Friday, January 13, 2012

What I want this 2012: a new bed!

Except that it might have to be a king since Vince, Vito and I all tumble into one bed and the little big boy takes up too much space (seriously, how can someone so tiny take up so much space?!). Now another baby boy is on his way and we'll need a new bed.

Last month, I was finally able to visit Ronac Art Center. I know everyone raves about it so I was a tad disappointed that I didn't see any art. I was kinda expecting it to be a museum or a gallery, not a mini mall. Oh well. I still liked the place, especially when I discovered the Uratex beds!

I actually was in the premises for an event but the event was running suuuuuper late because some celebrities must've gotten the memo that the affair starts at 6 instead of 4pm, the time the rest of us were told. At least that's the excuse I always give these celebs. Anyway, I wandered about while waiting and as soon as I saw rows of mattresses, I did this:
Kicked off my heels!
Lay on the beds!
The Uratex memory foam pillows are better than Muji's. And much cheaper!

I tried out all the mattresses! I lay on them, rolled around, bounced. I sure gave Goldilocks a run for her money. I liked the Perfect Serenity mattress best--it's the perfect balance of firm and soft. Some of the mattresses were like sinking into clouds, which is a good thing for some but for me it felt like I was being suffocated. Some of the mattresses were very firm but that's because they're orthopedic. Perfect Serenity was just right.

The best part is the mattresses are not expensive at all! The Perfect Serenity queen is a mere P15,000. I'd have bought it then and there except I remembered I have a husband who must be consulted on purchases above... hmmm. I actually really don't ask Vince for permission to shop because he spoils me like that but I figured that since he'll be sharing the bed I wanted to buy, he had to have a say!

And this is what he had to say: "Let's wait."

The reason is we had just bought a major piece of furniture (I won't say what it is!) so he advised me from buying yet another one, even if the bed doesn't cost as much as the aforementioned major piece of furniture. Good idea. So we'll wait. But Perfect Serenity mattress, I'm coming for you soon!


  1. This is the reason why I want to head to Ronac! I've been planning to get a new bed since last year, but had to wait due to budget considerations. I want to get a Queen because Matthew and I co-sleep, and yes, they do take up a lot of space, no? Hahaha! We're currently sleeping on two twin beds pushed together, and I end up sleeping in between, where the beds meet, when Matthew wants me close to him. Of course, I oblige, but I end up with an aching body in the morning. :D But I want to get a mattress made from cotton or wool, which might be impossible locally since we only have Uratex and Salem (?) I think.

    Okay, I'm blabbering! :P

  2. I started reading your blogs around 2months ago and I became hooked. Sarap basahin ng experiences at ideas mo so I became a fan and now I'm starting to blog as well. Even for the sake na maging online diary at kahit wala (munang) followers.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

    Currently we have a king size bed and it is just right for the 4 of us (hubby, toddler, baby) kaso dahil sumisiksik ang mga babies ko sa akin, I'd end up lying on my side at minsan pang-damagan pa.
    Oks din na japanese style (mattress on the floor) para ndi rin natatakot kung gumulong gulong man ang mga kids.

  3. We used to have the W queen bed by Simmons. I had no issues with it, but since we just moved back to Manila, we had to get another mattress. Simmons here is super expensive, so we tried shopping for local brands. I thought Uratex only sold cheap foam mattresses, hindi pala. They have premium mattresses too! We actually got the Viscoluxe Memory with pillowtop (the besidebeside you on your lying down picture). This time we got the king kasi we co-sleep with the baby -- sikip pag queen for us. You might want to drop by their warehouse in Sucat -- they might be cheaper than retail.

  4. Looks like fun! I've been wanting to visit Ronac too, and I missed an art exhibit that a highschool batchmate had there last month, tsss. We need a new bed too! Might as well checkout that Perfect Serenity :) Oh, and we have their memory pillows, love!

  5. We just bought our Perfect Serenity queen bed two weeks ago and so far I'm contented with it and I'm fussy with beds it can't be too soft or too firm.. either will make my back hurt.

    Oh and we bought it 12k lang... :)

    1. May I ask where you bought your bed that's cheaper than what Frances saw? :)

  6. Mommy KV, do not suffer needlessly! Bumili ka na ng mas malaking kama. Ora mismo!

  7. Ticklemama, thanks for loving this silly blog =) Your comment sure made my day!

  8. MommyG, that's so cool! I'm glad our Uratex is world class quality na talaga. At first din, we were looking at Tempur and other foreign mattresses. But we were getting advice from our rich friends (naks!) that we ought to try Uratex kasi magaganda na raw ang mattresses. Someone even said that the bed topper rivals that of Tempur's!

  9. Vera, re: pillows. Diba??? We bought kasi Muji memory foam pillows for almost 1K each and grabe ang tigas, ha. Then when I tried out Uratex's, wow, firm and cool and just right. And P500 lang!

  10. Nicey, where??? Baka you got it on sale? I don't like far away places, though, so if you bought it from a warehouse a looong drive away, ok na ako to pay 3K more!

  11. good thing I got to read this post.. I really need to know a thing or two about what's the best mattress there is that fits my budget.. But I really do find even something that costs 4k already expensive.. :-( I can settle with a twin size mattress.

  12. We got it from their warehouse store in Bacoor Cavite which is only a 5 minute drive away from us and yes got it at 20% off. Sarap ng feeling when you find steals like this no?

  13. thanks, i found this blog... very timely coz im about to post s fb just to take opinions of which is recommended mattress for my new house... really thanks, i hope i can have it ordered thru para theyll just arrange the delivery... now, i have d idea that uratex is a good quality... :)


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