorietta, Market! Market!, SM North, and SM Megamall. You may also pre-register online at You have to register before May 24 so you can get your race kits which will include singlets.

Registration fees per race starting from P350 to P600 will apply. Proceeds will go to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) so if you know someone who loves animals but isn't joining the Slime Cup Run because they think it's just for families, tell them they can join it and raise money for animals instead!

And now... A GIVEAWAY!

Because I'm new at Nickelodeon, I'm debuting with a fun giveaway!

THE PRIZE: One (1) winner of four (4) race kits for the 4K Double Loop Run!

1. Share one or both of the posters below with your Facebook friends and/or Instagram followers.
2. Say why you want to be at the Slime Cup Run!
3. Share this link:
4. Use the hashtags #SlimeCupRunPH and #THxNickelodeon.
5. Pray. =D

I'll pick the lucky mommy (or daddy) on Monday, May 22, 6pm. Good luck!!!


Monday, March 14, 2016

Topaz Horizon is officially now a mommy blog. So let's do a mega mom giveaway!


Well, not really a mommy blog. Topaz Horizon will now just be the lifestyle blog of someone who happens to be a mommy. I've been announcing this forever but today, after more than six years of blogging about my parenting adventures over at Topaz Mommy, I am merging my lifestyle and mommy blogs into one. Topaz Horizon is now the lifestyle blog of a writer, editor, wife... and mom.

This won't actually become a mommy blog; it's just going to have a few parenting-related posts now and then. By that, I mean parenting in a general term, not necessarily about my kids. As I explained over at my very last post on Topaz Mommy, I'm finding it harder and harder to talk about my kids the older they get. So I'm going to have to find a way to celebrate motherhood without involving my kids. How I'm going to do that, I do not know! But I'll figure something out.

To celebrate the new direction of Topaz Horizon, I'm doing a mega giveaway! As a (former) mom blogger, I have a lot of stuff sent my way. Many of them I never got to use. So why not share them all to one lucky mommy? Yes, all these for one winner!


i-Angel Hip Seat Baby Carrier. This was a gift from i-Angel (thanks so much!) but we never got to use it because, well, I'm a housewife who works at home. I hardly ever go out of the house! So super sayang because my friends love this, especially when they travel. This carrier distributes baby's weight so your back and shoulders don't die. I'll feature this amazing baby carrier next week so you'll want to get one! I think any mom and dad would love to have this carrier worth P6,995!

To know more about i-Angel, click here.   

Nuby stackable suction bowls (set of 3) and a no-spill, flip-it top drinking bottle. We got three sets of these cuties but my first two boys are already using grown-up plates and glasses so I'm giving away a set. My bunso baby loves these! Nuby is new in the country and I like the brand for its baby-friendly, easy-to-wash, vibrantly colored and affordable products. I'll write more about Nuby soon!

To see the complete line of Nuby products, click here.

L'Indochine ikat-and-stripe tote from their travel collection. I got this from a fab event at L'Indochine, the home and style store of all things from Indochina. This is such a nice bag! Designed to hold your essentials in a chic and sturdy way, this tote will soon be your favorite bag. My friends love it sooo much! We love the big, fat tassel. So on trend now with all the big bag charms so hot with all the fashion girls!

Be part of the community of L'Indochine lovers and like their Facebook page.   

Lee and Town 100% Muslin Swaddle Blanket from BabyPodManila. Made from organic cotton, this blanket is perfect for babies and toddlers because it's breathable, soft and ultra comfy. I actually really do love it but I have so many muslin cloths already! Let's share!

To know more about this swaddle blanket, click here.

Maternalove Signature Multiway Dress. Never used which was such a shame because I'd have loved to wear this! One dress that can be worn in multiple ways—from pregnancy to breastfeeding to back to normal (is there ever a normal for us moms?). I didn't get to wear it because it was too small for me. This dress is a medium, by the way. So if you're a tiny girl, this will be perfect!

To see the other ways you can wear this versatile dress, click here.

Elin nursing cover. This is the Billie Multiway Wrap. You can use it as a shawl, a scarf, cape, poncho, and of course as a breastfeeding cover! So useful! This is from, my favorite brand of maternity and nursing wear. I'm wearing an Elin nursing top right now as I type actually because I'm still a breastfeeding mama and I can attest to the softness, comfort and style of every Elin item!

To see more Elin dresses, tops, and nursing covers, click here.

Mustela Maternité Stretchmarks Prevention Oil for mommy and Mustela Bébé Facial Cream for baby. I have always always always LOVED Mustela products. My kids have been using Mustela for years! Every product they offer is the best for skin—mommy's and baby's!

To know more about Mustela and how it cares for skin, click here.

LUX Perfume Bath Collection. I'm giving away a one-year supply of the body wash! Showering is going to be such a sensory experience! Plus, you'll smell great all day! I'll throw in the bar soaps, too!

LUX is available at leading supermarkets and drugstores.

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy line, which includes the dermo-cleanser, cream and body lotion. You all know I'm a huge fan of Physiogel. Best body lotion I've tried! So it's perfect for the rapidly changing skin of a pregnant woman and the usually neglected skin of a busy mommy. It's even great for baby's skin!

To know more about how Physiogel cares for sensitive skin, click here.

Desk calendar from SnapperDoodles. Oh this is the prettiest calendar! It also comes with just-as-pretty notepads. I actually wanted to keep it but I already have two planners and one wall calendar. So let's give this pretty thing away!

To see more items from SnapperDoodles, click here.

Moleskine Baby Journal. This planner is made for the pregnancy years, through infancy up until toddler age. I love the embossed leather cover. I also love the no-nonsense look of the pages inside because it lets moms who like to keep things simple have an uncluttered, fuss-free experience. At the same time, if you're the crafty kind, the absence of decoration just begs to be personalized!

To see the inside pages of this special journal, click here.

Let's look at the prizes one more time. The winner will get all these!

These are all gifts to me by the generous brands who love moms everywhere. These are all unused. And they're all just waiting for you to win them in one fell swoop!

Best of all, this giveaway is open to ALL of my Loyal Readers. You don't have to be a mommy to join. You can be a husband. You can be a friend. You can be a group of friends who want to give these to a friend who is pregnant or a new mom. You can be a group of mommy friends who would like to share the prizes. So giveaway is open to all!

  1. Leave a comment below on your favorite blog post on Topaz Horizon. You can also tell me what topics you like to read about here on my blog. 
  2. Share this post with your friends! I don't mind how—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—or how many times, once, twice, thrice. Bahala na kayo! Just use the hashtag #TopazHorizonMegaMomGiveaway so I can easily find it.
That's it! How easy is that?

Contest will run for two weeks. I'm not going to publish the comments till the end para walang gayahan ng sagot hehe. Winner will be randomly chosen. Like I said, anyone can join! I'll announce the lucky winner on March 28, 6 p.m. Good luck, y'all!

  1. If winner doesn't contact me within a week of announcement, I will pick a new winner.
  2. Winner must pick up the prize. I will not ship or deliver! You may send a representative to pick up the prize, just tell me who the person is and tell him/her to bring an ID.
  3. If winner doesn't pick up the prize within one month, I will pick a new winner.

I loved each and every answer, from old readers to new ones who just happened to drop by, from men and women! So I did a raffle and Rocel's name was picked! Congrats!!! Send me a message via my blog's Facebook page to claim your prizes.

Thank you to everyone who joined!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Win a fab makeover from Lifestyle Salon by Louis Phillip Kee!


Just in time for Valentine's Day, wouldn't it be nice to get a makeover from the master stylist Louis Phillip Kee and his über posh Lifestyle Salon in BGC?

Louis has been cutting and coloring my hair since 2006. Ten years this March! Here are just a few of my looks created by Louis:
Pretty pink
Fiery red
Rich brown

Rumor has it that if you don't have a boyfriend and you go to Louis to have your hair done, you'll get a boyfriend within a year! Rumor also has it that if you do have a boyfriend and you go to Louis to have your hair done, your boyfriend will propose within a year! I didn't believe it because when I went to Louis that March 2006, I was in the firm belief that I was never going to get married. That December, yes just 9 months later, I was engaged. True story!

My theory is you come out of the salon looking so absolutely amazing, which gives you a huge confident boost, which makes you extra sexy!

So obviously, for Valentine's Day, what am I going to give away to my readers??? A fantabulous makeover from Lifestyle Salon by Louis Phillip Kee!!!

I'm gifting these makeovers to TWO readers. Each will win P10,000 worth of salon services. That's enough to have your hair cut, colored, styled and treated. Add a mani and pedi, too. Or have your makeup done. You can do whatever you like with P10,000!!!

Here's how to win:
1. Like the Facebook page of Lifestyle Salon by Louis Phillip Kee.
2. Post this on your Facebook: "I want to win a fantabulous makeover from Lifestyle Salon by Louis Phillip Kee and Topaz Horizon! Click this link to join:" If you want to add why or a selfie or whatever, you are free to do so!
3. Tag my Topaz Horizon page so I can find your post. And make sure it's set to public because I won't be able to see it if it's just for your friends. Add this hashtag na rin #THxLPK so I can really find your post!

That's it! I'll pick the two lucky winners on February 7. I will announce it on this blog post and on my Facebook page. So if you don't read my blog and if you don't like my Facebook page, you won't know you won. I'll give the winners just three days to contact me. If I hear nothing, I'll choose a new winner!

I will send the gift certificates to the winners. So Philippine addresses only! But kayo na bahala how you get to the salon, okay? GCs lang ang pinamimigay ko, not transportation and per diem allowance, okay? Okay? Good luck!

UPDATE Feb. 7, 2016


The winners of this fab makeover are...
Ri Palacios
Emilie Canapi Prades-Udasco

Please send me a message over at Facebook to claim your gift certificates. Enjoy your new look! I'm so excited for you!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gift idea from Fully Booked: Coloring books for grownups! (Plus, a giveaway!)


Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past year, you'd know that adult coloring books are a big thing now. Huge. Like, my Facebook feed is full of people showing off their coloring pages. 

I'm obsessed with the Japanese patterns book!

So I hitched a ride on the adult coloring books bandwagon and, well, it's been fun. I wouldn't say I was relaxed by it, which is the main reason why this trend exploded—it's supposed to relieve us grown-ups from stress as it is a calming activity. I tried it but I think it's an activity meant to be done when you're all alone. Or when you're with fellow grownups. No kids bumping your elbow and thus messing up your work. No kids yelling at you to "Use this purple pencil on that fish, Mama!" No kids trying to destroy your house and so you get up in a rush to rescue the TV and then when you come back to your coloring activity, you find that the baby has picked up an angry orange marker and slashed away at your meticulously colored page. 

Yes, it's definitely an activity with no kids involved!

Still, I've been able to do a few pages and I did enjoy it. See here:
Used my favorite colors—orange and pink—and then used gold and silver, too.
My son Vito helped me color these "rainbow umbrellas." That's what he calls them. 
I'm still doing the sky page while Vito does the hills page. That's what he calls them, too!

I have a few more coloring books that I got from Fully Booked. Lemme share them with you so you can see what fun they are!

Fully Booked has a lot of adult coloring books that will suit various personalities. Check these out and see which one fits yours:
For the animal lover.
For the fan of all things pretty.
For the woman who is intentional in everything she does.
For people who like repetition and symmetry.

I'm the last type. I like patterns. For me, patterns are soothing. My mommy life is chaotic enough already so the repetition and predictability of patterns calm me. 

If you'd also like to join the adult coloring book craze, Fully Booked has great news for you! They have a promo right now called "My Colorful Christmas Raffle." Fifty (yes, that's 50!) lucky shoppers will win colorful prizes this holiday season! Here's how:
  • The promo runs from November 15 to December 15 at all Fully Booked Metro Manila branches. Participating branches include: Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street, Fully Booked Alabang Town Center, Fully Booked Rockwell, Fully Booked Katipunan, Fully Booked SM Mall of Asia, Fully Booked SM Megamall, Fully Booked SM North EDSA, Fully Booked Trinoma, Fully Booked Greenhills, Fully Booked Greenbelt 5, Fully Booked Century City Mall, Fully Booked Eastwood Mall, Fully Booked Taft and Fully Booked Glorietta 3. 
  • Every P300 purchase on adult coloring books entitles the shopper one (1) raffle entry to join the My Colorful Christmas promo. Only single-receipt purchases are qualified to claim raffle entries. Receipts used for claiming raffle entries will be stamped in the back and any excess amount in the receipt will be considered void and cannot be used in the next redemption. 
  • Just show your original receipt/s to the Fully Booked Customer Service counter to verify the purchase and fill up the raffle entry/s. Drop completed entries in the designated My Colorful Christmas raffle drop box at the branch you’re in. Keep your raffle stubs safe as you’ll need this for claiming prizes. 
  • Fifty (50) winners will be drawn on Monday, December 21. Winners will be notified by registered email and other contact information provided in the entry. 
  • Prizes include a 10-piece coloring book set, coloring materials, Fully Booked gift certificates, and a 2016 Planner. 

So easy! Just buy coloring books worth at least P300, get a raffle ticket, and hope you win the fun prizes! 

But wait! Fully Booked sent me extra coloring books to give away to MY Loyal Readers! This is what I'm giving away:

It's so pretty! And you can win this book! All you have to do is leave a comment below completing this sentence: 

"My favorite color is __________ because __________."

That is all!!! I'll publish all the answers when contest ends so that no one copies or gets discouraged by the other answers, okay?

I'll pick five (5) of the best answers (my criteria—can be made me laugh, made me cry, made me think) on December 4! Then I'll announce the winners on my Facebook page. So I hope you like my Topaz Horizon page because you won't know you won unless you're a fan! Have fun! Good luck! Live colorfully!


1. Mary Louise Sanchez
2. Michelle Namilit
3. Ma. Cristina Marchan
4. Rhen E.
5. Lory Alba

Please send me a message on my Toapz Horizon Facebook page to claim your prize.

* * * * * * *
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