Sunday, January 22, 2012

Black is slimming. Stripes make you look fat.

So say the style rules. But pregnancy, in its usual exasperating way, changed the rules yet again.

I looked like a stuffed sausage in black...
Zara shirt, Gingersnaps leggings, Anthology flats,
Kate Spade bag, Vita Fede gold-studded leather bangle,
plastic earrings from tiangge

... but I looked really cute in stripes!
Zara tee, Gingersnaps shorts, Anthology tweed flats.
Longchamp clutch, Vita Fede gold-studded leather bangle,
pearl necklace


Will post more pregnant pics soon!


  1. you're so pretty, frances... regardless of what you wear. i always tell my hubby i hope i'd look as stunning as you when i get pregnant. :)

  2. you look so beautiful, a radiant preggy mommy

  3. So pretty!!! :))

    You don't look just cute in stripes. You actually don't look pregnant there hehe.

  4. Teh, parang hiyang ka sa buntis mong yan. You don't look chubby or manas or how I looked like when I was pregnant (read: baby killer whale). You look blooming! =)

  5. Tishie was right that you post photos! You look great! :)

  6. You look good in both! But the stripes are a cheerier outfit.

  7. We just can't get enough of stripes! :-D I love horizontal stripes.

  8. Gee, thanks everybody!

    Maybe I should avoid the black since it does make me look serious.

  9. Wow legs!! :) Love the Anthology flats! Is it comfortable? As in won't give me blisters? Thanks!! :)

  10. i guess you really should avoid black...but with all stripes shirt, you look fab... :))


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