Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Off shopping today!

Halloo, dear neglected readers!

It's been very cold in this neck of the woods--a season which is rare in the tropical paradise that is the Philippines and even rarer in the noisy, smelly, polluted jungle that is Manila. On one hand, my skin is parched and dry; on the other hand, my scarves, coats, thick stockings and cardigans have been dug out of the closet and seen the light of the watery sun.

December to February, being the cool months, is also the season for weddings and parties. In the past few weeks alone, we've gotten so many party and wedding invitations. Hence, I've been away from y'all. And now I just discovered I've nothing to wear anymore to the next round of parties so my sister Jacqui and I are off to get some brand new threads! Will update with a real nice post soonest!

Take care!


  1. ohhh... parties and weddings mean shopping and new dresses... : )

  2. Sounds like a great way to spend the day!
    Sounds like it got cold in Manila and warm in Texas! I was driving with the convertible top down today, it was an amazing afternoon. :-D

  3. Oh well since you're getting some cold weather, think we could borrow some of your warm weather over here? We've been freezing for months! haha. Anyway have fun at all your weddings, parties, and shopping too! ;)

    Thanks for your comment! <3


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    thanks! keep it up!

  5. Oh, I didn't realize in got cold in Manila...have fun shopping, I'm sure the malls are freezing too ☺

  6. wow, thanks, ranran! will try to update links soon. been so very busy...

  7. duni! it gets cold yes but not as cold as where you are!

  8. s-c! your blog is getting better and better! it's not cold here anymore. the cold spells in manila usually last two weeks and then it's an oven again =D


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