Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Busy busyhan

The plate is full, that's for sure. I am happily busy. It's my magazine's deadline week. There's a lot more happening at work but I won't discuss anymore. I'm just glad I'm really enjoying work!

Lovely lunch with Kat of Kat Dy Finds
I've also been seeing friends almost every day. It's been lovely, having mini dates with women I admire and miss. I've been feeling out of sorts this past month, and being with friends and feeling their encouragement... Well, I feel much, much better now!

On the blog front, well, obviously I haven't been blogging here. Well, I had a contest to run over at Topaz Mommy and that kept me occupied. I've been getting a lot of requests to sponsor a giveaway of their products on my mommy blog and I usually say yes (I have to like, love, believe in the product! And I have to be convinced that the promo will help my blog) but it really isn't easy to do a giveaway. For example, checking the entries alone takes time. Plus, the raffle, then the coordinating with the winners, then the sending of the prizes. It's not a joke. I don't have an assistant.

I do have a maid/yaya. I pay her more than the usual rate because I like to keep my help happy. Well, I wish the help felt the same way about me. Last night, after I sent Vito off to sleep, I got up very carefully from the bed so as to not disturb my slumbering toddler and then have dinner. No dinner. Maid was already locked in her room. So I set the table, fix dinner, and she comes out of her room sleepily, annoyed at the (very minimal) noise. She asked if Vito was finally asleep. I said yes as I set out plates and utensils. She said, "Okay. Good night!" Then tonight, as I was telling her to prepare dinner, she tells me that she has to go out and meet someone and that she'll be back by 10. Then she left, without even saying good-bye. She just got back now, at 11. And don't get me started on the daily annoyances. I pay this woman to do what again?

Oh well. No rest for the weary. But I can't complain. I'm very grateful. I have a little boy asleep in this same room and a wonderful man writing in the other room, rooms in a house filled with lovely things and love. I'm a very lucky girl!


  1. Ok, I'm sorry, but you have got to get rid of your "helper!"

    Totally unacceptable behavior from her and it sounds like she'll stress you out (if she doesn't already). :/

  2. She stresses me out every single day. Every single day!!!

    Then one day, the other maids in our compound said they want to work for me because our maid told them that I pay high and there's zero work. Hahahaha.

    Do I feel like a fool? Yes. I am a fool. I only keep her because work is crazy right now and someone has to watch over my little boy =(

  3. I'd like to agree with what MZ said. You're paying way higher than the usual to your "kasambahay" with the hopes that your household needs are being met but with the way I see it, parang asal senyorita ata si Inday.

    I can actually relate to the situation since my pamangkin used to have a yaya too -- as in yaya from hell. And tha k goodnesss, she's no longer with us now.

  4. i wanna slap your helper! the guts!! you have to let her go. you don't need unnecessary stress in your life. i hope you find a better replacement soon.

    take care!

  5. I have tons of patience but when it comes to these things, 1st offense: warning; 2nd offense: layas. Work is stressful enough. The home is a place to relax.

  6. Nakakainis ang helper mo na yan ha.. she's getting into my nerves (even if I was just reading your blog entry) Sometimes,it does get difficult for us working moms on the helper front. I hope you find another helper real soon :) take care :)

    P.S I admire you for looking at the bright side and counting your blessings instead :) winner! :)

  7. Frances, just as there are car pools, there should be babysitting pools. Maybe women at work can chip in to pay for a professional child care provider, such as a nurse and then rent a unit close to the office where the kids can all stay and play.

  8. Thanks, everyone. I've been sending out inquiries for a new maid/yaya. I plan to get rid of this one within the month. Unless she improves. We'll see.

    Hope you can recommend someone!

  9. Hi Happy Hamster, are you from the Philippines? It's much cheaper and more convenient for mommies to have household help. Most people here pay their help slave wages.

    Compare that with renting a condo unit plus hiring a nurse plus paying the monthly bills and utilities on that unit plus decorating it and making it child-proof plus bringing the child with you very early in the morning then bringing him home very late at night...

    But thanks for the suggestion. I'd open a childcare business if it's feasible but it isn't =(

  10. yes, there really are helpers/yayas like that. i have a high turnover rate when it comes to them, grabe. it seems na their attitude is "i can leave anytime, in demand ang mga helpers so you better be good and pay me right."

    i have other helpers/yayas naman who were ok at first then once nasanay na you treat them well, ayan na, donya-donyahan. it seems na ang employers pa talaga ang kailangan makisama. oh well.

    good luck to you and may all of us find a suitable helper/yaya.

  11. Haaaaay, Vannie, iniiyakan ko ito. It's really depressing me. =(

  12. Pat also feels that if we pay people more, they will be happy and do a better job. From your experience, I now know that's not always the case! We still have a live-out help. It's not the most convenient, but so far it's working. We got her through an agency though.

    P.S. I had a lovely lunch with you too! :)


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