Saturday, February 18, 2012

Soft waves courtesy of Goody Spin Pin Minis

Elaine, Kabbie and Paola have been raving about the Goody Spin Pins for weeks now but I couldn't bring myself to get a pair because I have the thinnest, finest hair in the world and one regular-sized pin sticks out of the bun. So no point, right? The three girls gave one solution: the Goody Spin Pin Mini!
The coin is just so you know how small the pins are.

I hardly ever put my hair up in a bun, though. So I found another use for the minis--make my hair all soft and wavy!

A kit comes with 3 pins but since my hair's so thin, I usually just need to part my hair into two ponies, twirl into buns and secure. One pin each!

I wait for about 15-30 minutes for the curls to set (this is when I usually apply makeup and dress up) then I unspool the pins and voila! Casual curls that float around my face. Happiness! Perfect for relaxed weekends like today.
Outfit details: Gingersnaps T-shirt maternity dress, my favorite plastic
earrings from the tiangge and Get Happy charm bracelet

I usually spray on Kiehl's Stylist Series Super Thick Volumizer first then end with Matrix hairspray after. If I want body, I use thermal curlers from Watsons. If I really want sexy waves, I bring out the curling iron!

This hair tutorial (naks!) was shot at Midas Hotel last week, by the way. I was there as a guest of Pond's. More about that event in the next post!


  1. I should use that technique to see how I'd look with big curls :)

  2. Pretty! I'd like to try your technique, kaso lang kahit anong gawin ko to achieve any kind of curls--curling iron, rollers, the works!--my hair just won't stay curly! I have super bagsak hair, and I hate it with a passion! :(

  3. I have super bagsak hair, too! That's why you need styling products. And I don't wash my hair every day (freshly shampooed hair never holds waves!). I also use mousse for body, hair volumizer for texture and hairspray for hold.

    But if the day is hot and humid, no product will hold the curl!

  4. Oh, is that so? Kasi if I don't shampoo everyday my scalp gets super oily naman, like I never took a bath in ages! I guess I'll just make do with mousse and hairspray, and scrunching my hair up on a bun just to set. Will still give Goody Spin Pin a try :)

  5. Awww...I love! I'll get some of those.. now na. :) So pretty!:)

  6. I have naturally thick and wavy hair. However getting the pretty curls is trial and error for me. There are days they look pretty and there are days na sadyang buhaghag lang. Hahaha! Maybe I should try these pins to set my curls. Not the mini ones though... Where can I get them and how much?



  7. By the way, what kind of camera are you using? Is that a dslr?

  8. Nope, it's not a DSLR. It's the AMAZING Olympus E-P3 with interchangeable lenses. We LOVE it! It's the BEST CAMERA ever!


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