Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am still alive. Spent the last 13 days...

... having a wonderful party with my high school friends Tatin, Stephanie and May
... exploring the walkways in Makati with Vince and resolving to exercise more because, dammit, those stairs took our breath away!
... paying for overdue bills!!!
... opening a checking account because I will no longer use credit cards and will instead pay with checks! NO TO HSBC CREDIT CARDS! The damn bank refused to reverse the charges.
... cleaning the house for the Real Living photo shoot
... having a great time at the Real Living shoot, the staff of which taught me how to arrange flowers and how to arrange our shoe collection
... going to my stylist Louis Kee at his fantabulous uber posh new salon and getting a sexy haircut, great new color and highlights, a terrific hair treatment, and an hour-long massage... bliss!
... buying new bedsheets at SM Makati with Vince
... and trying to avoid all the malls (unsuccessfully, too) because of all the sales! Imagine that--pretty dresses, fab shoes, great books, discount furniture, and a lot more!

That's it. Just checking in while I catch my breath!


  1. What?! You mean HSBC is charging you for what the thief charged on your credit card?!

  2. Who in the world accepts checks?!?

  3. Hey D-C, ya, and that's just a bit of what I've been doing since New Year! I missed blogging.

    Liz, yes, HSBC refused to reverse the charges. Everyone thinks it's because I paid for the bill--everyone advised us not to and to fight for it. But, being a good client, we paid for the whole bill anyway. I don't know what to do now. I feel like I've been robbed all over again.

    WendyB! The third world accepts checks! I felt so strange when my checkbook arrived, too. I don't know how to do the balances and stuff... Sigh.

  4. post photos of your real living feat!! :)

  5. Heya DharmaD! You are alive! Ikaw, nagpakasal ka lang, nawala ka na sa face of the earth! I will post pics a month after the feature comes out. RL doesn't want me to preempt them =D

  6. Oh my! Naku Frances, nakaka gigil naman sila! Andaya! Whoever said life is fair anyway. Pero bongga ka ha, you paid in full! :-) Pero sorry sila they lost one good client. (pina close mo na nga ba?). Sigh! I'm having a couple of my credit cards terminated very soon! I'm still keeping one, in case of emergencies. Hrap parin mgdala ng cash nowadays eh. Used to do checks, kaya lang hassle pag-balance. Pero it's safer tlaga! :-)

    Love your pic here! :-)

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  7. ang cute mo sa pic ate frances. you're like Benjamin Button, habang tumatanda, pabata ng pabata yung face. =)

  8. Hiya Jen, ya, paid in full! Sabi kasi ni Vince panget to start the New Year with utang (kahit undeserved) so I really paid it all. That was my savings! Been trying to set aside 6 months of living expenses in an untouchable account (as advised by all these financial experts). Well, ayun... Back to zero ulet!!!

    I don't have any credit cards anymore but V wants me to have one, for emergencies. But I'm really resisting it. At least, kung cash ko manakaw, kung ano lang yung dala ko that day ang makukuha, di tulad ng card--grabe, di mo pa nga pera, nagastos na! =(

    Oh, and that's my pic before I had my hair cut!

  9. Hi Miss P, that is the sweetest thing I heard this day! Benjamin Button, ha? Haha, no it's nothing strange as that--just a very good moisturizer and lots of love from the hubby!

  10. =)IM kae. =) I use Miss Philia.. imma change it to kae instead. ahaha

  11. awww. yeah i guess you are uber lucky for having him as your hubby.

  12. yay for paying bills! isn't that something you always hate to do but love the feeling when it's done?
    great blog,

  13. Ate Frances! Natuwa ako sa picture mo. Para kang 13 years old. Mukha pa ako matanda sa'yo. Hahaha!

  14. FRANCES!!

    My fabulous editor, I missed you. How's the magazine coming too? Gimme a call sometime. Oh yeah, wait, don't want anyone seeing my number online.

    Email me will you? :)


  15. Hi Frances! Nice to hear from you through your blog. I love the pen! Very Elle Woods. I saw one of that from a shop named Vente. (one of their branch is in Tiendesitas and one in Shangri-La which I'll try to visit)

    I'm hoping to get one of those Elle Woods inspired pen too soon.

  16. Miss P/Kae, yes I am lucky to have him as my husband but he's even luckier to have me for his wife!

    Julie, you hit that nail right on its head when it comes to bills.

    Chie, 13? Dunno if that's a good thing! =D

    Angel! How are you???

    Glaiza, the pen was a gift from little kids. I dunno what to feel about it actually. It's not the kind of pen I usually own but gifts, especially from kids, are always appreciated.

  17. i got to Louis Kee too and am a big fan! took forever to find that new salon of his in that little corner in the fort, and i'm hoping this time he'll stay for good. palipat lipat siya, parang amazing race across manila, following him from one salon to another! have yet to visit the latest place - i can't wait! i hope he's still as good as ever!

  18. anna, i got lost, too, when i went looking for his new salon at bonifacio global city!


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